Understanding and Responding To Your Child’s Needs

Mr and Mrs Igwe are busy parents who have businesses that take most of their time. In their capacity they provide everything their kids need for upkeep, although they have a nanny who does the house chores, takes the kids to and fro school with their driver, helps with their assignments and organizes the kids’ time table for daily activities.

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Mrs Igwe comes back from work by 5pm everyday while her husbands comes back usually late because of traffic and distance of work from home, although he thought to live away from home closer to work but on a second thought wanted to bond with his family everyday, of course he tried paying a price but little did he know it wasn’t enough for both Sarah and Kingston his kids not until Sarah got really ill and they discovered it was pneumonia and all this while the nanny thought she was doing the kids a favour by allowing them always swim in the pool during the afternoons after they got back from school.

In this case Mr and Mrs Igwe lacked the knowledge of a basic need of healthcare and a physical need of providing warm clothes at the point of cold or were rather nonchalant about it because they believed the nanny could handle it all. This act is referred to as neglect, they failed to reach part of the physical and medical needs but had passed the basic needs by sending their kids to school and definitely using

SchoolsCompass as an aid to search for schools based on their budget, location, extra-curricular activities and availability of facilities they wanted.

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They also provided emotional needs which included love, they went outings during weekends, bought the kids toys,

Image Credit: Colour Box

provided them with a supportive environment, allowed them to feel relaxed around to the extent Kingston deliberately sleeps off in the middle of her parents on their bed, they had discussion moments on a round table, making eye contacts regularly with the kids especially during communications, played with them too therefore making the kids have a sense of belonging.

Image Creedit: thearenaweely.myschoolarena

You will have to study your child to know their likes and dislikes. When they are moody, be nice enough to know what the problem is, ask them questions constantly to be sure they are fine, make them always smile, when they are happy you feel satisfaction within you.

Sometimes they may gift you natural flowers, a drawing or making you something nice, cook for you surprisingly, lay your bed, prepare a warm water bath for you. Kindly do well to appreciate them when they do these little things like this that matter, make them see how much you cherished their gifts and surprises.

During discussions, accept some or all of their ideas, minimize the way you press your gadgets around them and concentrate on them, watch family shows and movies together. Lastly, never you shun your child when he/she is talking, to avoid them thinking less of themselves.

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Cookbook For Your School

It takes proper managerial skill to make a rich man wealthy.  Management is a skill that either makes or mars your business. Good managerial skills involve carefulness, handling ability and monitoring intensely.

A school that has great vision and does not think of shutting down anytime soon would do anything positive to build to an extent they wouldn’t have to be introduced anytime.

Sometimes I give you all gist or fiction stories, but this time let’s face facts, we play and get serious when we should.

Are you experiencing a decline/increase in the number of students you admit per year? Do you keep records from previous events and compare with the current one? When last did you innovate ideas in your school? How do you spend your revenue?

If your answers are satisfactory within yourself and your conscience, then you don’t need this. Kindly ride with me if you still believe that no knowledge is wasted as I give a breakdown of my thoughts, but then I hope you understand the purpose of SchoolsCompass and how well your interest is key to us?

You should practice bookkeeping if you haven’t started at all where all records are being kept especially financial records, this is a proof that your target for a session/ year is either met or should be met. What does your record say to you? Does your record say keep it up or buckle up? You may need to consider this factor as a major cause of hitting targets and obligations. Bookkeeping also in managing your revenue and how you spend it. It is either you cut down cost if you notice you are being extravagant, or you stop spending for a while.

Try to reinvest in other ventures that would grow your finances, school business and maintain stability at least 30% of your revenue. Here is the list of areas you need to re-invest in:

Inbound Marketing Strategists:

Image Caption: Inbound Marketing

You need a continuous flow of students on regular basis and inbound marketing which is the most efficient, trackable, cost-effective marketing strategy compared to traditional marketing such as radio, television, newspapers, handbills, etc is the safest way to invest as millennial parents will relate to that better based on the fact that the internet is the surest medium for them to access information and we at SchoolsCompass are ready to offer you this all year round as we help you reach your target audience and position your school, increase your visibility and market your unique appeal to prospective parents.

Ensure you play your cards well by managing the flow and not allowing such opportunities to slip off your hands.



Facility Maintenance:

Image Caption: Houston Rental Owner Maintenance Checklist

Remember the saying dress how you want to be addressed. Do you remember the other saying that looking good is good business? Re-dress your school interiors and outlook and attract that which you’re worth, I almost mentioned God bless you, but I did anyway because I’m passionate about making things right so is my organization.


Image Caption: Class Of Business Training

What your students learn and their level of understanding reflects what your teachers installed in them as in garbage in garbage out. Occasionally, take/send them on training that would help them unlearn the wrong things and learn what is right to remain on the know always.

Be Innovative:

Image Credit: Innovative Asia

Review both previous records of students and compare with the current, study trend of students you admit if they are a particular spec of people, then you can know how to manage them while admitting more using little tricks that may cost you. Do what someone has not done an example is if other schools are learning French, Spanish and Chinese, hire a Hindi teacher or even a Nigerian local language teacher that would teach the language of the town where your school is located.

In all management would make you wealthy.

Please, allows check us out for updates as we guide you while you decide, SchoolsCompass is a better mediator than your worries, choose wisely.

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Learning according to the dictionary is an acquisition of knowledge or skills through study,

experience or being taught.

The classroom definitely is a good place to learn as it seems comfortable especially with proper arrangements of both tables and chairs, beautiful wallpapers and wall drawings, nice ventilation system, colorful and neat environment etc.

Image Credit: Mind Builders School

Students need to relate with what they have in their books to the environment, sometimes also sitting in the classroom for so long can make students tired. Once in awhile take them outdoor beyond normal routine to make learning more lively for them.

Image Credit: Rosebud College

Learning can occur anywhere, outdoor learning is an interesting part of learning, where the students have a change of environment.

It could be in a grass field where the teacher seats in a strategic position either in the middle of all students or in front of them depending on the teacher, under a favorable weather condition.

Image Credit: Imaad School Lekki

It could also be as field trips/excursions where they will admire, respect and understand nature. An example is the school farm/poultry, basket ball court, zoo, mountains, museums, airport and many more.

Image Caption: Imaad Schools Lekki

This type of learning encourages lots of experiments, it enables the student to feel, see and touch what they have learned in class.

It inculcates in students a team building spirit, cooperation in activities and helps the student share and learn something new from each other with better communicating skills.

This idea enhances recreational and adventurous activities that promotes physical health in kids, thereby reducing fat and maintaining cholesterol levels if they have to walk some distance and also promotes mental health.

With what the student’s do, encounter and discover they learn.

They will be able to detect risk and hazard and know how to control them based on experience, more like survival of the fittest if they may have to camp.

This would also build in your students self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

Outdoor learning encourages critical thinking out of curiosities and helps with problem-solving abilities.

Image Credit: Lagos Preparatory School

Field trips is a good part of outdoor learning, the students get to experience studies and psychologically they won’t forget what they have learned if possible for a lifetime.The field trips would serve as a practical aspect after the theoretical part has been thought in class and backed up with assessments.

Image Credit: City Of Knowledge

Nature and everything in it creates memory for the students, they would want to try this more often. This boosts up their academic performances.

With us at SchoolsCompass you are covered with lots of ideas you may need as parents and schools to solve challenges.

Do not hesitate to check our website for what we have got in stock ranging from the list of schools on our platform to their locations, fees, extracurricular activity, siblings discount and more.

Kindly feel free to contribute to this article.

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School Refusal; A Defect To Formal Education.

One without education is like one struggling to understand the meaning of life. Education is a process of understanding your environment as it builds opinions and has points of view on things in life. It is an enlightening experience.



Just as trees have branches, education is not left out on this, it consists of three types which include:


Image Credit: Platform College.

Informal education that deals with learning in a homely environment via means that are easily accessible, such as to prepare food, arrange the home, drive a car, learn history through stories, getting information from the internet, library, life experiences, family and friends.

Image Credit: Non-formal Education

Non-Formal education is typically an adult learning technique often referred to as community education, second chance education or lifelong education.

Image Credit: Imaad Schools Lekki

Finally, the Formal education which is the type of education practised within the four (4) walls of Schools where both writing, electronic and practical materials are the means of passing out information to students.

School is an institution where instructions are given to students and they learn concepts and skills more so it helps students interact/network with other students socially, academically and emotionally. Time management is being learned here which include deadlines and prioritizing.


However, children at their tender age are usually sent to the creche or pre-nursery classes to start up, but as time will tell most children begin to have Didaskaleinophobia which is the fear to attend school.

Image Credit: Familysparks

Many parents have encountered this with their kids and even schools with their pupils who may hang around outside classrooms while the lessons are going on. Many will say that school is not for everyone but before we conclude this theory, how about we look into what dreaded the child in the first instance from school.


The holiday would soon round up, some kids obviously would have been giving you signs why they don’t feel they should resume classes.

Back to school struggle is indeed something to consider. Your child may not want to go back or attend school for some reasons, which is the duty of parents to figure out why and quickly look out for solutions.

Image Credit: cfchildren.org

Discussing these problems with your kids you have to be understanding, patient and kind towards them, if you really need accurate answers. Just so you know, they are a list of problems that can lead to such occurrence which includes constant absence from school based on parents decision, in this case the child sees the school as a lesser priority and begins to lose interest. Illness is another factor to consider, it could be a psychological effect on the child. Other things to consider are prolonged holidays and a list of critical issues to be addressed such as:

Changing school

Perhaps, a child may have had emotional values attached to the previous school and may find it difficult to cope with another.

Fear of failure

Having thought of themselves low, a child may think he is not capable of achieving results thereby resolving to depression, humiliation or inferiority.

Overprotective parents

Many parents think that by acting in such manner would scare a child but then, he/she develops a coping mechanism unexpectedly in an unruly manner.

Sexual harassment by other students or teachers

Your kids may find it difficult to share this topic with you depending on how you communicate with them and may feel that the best way to avoid this is by staying away from school.

Difficult relationships with teachers

Honestly, we all had at least one teacher who we could not easily flow with, for the fact that we escaped this trial doesn’t mean that some kids would, because our abilities to go through challenges are quite different.

Bullying or Peer teasing

Some arrogant children would out of disrespect, mock or tease their colleagues if possible beat them.


Some kids may have issues among their peers in school and out of threats or shame, they would rather avoid attending school.


Solutions to the above listed are not far-fetched as long as you can detect the problem.

Apply parent to child therapy where you coach your child, persuade and give them reasons why they should continue to learn. An example is telling them that the certification they acquire would be a plus for them during job search. Create time to go to the school to see and hear for yourself from school teachers/instructors what exactly may be your child’s problem or relay what you discovered with them if it is not confidential so they can help you monitor the child and make him/her perform actual activities in a more comfortable space. Eventually, if the issue is beyond control, then you should take the child to a therapist or ask for help except otherwise and health issues should be treated medically as soon as possible.

Here at SchoolsCompass our concern is not only based on guiding you on what school to take your kids to but the well being of your child. We would always want to assist you both in words here on the blog and guide you through school-search here.

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Ogun State, which has Abeokuta as its capital was founded in February 1976. It is currently headed by Senator Ibikunle Amosun and is referred to as the Gateway to Nigeria. If I was still little I could probably say it’s because of their Ofada rice produced in Ofada town in respect of the saying that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” I would have been wrong.

 It borders the Republic of Benin to the East, Lagos state to the South, Ondo state to the West and Osun state to the North with twenty (20) local Governments. Ogun state consists of both Christians and Muslims but majorly Christians and has amazing cultural events which include the “Ake Festival of Arts and Books” founded in 2013 by one of the Nigerian great writers, Lola Shoneyin. Talking about books, there is a historic, tourist and academic presidential library owned by former Nigerian President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and even the National Library of Nigeria is located in the same state.

Truth be told, Ogun people love books and that’s why they invest in academics, producing schools with value.

 I will be sharing top schools with you among other outstanding schools in Ogun State.

1.City of Knowledge Academy (CKA)


Ijebu-Ode is the Chief town and capital of the Ijebu Kingdom, the 2nd largest city in Ogun State comprises this beautiful school that supports both the contemporary and integrated approach of teaching and learning. It is usually referred to as the school with the lake because of the marvellous artificial lake in the middle of the school.

This school was founded in the year 2013 by a business leader and administrator, who is a graduate of Economics from the University of Ibadan, a fellow in the Institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria, alumnus of Harvard Business school USA and alumnus of International Institute for management and business development (IMD) Lausanne, Switzerland, amongst others, Mrs Mosun Belo-Olusoga. Mind you, I stretched her records for you to see reasons with me on why I earlier mentioned that Ogun State people are book inclined.

 This is basically a boarding secondary school and an award-winning school of categories such as American Mathematics and Microsoft certifications in Words and PowerPoint.

 Their school fee ranges from 751,000- 1,000,000 per term. CKA also awards scholarship in various categories and levels, they also have a group and individual sponsors.

See more on CKA here.

2.The Bells Comprehensive Secondary School

Of course, when one hears the name “Bell” the mind travels first to alerts. This school, already from their name, is indeed called out. They obviously want their name to ring a bell once heard of, they have achieved a lot and passed knowledge to their pupils who tend to either be in the creche, nursery, primary or secondary school (day or boarding).

 This school was founded by former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the 20th of January, 1991 with a proposition that “no child is unteachable”. It is located in Otta town, they practice audio-visual learning, teach different languages such as English, other Nigerian Languages, Chinese and French. They also prepare their students for both O’level and A’level exams.

 Their school fee ranges from N301,000- N500,000, they practice a sibling discount method on third child applicant. click for more to know about The Bells Secondary and Primary School.

3.Rainbow College

Truly, a name is the first gift given to a child as the meaning of that name will manifest. I think the founder of the school Mrs O.O Odunlami should have first class in branding, with the way she has named her school, it has helped them come out in flying colors as their motto remains: Learning today, Leading Tomorrow.

This school has a day school in Lagos with sister schools “Pampers Private School, Alaka”, “Pampers Private School, Lekki” and a boarding school in Maba town, Ogun State.

Their scholarship is usually given to the best student in the entrance examinations into Jss1 and would continue based on performance in subsequent years, which will depend on other terms and conditions. Scholarship amounts are majorly 50% off the tuition fee for the student while their school fee ranges from N501,000-N750,000.

I will really love you to see more of what Rainbow school has got in stock here

4.Trinity International College (TIC)

This school fondly called TRICOL was established on the 10th of May, 1995 and later moved to 72 acres of land in the year 1998. It has a boarding secondary school in Ofada.

TIC has bagged Laurel awards, acquired good results locally and internationally.

 Among competitions won are the Nigerian International Secondary Schools Model United Nations (NISSMUN), International Biology Olympiad (Iran, 2018), International Physics (Indonesia, 2017), World Youth Scrabble (France, 2017), Cambridge IGCSE/GCE O’level top country award winners in Physics, Art and Design, Biology, Mathematics and English Language (2016), to mention a few.

 Their target is to close the gap between the present and future of a child. They have over eight hundred (800) students who attend the school. Tuition fee ranges from N501,000- N750,000, a sibling discount of 12.5% is being granted to the 3rd sibling.

Facilities, extra-curricular activities and other amazing stuff are something you may want to look at here.


In the year 1995 on a perfect day as the 9th of January, Jextoban was established and has been a source of joy to tap from far and beyond Ibafo, Ogun State as the school extends to Lagos state somewhere in Ketu. The founder Pastor and Mrs E.A Ojo made of it a Christian learning environment with twenty-five students (25) class size, comprises both day and boarding and has an amazing 5% sibling discounts, Tuition fee range per term is N301,000-N500,000. See how much Jextoban has to offer you here.

6.Folarin Dalley College

Close to rock formations in a wooden savanna is the largest city (Abeokuta) in Ogun state where Samuel Williamson Dalley (Primary) and Folarin Dalley College (Secondary) was founded in the year 2001 by late Dr. Barrister (Chief) Gbenga Dalley.

The school’s founding mission is to give quality education that would help to expand not only the cognitive but also the effective and psychomotor domains of a learning child. Folarin Dalley College is co-educational, it comprises both day and boarding facilities. The “Day pupils” are being conveyed in comfortable vehicles to and from school.

Over time, this school has had 100% pass in both Waec and Neco. Their admission process is quite easy and entrance examinations are taken every year in three (3) batches (March, April and May).

School fees here are N50,000- N150,000. Siblings discount for the third sibling is 10% and 15% off for the fourth sibling.

For more information, click here for Primary and here for Secondary.

7.Mueenat International Academy

In 2015 a school that aims at preparing pupils for useful living within the society was established, that is to say, that Mueenat has good intentions for our society as their students hold a reliable future.

They practice both Western and Islamic education and is located in Abeokuta same town that holds notable organisations in Nigeria. They are believers, their motto reads: Aim high and pray, no doubt that their standard of education is internationally based. Aside from academics, they are taught Islamic and moral values.

They have both day and boarding school.

In 2018, Mueenat came second in the Muslim Student Society of Nigeria.

School fees range from N50,000-N150,000. You can learn more about the school via this link.

8.Vine Crest College

As funny as this may sound, the people of Iperu-Remo has Ebiripo (a traditional meal made from cocoa yam), Ikokore (a delicacy shared by the majority of Ijebu people) and Ojojo to offer you, on the contrary Mrs. Folasade Oluwatoyin Philips (FOP) has wooden stem plant related to grapevine (Vine) and a crown (Crest) to offer you as in a sphere of academics so to teach inspire and nurture your children while they also enjoy what the town has in stock. On the 5th of October, 2017 the school which has taken Jesus Christ as their model, was established as a co-educational boarding school with an American curriculum.

It offers admission to other faiths who are not Christians but are willing to abide in the religious values and teachings they carry out.

School fees is at least N1,000,000.

Their facilities, extra-curricular activities and other information are worth checking out via this link.

9.The Ambassadors College

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” was the bases on which Home of Mathematics Champions (School’s nickname) was built on the 14th of September 1998 in Ota town.

It is a co-educational award-winning school that consists of a nursery, a primary and secondary school with day and boarding facilities.

Juliet Ekoko and Ayoola Oguntade made the school top Cowbellpedia Mathematics Quiz Competition as it earned the candidates N1,000,000 each and an all-expense paid education excursion outside the country according to The Guardian news.

Oh well, their motto which says “Where God helps us to make a total child” has and is still manifesting as some parents reviews qualify it.

“The school challenges the children to compete healthily and aim to the best, I have seen a great improvement in my children just in two terms” -John Akindowale.

“Excellent school that helped nurture my son. I don’t need to say anything because the testimony of the school speaks for itself. 30 of their students graduated from Covenant University with 17 in 1st class. Over 50% of the students are given scholarships from foreign universities. Taste and see that the Lord is good”.- Etofolam Felix Osuji.

 This school has won awards such as British council, Waec, National Spelling Bee and others.

School fees range from N301,000- N500,000 with sibling discount available.

Get more information here.

10.Nobelhouse College


A chemist would describe catalyst as a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

A catalyst for progress is the other name Nobelhouse is referred to. The date for inception was on the 14th of March, 2006 in a massive land of 62,825 acres (25,425 hectares) somewhere in Abeokuta.

Candance Chijoke-Mba, on November 26 2018, won the Mind Game Incorporation (MGI) NobleHouse first scrabble tournament. The school has also won the Association of International School Educators of Nigeria (AISEN) award.

Their educational scope covers secondary/college, sixth form, Cambridge and IGSCE.

Admission is to all interested students including special educational needs (SEN).

School fees at least 1,000,000 with a

sibling discount of 5% of second sibling and scholarship to gifted and talented (G&T) students.

I will like you to inquire more on this link.

Ogun State indeed is a place of academia. This list of outstanding schools in the state’s top cities and towns like Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode, Otta, Ofada, Maba among others that can meet your needs based on your budget, preferred locations, extra curricular activities and desired facilities is inexhaustible and you can help yourself by checking out some other schools on SchoolsCompass. Over 1000 schools are there for you to choose from.
THE SITE: schoolscompass.com.ng

Below is a summary clip.

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7 Reasons why some schools outshine the others.

There is no field in business that has no competition, but there is always a stage to stand out where you can do things differently. The reason some businesses are not progressing today is because they have refused to try something new and out of the box. Innovation is the way forward for successful growth today. 

The school is a good business, you have parents who have been taking notes of things you do both wrongly and rightly and may or may not give you feedback, and then you have me as a mouthpiece, oh sorry an observer from SchoolsCompass who is willing to share facts with you based on complaints from parent who changed their minds from allowing their kids attend your school.

After you read through these few tips listed below, thank me later but first start by making a change in your school, to avoid stories that touches by next term, which is around the corner, before you say Jack your pupils are back on the assembly for resumption, I bet you want to make them happy, comfortable, satisfied, be the school name on the lips of almost every parent, maintain good network relationship among their parents. Yes, you need to network with parents if you really want growth but let’s leave that for another day.

Ride with me on this amebo (secret/gist) journey as I put retardation and stagnancy to shame.

1. School Appearance

Image Credit: The Pottersland School

Many parents walk/drive pass your school on a regular basis and it will shock you that they haven’t noticed for once that a school exists there because there is nothing significant to show for it.

I would like that you check this list below to avoid you saying I wrote this out of sentiment:


  1. Do you keep your school environment spotless?

  2. Are your paintings and wall designs still intact?

  3. Is your gate/wall design with the best colors that speaks “Notice Me” volume?

  4. Talking about structures, are your structures firm or worn out?

  5. How about the road to your school, is it in good shape?

I am sure you have been able to answer the above questions with clarity. Furthermore, parents are not only concerned about the outlook of your school and out of curiosity would want to do a survey in the school compound, they would definitely look out for classroom arrangement, practical rooms and laboratories, restrooms/toilets, playground, refectories, dormitories, and so on depending on interest, kindly ensure that these places are well kept in order, you do not need to look expensive before you gain attention, cleanliness and maintenance system make even a poor man look rich, think about it.


2. Customer Care Service

Image Credit: Grenville Schools

Calls are not just about “hello” neither are emails about “Dear Ma/Sir,”, there is more to it than meets the eye, the communication skill is a thing to consider, are they patient, respectful, eloquent and positive towards your school’s growth?

Many parents get turned off by rude statements and if nothing at all but impatience because the customer care personnel could not hold proper discussions.

Aside from emails and calls, offline services towards parents matter a lot, ensure there is a warm reception which may include when, where and how you welcome parents and attend to them.

  • WHEN: Anytime is the time to welcome parents feedback and request because they need to be attended to, in most cases meetings should be brief and precise so that every other parent can be attended to, more so to save time.
  • WHERE: Make a space in your school with the right ambience, pleasant to the eyes, most importantly kept neat.
  • HOW: Welcome them with a smile, make them feel comfortable, ask them if they need anything or offer them a glass of water. Someone reading this right now may neglect this, I assured you a positive turn out. You may have the money but do not have the idea it takes while others are wishing they had but are putting in efforts to make a change, when things change now, the next thing is that you call them your rival when they were not supposed to be in the space with you.


3. Quality Of Teachers

Image Credit: Goldenline School

Are your teachers really qualified to handle your students? Do they speak fluently? What is their educational background like? Do you take them on training? Hope they have knowledge of “Human Behaviour”?

Handling kids in school are for professionals, parents do their part at home and pay for their children to attend your school to acquire knowledge and skills knowing that they cannot do it all.

Well, ensure that your teachers are patient enough to teach, kids as we all know to learn in a different pace, also make sure that your teachers are not too strict, playful and can understand a child’s need. Once this is achieved, you can now send your students out to compete with other kids from other schools, this will enable you to know if your quality of education is up to standard, not just that, parents would reach out to you so their kids can attend your schools, good news fly fast but bad news fly faster.

You definitely don’t want parents to withdraw their kids from your school because you can’t keep up with it.

4. Extra-Curricular Activity

Image Credit: Landmark College

Theory can be so boring if not mixed with experiences. In today’s world, no one wants to live on imaginations but what they see as seeing is believing, show them the actual things and once in while deviating from the norm.

Image Credit: The Bells Creche, Nursery and Primary School

Excursion enhances active learning where students can easily relate, this boosts their grades. There are schools you can look out for on our website with amazing extra-curricular activity. Have you tried this method regularly? Do this in such a way that your students want to go back to school and can’t wait for the resumption date.

Image Credit: Capital Science Academy


5. Security

Image Credit: Blooming Greens School

Many parents, would not send their children to a school that has no security system, take note of this. As a school owner ensure that you have security guards, census method, Closed Circle Television (CCTV) and trackers that can identify students location at a particular time depending on what you can afford but know that parents need to be assured that their children are going to be safe.

 6. Social Activities

Image Credit: Standard Bearers School

Everything deserves a reward, parents send their children to you because they trust you to take good care of their kids. You can organize a meet and greet session for parents, cocktail parties, involve them in sports, something social to keep parents happy and stay put, you won’t regret doing this as it enhances bonding.

7. Online Presence/Social Validation

Image Credit: SchoolsCompass

There is already a huge difference between ancient and modern, parents are looking out for schools that can close the gap, so it’s time for you to upgrade to your A’ game to avoid lagging behind, like using social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram to market your schools and showcasing your activities. More so like every other school in Nigeria, you can profile your school on SchoolsCompass to increase your online visibility.

The platform also serves as a third (3rd) party review for parents who are searching for schools and you don’t want to miss out.

Image Credit: Mind Builders School

Parents, kindly drop comments of challenges you may have faced so that Proprietors and Proprietresses can take note and make amends.



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Effects of Low Self-Esteem

Esteem, having to do with respect and admiration, if not managed in the right order can cause melt down in your children’s emotions and feelings, thereby affecting their day to day activities and making them less productive. Among the levels of esteem, low self-esteem seem to be critical and common in children.

There are factors that lead to low self-esteem which parents can figure out and nip in the bud, below is a list that explains further on the effects of low self-esteem.

1. Diminish in Self-Worth:


Credit Image: afribaly.com

Alot of kids look down on themselves and believes that there are limitations to the things they can do, only if they know their effort is needed to make the community a better place, encourage them by adding to their strength, tell them they can when they feel like they can’t, remind them that they are the best and that the world can’t wait to have them.

You can as a parent, make your children understand the essence of value, by expressing your love and care towards your child.

Create a rapport so that he/she can come up to you and open up regardless of what bothers the child – do not be harsh so you don’t scare the child, listen up to every of the complaint made, make corrections if need be, all this helps you in bonding properly to avoid fear. Fear is a deadly feeling that first reduces high self-esteem. Buy new clothes regularly if you can to make the child happy as it boosts confidence.

2. Low Academic Performance:

Image Credit: Crane School

When your kids do the wrong things be patient enough to correct them, comparing them with others should be the last thing on your mind, everyone has their uniqueness and weakness, take time in finding what’s unique about your children, scold them only when you have warned them severally against their bad habits, better still apply the carrot and stick method.

Encourage them to have role models they could look up to. This make them to be aware of who they are, for instance, if actress Genevieve Nnaji, Chimamanda Adichie, Usain Bolt, Mitchelle Obama, Wole Soyinka or Banky W are role models to any of your child and he or she fails in art class, encourage the child by saying something like “the reason these persons are successful is because they focus, if you really want to be like them, then you have to be focused. Focused people don’t fail but if they eventually do, they quickly retrace their steps”. In speaking, teach them that fluency is key and that knowledge is power therefore it would enable them to speak with authority, while doing this remind them that they should speak less and listen more. They should also know that anything they do is worth doing well, success is not built in a day, it takes a process and starts when the kids are young.

3. Causes Loneliness:

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When children are not being attended to, it makes them withdraw from the world gradually, not finding importance in existence, they may become drug addicts, cultist or cold and withdrawn, might have great ideas and prefer to bottle it up because they feel it is not relevant enough to share, this may lead to depression.

Explain to them that when they are mocked at, they should take it up as a challenge to improve themselves and the reason people condemn them at times is that they feel threatened that they may be better than them.

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7 Things to consider as parents during holidays.

Holidays are some sort of free days for leisure and recreation as we all know. It is true that the brain needs break from school stress at some point but at the same time needs to stay alive always so to avoid forgetfulness and state of dormancy. It will be required of you as a concerned parent to look out for ways to help make your child be better, here are a few tips suggested below as the holiday is around the corner:

1. Make Sure They Eat Healthy

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Give your kids proper balance diet, for those who eat less, provide them with supplements and multivitamins, more so enough fruits and vegetables is required, encourage them to drink water often and also a glass of milk, as research by international dairy journal shows that milk does not only help the bones but boast mental performance, low fat milk won’t be bad too.

2. Give Them A Break And Ensure Not To Exceed It

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As soon as the break approaches, put in efforts to make sure that your children have restful time, engage them with activities that would help them relax their nerves such as swimming, going to the movies, playing with their mates (helps them do a lot of catch ups) and so on.

In each day ensure there are some playful and restful moments to make balance, try not to prolong the break as too much of everything is not good.

3. Make The Home Conducive For Learning

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They are psychological effects that surround the brain and the environment, how is your home? A neat and well-kept home will go a long way in assisting your child’s development. You may need study table and chair for your kids, if possible a study room, what are the type of decorations placed in their rooms, does it speak volume in respect of learning? For the little ones, how does their bedspread design look like, will it teach the children? The kids need toys while teenagers need games that would help stimulate their thinking ability such as board games (ludo, chess,draft e.t.c), and any other productive game.



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Apply an active method whereby a child is constantly asked questions that he/she could either answer or be propelled to do a research on, it could be general questions or based on what the child had learnt in class having studied the scheme of work for his/her previous term. This method would help that child’s brain to be kept alive knowing fully well that questions may be popped up at anytime, you will be surprised on how that child would come back to you with questions for clarity or may have to contradict your opinion with reasonable facts, this would prove to you that growth has been made in his/her thinking ability. It could be in form of practicals, for example while cooking in the kitchen you can ask that the child measures 1/2 cup of an ingredient into a bowl or other questions like, if 3 cups of rice would feed the six of us, how many cups of rice would feed us when we are ten?, What is the capital of Lagos state? Where is the statue of liberty located (this is a research question as it may not be taught in schools but because you want your child to be vast in knowledge) and so on.


5. Enroll Your Kids Into Holiday/Summer Classes


Your kids would have to be kept busy with some holiday classes where they can learn new skills from either their tutors or classmates, a place where they can have proper recreation that would keep their minds in a happy state. New knowledge gained can enhance their next learning stage. Here, they can learn even more artistic skills like sewing, hair making, drawing etc, and scientific skills like electrical circuit construction and other interesting stuff like learning new languages, baking and so on.


6. Take Note Of The Television Channels And Books Your Kids Are Engaged With

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This will depend on the age of your child, persuade child to watch stations that will help boast his/her speaking ability like fluency in English, channels that would teach etiquette, news, documentaries like that of wild lives, history, sports and intellectual movies only for their age, music sometimes to light up their moods.Teach also the act of reading, buy books that may cover stories, inspirational, vocabulary and even documentaries.Be careful with your kids engagements to avoid them being exposed to the wrong and unnecessary things.


7. Family Outings

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This is one essential thing you can do for your kids, they always want to be reminded that they are loved and accepted.Try as much as possible to take them out with you to places they can relate with, like shoprite ( you can show them how to use the Point Of Sale, POS machine), the village ( where they can understand their origin and history) amusement park, mountain climbing, skating (if the family engages in travelling abroad for vacations), zoo, cinemas and the list goes on, you may also use any cost effective means to teach your child, like showing them vegetation or rivers while travelling and teaching them what you know about it, showing them a railway, taking them to a farm if you want them to have an idea on agriculture (farmland, fish pond, poultry, pigsty and others), teaching them landmark methods by reading up almost every sign post they see on the way or taking note of a particular building, bridge etc, showing them statues and the stories behind them to mention a few.

These and many more are the tips you can apply on your kids for positive results and enhancement.

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What do you do when your school’s online reputation is at stake?

For every four parents that drop a review about your school, 96 parents have gone past without saying a word. Such parents deserve ‘accolades’ for stopping by.

Ruby Newell-Legner in her book, “Understanding Customers”, indicates that 96% of customers do not make complaints and out of those, 91% will not visit your business again

Let me start this piece on a controversial note – The truth is that people are too busy minding their businesses, people don’t care about your business, yes your school. For every four parents that drop a review about your  school, 96 parents have gone past without saying a word. Such parents deserve ‘accolades’ for stopping by.

What is being said about your school is a different kettle of fish. If the review is a 5 star one, it is a testimony that you have done well and such parent is pleased with your educational services. All you need to do is just to keep up the good work. However, if such review is damaging and hurtful, the natural response is to frantically look for ‘delete’ button. This is a very bad approach – resist the urge!

Rather, consider the following  truths about negative reviews

  1. The parent (reviewer) still cares about your business: Even if you have reasons to believe the review is written out of prejudice (maybe from a competitor). For him/her to leave his/her business and mind yours, be generous enough to thank such parent in your heart of hearts for minding your business.
  2. It is not about you but your business. It is a good practice to always separate yourself from your business – don’t take it personally. Parents spreading the news about your school is great marketing only if you know what to do with it.
  3. It is assessment time: As an educator, you know (and tell your students) that having ‘F’ grade does not mean the student is doomed and can not make ‘A’ in subsequent assessments. If this philosophy is good for your students/pupils, then it is also applicable to you (sorry, your school)
  4. Bad Reviews are not bad business:  Accept the fact that your school cannot be suitable for every parent and it is not a bad thing. Most genuine negative reviews are as a result mismatched expectations on the part of the reviewers, in this case, parents.
  5. Bad reviews make good reviews look authentic and build credibility: In my article 5 ways to avoid ‘avoidable bad reviews for your school, I mentioned that prospective parents look out for negative things about your school to see if they are things they relatively consider ‘normal’. And if they find none, it could be a ‘red flag. Negative reviews are good for your brand because they show that all of your reviews are real.

Turn Lemons to Lemonade now that your school is on parents’ radars.

If you find your school a victim of a bad review, just know that more eyeballs are on your school as it is in the spotlight. (Read my article, importance of online reviews to your enrollment strategy for more on this). Take this as an opportunity to further market your school to prospective parents who want to read the ‘bad’ about your school for free. And how do you achieve this? Look for a cold drink (not beer), sit back, and take the following 5 actions:

  • Pause and evaluate the review: For the fact that you are aware of the review and you respond proactively, you can still salvage the situation.  Study the review to determine what to do-  Is it an isolated case or it affects other parents? Gauge the level of damage this could potentially cause- use your best judgement but do not exaggerate it.                                                                                                                                                                           Your findings will determine your next line of action. In some instances, you just keep your responses short, thank the parent, and move on. In some extreme cases, you explain your side of the story with facts and figures in a polite but non-defensive way
  • Respond publicly if you have to: Public replies provide an opportunity to show other parents reading the reviews that you care enough to try and remedy the situation. It shows you respect parents and you have nothing to hide from anybody. Apologize publicly and offer incentives if you need to, we all make mistakes. In drafting your response, follow these best practices;
    1. Call the reviewer by the first name with appropriate title eg Dear Chief Alex if you know it.
    2. Even with the worst of reviews, thank the reviewer for deeming it fit to express herself
    3. Don’t lash out. Even if you’re right, it won’t end in your favour
    4. Use the same logic you would apply if she walks in to your office to express same reservations
    5. Don’t respond while you’re angry. It won’t end well
    6. Present your case – make it as short as possible but without loosing the key info
    7. Address legitimate concerns only- don’t digress
    8. Don’t get personal.
    9. Be nice and keep things professional


  • Gather more positive review to neutralize the negative ones: With this, you are simply saying the obvious and reality that it is impossible to please everyone and this is an isolated case. Get help in doing this by reading 11 ways to gather online reviews for your school
  • Remove the review if it is absolutely necessary but resist the temptation of pressing charges: In most cases, there is no need to remove this because negative reviews give authority to positive ones. A sprinkle of them is good for your brand. Parents are your direct market, dragging them to courts is likely to incur other parents’ grievances in solidarity. There is almost no justification for that – Even if you win the case, public opinion may not favour your school.
  • Check yourself and make adjustments: Few days after Dana Air license was restored after the crash in 2012, I intentionally flew it. Guess what? I got the best air treatment and felt safer than ever before!  Do you know that Queen’s college got a brand new water treatment after the cholera outbreak incident of last year and the chances of it happening again are slimmer than where it never happened? There is no smoke without fire. It is probably time for self-assessment.

Lastly, after you’ve addressed a problem and the parent is once again satisfied, you can ask for an update to the review to reflect your efforts. She might update it or take it down. Leave it up to her. If she does, wonderful! If not, at least your school is on record as having replied to the parent/reviewer.

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5 ways to Avoid ‘Avoidable’ Bad Reviews for your School

Surprisingly, most prospective parents look out for negative things about your school to see if they are things they relatively consider ‘normal’. And if they find none, it could be a ‘red flag’.


According to invesp , The fact is, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. By implication,  88% of your prospective customers will not buy from you if they read a negative review of your products or services,.  This is NOT always the case!

Psychologically, since customers assume that nothing is perfect, a total lack of negative reviews means that companies are either burying the negative (not a good sign) or trying to claim perfection, which can actually be even worse. Brands with perfect reviews look inauthentic.

For schools, the truth is that every reasonable parent knows there are no perfect schools out there and yours is not an exemption.  A sprinkle of bad reviews within a few good ones can work in favour of your school. Just accept the reality that you cannot please everybody and your school cannot be suitable for everyone.

Surprisingly, most prospective parents look out for negative things about your school to see if they are things they relatively consider ‘normal’. And if they find none, it could be a ‘red flag’.

A trend discovered by SchoolsCompass is that parents hesitate to consider schools with no reviews or with too many negative reviews for their wards (for obvious reasons). In general, a school with no review (especially on schoolscompass) is worse than a school with a sprinkle of bad reviews in the midst of good ones.

Prevention is still better than cure

The fact that bad reviews still have good sides does not mean you should go out your way looking for avoidable bad reviews for your school. It is still best to strive to have none because some are so damaging and could cost you your entire business.

Here are 5 ways to avoid ‘avoidable’ bad reviews for your school:

  1. Avoid “Toxic” Parent

The early signs are obvious- from their very first visit, they complain about almost everything in your school. The more you try to convince them, the more faults they find- it’s probably time to let go.

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If they are not happy with your school on the first visit, the likelihood of them liking it in the long run after making payment is very slim.  At the end of the day, they feel trapped and result in throwing tantrums which could make them give your school a negative review at the slightest opportunity. You don’t want that. Do you?

  1. Operate Open Policy

As a school owner, it is a good practice to let your staff and parents know how you prefer to be contacted in the event of any complaints or grievances. Put suggestion boxes in strategic places of your school premises to make provisions for anonymous senders and make sure you check them often.

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Bottled emotions are like the time-bomb in the hands of the terrorists looking for space to detonate. You can prevent it with effective open door policy.

Your channel of communication must be well defined and known to everyone

  1. Avoid Online Collaborative Meeting

For busy parents who don’t have time to attend your PTA meeting, virtual collaborative meeting on a platform like ‘group WhatsApp’ appears to be a very smart option. 95% of the time, down the line, it usually gets out of control. At that point, decorum is thrown out of the window mostly by toxic parents.

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Unverified damaging information from aggrieved parents in such platform can go beyond the platform itself and extend to social media or other third party review websites. That is definitely not the reason for such collaboration in the first place.

  1. Be Sensitive and Keep Ears to the Ground

If you observe any change of behaviour towards you by members of your staff or parents of your pupils/students, it may be a result of bottled emotion or perceived grievances towards you, the school owner or any member of your staff saddled with the responsibility of representing you in one capacity of the other.

Find out what it is, if is it about your school or your management style, do your best to address it (most likely to be an isolated case) before it gets out of hand and degenerates to the level of venting such anger on the internet.

  1. Communicate

The importance of communication in dispute resolution and prevention cannot be over flogged. Carrying every member of your school community along with your vision and new policies in order not to give room for speculations is an effective way of running schools.


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