Schools that provide the best Islamic foundation for Academic Excellence

The fast is over! In the spirit of the celebration let’s discuss schools that provide an environment which lets children learn and live Islam. With so many secular schools today many muslim parents claim they find it hard to find a school that wholly integrates islamic cultures and values with academics.

Pupils of First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy
A child studying in an environment which mirrors values they learn at home creates in them social and emotional stability that helps them do better in their academics and social interactions.

There would be less morale clashes in the school environment because everyone has the same values and work with the same belief, your child is free to be themselves.

Merry smiles from Fareedah Schools

Here are schools that offer a fusion of Islamic values and  academic excellence:

Crescent Schools

Crescent Schools is a group of schools consisting of  Crescent Nursery And Primary School, 1004 Housing Estate and Crescent Schools, Victoria Island, Lagos (secondary).

Crescent Schools offers your child an inspiring and mutually beneficial environment through a dedicated and self-motivated staff.

Crescent schools develops your child into a responsible, critical thinking decision maker.

Crescent Schools‘ roots is founded on the islamic culture hence the interflow of Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies in a regularly updated academic curriculum.

First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy

First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy has successfully created an environment where great importance is attached to quality teaching of a Saudi Arabian curriculum skillfully blended with strict moral upbringing according to Islamic tenets.

Great emphasis is placed on the development of your child spiritually, physically and academically. 

First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy inculcates qualitative secular education along with modern day Islamic teachings, culture and values in your child from the cradle.

Your child’s education at First Islamic English Education Foundation[FIEF] Academy can go further past secondary level with an institution and Arabic school.

Kaztal kiddies Academy

Kaztal kiddies Academy  provides your child a constantly updated British-Nigerian Curriculum blended with proven Montessori method all deeply rooted in core islamic values and discipline.

 Kaztal kiddies Academy  remains one of the leading muslim schools in the country. Utilising up to date facilities and dedicated, highly trained staff Kaztal Kiddies Academy has successfully carved a niche for themselves in the academic world.

At Kaztal Kiddies Academy your child gains an unparalleled Islamic education for life in line with spiritual and moral values all based on the Holy Qur’an and authentic Sunnah of the Holy Prophet.

Fareedah Schools

Fareedah Schools comprising of Fareedah’s Children’s Place and Fareedah College is a place where children are accepted, loved and catered for.

An Islamic Faith Based School, Fareedah Schools uses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in preschool and a blend of the Nigerian and British Curriculum in further years.

Fareedah schools understand the importance of childhood, knowing it is a time for exploring, creating,  meeting the world and learning. With so many extracurricular activities and events your child is constantly excited by school. To ensure your child has  a head start in life Fareedah Schools has prepared a caring, warm and motivating environment.

With a team of qualified personnel who understand children needs and constantly revised and appropriate educational materials your child is supported to reach past the stars.

Al- Faruq International School

Al- Faruq International School is an outstanding Islamic School that provides your child with an all round education whilst encouraging spiritual  growth. Al- Faruq International School develops minds to be academically and spiritually sound, highly dynamic and self-reliant.



Manaaru-l-huda Schools

Manaaru-l-huda Schools (primary and secondary) simultaneously provides qualitative secular and Islamic education using professional handlers for both ends.

Well-grounded teachers teach all subjects including Ustazhs who handle Hifzhul Qur’an (Quranic memorization), Qiraa’ah (Recitation), Kitaabah (Writing), Tajweed (Science of pronunciation and articulation), Hadeeth, Aadaab (Etiquettes), Arabiyyah (Spoken Arabic) and many more.

Your child not only learns to speak english but also to communicate in Arabic, memorise and recite the holy Qur’an with Tajweed (proper pronunciation and articulation of letters). 

There are many more where these came from visit our website and shop for schools yourself.

It’s not a discussion if it’s one sided, talk to us in the comment section below.

Maintaining moral values can be tricky in today’s amoral society, these few tips will help you help your child at home.

Teaching and Maintaining Good Values in Children.

As early as two years old a child knows what is right or wrong, she knows banging on the table is wrong after you have told her so with your words or facial expression. Values are not about knowing right or wrong, it is about doing the right thing.

Academic advancement is wonderful but what happened to respect?  Winning a gold medal in swimming is great but where did manners go? Today parents and schools concentrate so much on academics and physique they totally forget values.

I’m not here to talk to the schools, I’m here to talk to parents. For a better tomorrow we need to help children develop and maintain good values.

It all begins with you

The apple does not fall far from the tree, your child will look at you and emulate what you do. Show a good example: greet people, give respect, teach forgiveness by forgiving and watch your child pick up all these.

Spend time with them

Spend time with your child and acquaint yourself with their budding personality. Ask open ended questions, listen to them, show them that you actually care about what they think. When you have a good relationship with your child they will most likely come to you when  a moral dilemma comes up.

Set down rules

Already laid down rules and punishment for breaking these rules helps push your child to make the right decision. Discipline is important after a rule is broken or it is all just words.

 Talk to them about moral values

Teach them the golden rule but be mindful how you talk about it because children hate getting lectured. Ask their opinions on whatever you are talking about make it a discussion and not a lecture.

Monitor your child’s tv shows

It is an over flogged issue but you really should monitor what your child watches as these shows influence your child’s behaviour.  Violent and aggressive shows/video games should not be allowed, positive shows/video games that teach good values should be encouraged instead.

Praise efforts

Rewarding good behaviour is important but don’t forget to commend them when they make obvious effort. Praise their strengths and efforts.

A synergy with a school that supports your views on moral values works best because your efforts at home will be continued in school where they will be spending the most part of their day. You can find these schools here


Signals your Child Needs to Change Schools

Firstly any school that allows a teacher use any negative qualifier on your child is not the right fit. Your child is not stupid, she is not incapable she should not suffer for the shortcomings of her teachers. A real educator sees and appreciates the intelligence and ingenuity of each and every child.

Your child is not there for the school, the school is there for your child. The school should provide all the materials she needs to develop wholly in the right environment.

How then do you know the school is not living up to their end of the bargain?

Poor Academic Performance.

The basic purpose of a school is to improve your child academically, an absence of improvement in her school work should ring alarm bells. There could be a reason for it; she could have a teacher that is uninterested, the teacher-student ratio might be highly unbalanced, the curriculum might not be a right fit and so many more. Find out what the problem is, if it can be rectified make sure it is. If it requires a change of class/school make the right choice. You can find schools here

Hurtful words from teachers

Self- esteem is an important aspect of your child’s life. When an adult especially a teacher uses any derogatory remark it is not something to be taken lightly. Take your issue before the school head, make your voice heard and if it does not stop please take your child away from that environment before her esteem is shattered.


Not everyone is an educator

 Sadly not all teachers are good educators, some are highly ignorant of how to handle children’s academic and nonacademic needs . Request a change as soon as you notice the lack in her teacher, if nothing improves after the change then you should find a new educational environment.


Avoiding eye contact

You notice that your formerly confident child is now having issues interacting with adults and her peers, first find out where it stems from. You can begin by talking to your child, her siblings, teachers and any other person that has a strong and present impact in her life. It’s tragic but children still get bullied today, find out what’s wrong and take action.

“I hate school!” 

Many children say this, in fact I can remember saying such but some children say it with so much loathing I fear they might actually be developing a phobia towards academics. Does your child ever come home chattering about anything exciting that happened at school? Or is she always cranky, moody and tired after school? Inquire about her plight because a good school is supposed to be fun and exciting despite the academic workload. Try to see things from her perspective, finding out what is wrong is half the solution.

Stopped reading just for fun.

A child enjoying the process of learning is always willing and ready to show off his skills to even himself. When learning is fun, children enjoy doing it outside the confines of school or homework. If your child only reads or writes when it connects to school you should be concerned because his teacher might not be giving him a good attitude towards academics that he needs to advance in life.

Use your parent gut.

You’re her mum, you know her. If your gut tells you that something’s wrong there is a very very high chance that something is actually wrong so follow your gut.


Remember it’s your child’s life we’re talking about here, it’s not yours. Talk to them, look at it like a partnership, listen to what they have to say and take decisions with their approval. If they are not being fair reason with them make them understand.

Thinking of switching schools? Visit our website to get your pick of schools also read this to know what to look out for when choosing a school in order to avoid repeating previous mistakes.


How to help your child love reading

Children are wonderful, few things bring more joy than watching them excel at things they set out to do. Reading is a necessary skill a child should have, despite being absolutely fun it is one of the sure ways to absorb information in today’s society. Reading also widens a child’s horizon, develops his mind and gives more color to his imagination.

Experts claim that the age to learn to read is from ages 6-7 however my personal advise is to begin building your child’s interest in reading as soon as you can. Thinking of how to help your child love books? We have a few tips

Be a good reading example

Children love their parents, they emulate you they want to be like mummy. Let them see you reading on your own, pique their curiosity with how interested you are in books and watch them learn to love books also.

Get the right book

Get them a book you know they will love. Preferably a book with bright pop up pictures and sounds. Does your baby love animals? Get a book with colorful pictures of animals. She loves cakes? You know what to do. Children are naturally curious just use the right book to engage their interest.

Create the right atmosphere

You can create a reading corner in a part of your home solely dedicated to your child’s reading. Distractions should not be welcome in this corner, it should be a sanctuary. Your angel’s attention span is low, do not lose it, you need her complete attention. Televisions, radios, pets or any other distracting factor should not be in this area.

Read with your child

Read with them, make reading fun and enjoyable. Mimic the voices of characters in the book, make animal sounds. You can even make a book with a personalized story you know your child would love and relate to.

Interact while reading

Ask them questions “Do you see the cow?” This will let them know that it is okay to ask questions. It will also improve their interaction and maintain their interest in the activity.

Play with them

Act out a story your child wants to act out. Let her imagination lead the way. At the end of the day three things will be gained:

  • She would learn more than you imagined
  • A bonding moment will be shared between the both of you
  • You will have immense fun

Try these tips and let us know how it went in the comments section. To find a school that will give your child this much attention to develop her reading abilities visit our website here

Getting the most value from school marketing

Marketing your school is a very sensitive matter, as first and continued impressions matter to parents. Thanks to the computer age everyone and anyone believe they can market on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and the likes but it takes distinctive skill to utilize it effectively and get you results.Related image

Virtue of our many interactions with schools we have noticed a practice which  has been hindering their chances at enrollment from more parents in more ways than one.

This practice is requesting a random teacher to handle the school’s online image; and 9 times out of 10 they do not do a good job of it because they see it as extra workload and nothing more.

The internet is a large and very profitable route you can use to show off what you have to present and prospective parents. How do you do that? It’s straightforward, simply:

  • Use the right persons: Utilize skilled individuals to handle your school’s online image.


  • Put up appealing posts on social media: Keep present and prospective parents engaged with posts that matter to them but still connect to your school.


  • Sell your school with pictures: Parents love to see their children’s events but keep in mind that prospective parents are interested in facilities and activities. Many schools fail to strike the balance; they show more events, less facilities.


  • Make sure to utilize your Schools Compass profile: Use all avenues to be seen and easily reached by parents. There is nothing like enough branding, Coca-Cola is one of the best in the world but they still advertise.


  • Soak in as much information on marketing and branding as you can: It might not be your forte, but you are an administrator you need to know about it for the general good of your school. Building your School Brand in the 21stCentury: Not a Rocket Science is an informative seminar to help you grow and maintain your school’s enrollment. It begins on the 27th of June 2017

Entry is FREE! Contact us for more information.

Also thinking offline marketing? Contact an experienced consultant to put strategies in place to help you improve your school.

Under marketing has and is presently killing a lot of schools. Having the goods is not enough anymore, you need to get seen by your target market and at the same time make a good impact on them.


Top Boarding Schools in South-Western Nigeria, outside Lagos State

Many Lagosians complain about the hustle and bustle of Lagos; the amoral lifestyle, the cramped environment and so many other unpleasant factors.

We understand these concerns and although there are Schools with Top Boarding Facilities in Lagos, you may still want your child in a more serene environment.

City Of Knowledge Academy Classroom

Why not a boarding school close to Lagos then?

Children learn better in a boarding school as all the educational facilities and support they need at their beck and call 24/7, a better social life is cultivated because they learn how to relate with people from all walks of life and all in all boarding school can be very fun.

Lead City International School’s students. Peers for life.

Your child needs to be independent, she needs to try new things on her own and meet new people without your shadow.

Independent and confident. Students of Emerald Schools.

She needs to flourish in a secure, protective and supportive environment. Lagos can be amoral and cramped, you probably do not want your child studying in a boarding school in Lagos but you also do not want her too far away. No worries we have the answer in this list specifically put together for you, you can thank us in the comment section.

Olashore International School,Osun State

A home away from home

Olashore International School is a renowned school located in Osun state, with a combination of passion for students, drive, top-grade facilities and highly qualified teachers.

Little wonder this school was voted one of the Top Ten School in Nigeria Platinum Category in the  African Top Schools Award of 2015.

Olashore International School goes all the way to provide for visiting parents from all over the world with a tasteful hotel located on schools grounds allowing you to visit your child with no accommodation hassle.

City of Knowledge Academy, Ijebu-Ode

The City of Knowledge Academy, Ogun state provides excellent academic and leadership training for your child’s budding mind.

At The City of Knowledge Academy your child will learn and perfect playing her choice musical instrument and get a Microsoft certification.


With so many extracurricular activities boredom will be a forgotten word to your child

Lead City International School, Ibadan

Passionate teachers make all the difference

Everyone wants a serene environment for their child to learn without distractions. Lead City International School, Ibadan is that and more.

Comfortable and roomy hostels

Just 2hrs plus from Lagos, this school pays a great deal of attention to academic excellence and character training of students.

The Education and training offered to your child at Lead City International School is of uncompromising standards which the school ensures stays relevant and consistent with students’ personal and global needs.

<click here and see the Top Boarding Schools in lagos>

Kunike International School, Osogbo

In 2015 Kunike International School, Osogbo was awarded ‘The fastest growing college of the year’ barely two years after inception.

Today this school is a force to be reckoned with in the Educational sector of Nigeria. Building students all-round has always and still remains a top priority of Kunike International School.

This priority is one that will be vastly enjoyed by your child’s total development as no stone is left unturned in whatever educational process commenced by Kunike International School.

Happy children learn faster

Rainbow College, Ibadan

With so many international awards under their belt it is safe to say that Rainbow College, Ibadan is one of the foremost educational institutions in Nigeria.

Rainbow College Hostel at night

Your Child is offered a balanced curriculum of academics, sports, moral and cultural guidance and leadership training.

Rainbow college raise well-rounded independent individuals with high interpersonal relationship skills all thanks to quality amenities, an advanced curriculum and supervised yet encouraged socialisation.

Nutrition is always a priority at Rainbow College


Adesoye College, Offa

Adesoye College, Offa provides the needed environment for students to strive to and achieve all their aims in life.

Adesoye College Offa creates a learning environment that is data-driven, student-friendly and whole development focused.

Ebunoluwa International School, Osogbo

Ebunoluwa International School, Osogbo prides on providing the means for parents and guardians to give their children and wards much needed qualitative education in Nigeria. Ebunoluwa International School offers a wide range of school subjects and extra-curricular activities in a safe and totally secure environment. 

Emerald Schools, Ogun State

Emerald Schools located in Ogun state was established in response to the yearnings of parents and a need to bridge the gap in providing high quality Secondary School Education in the country.

Emerald Schools seek to help solve the problems of today’s children and parents these problems include; a hostile society that has not much to offer by way of values and cramped learning environment, which do not help children to attain their full potentials.

Since inception Emerald Schools has been providing to these problems and offering students much more than they could have imagined.

Henry Alex-Duduyemi Memorial College, Ile-Ife

Henry Alex-Duduyemi Memorial College, Ile-Ife focuses on the creation of the “Total Child”.

 Henry Alex-Duduyemi Memorial College fosters an environment where children attain academic excellence, possess high moral and ethical values and are conscious of their roles in society, while still protecting the innocence of childhood.

Hostel Hallway


Quality secondary education should not pass your child by. Independence, confidence, interpersonal skills are a few of the many things a good boarding school can offer your child and these skills go a very long way. Let them shine, visit our website to find more schools at unbelievable price ranges.

Schools in Lekki-Ajah that provide top Montessori Classrooms

Learning Ladder Montessori Nursery Classroom

Our previous post discussed Maria Montessori and why you should probably pick a montessori nursery. Donning our cape we are here again to help, we know finding a nursery with the right montessori materials is no easy endeavour so we bring you our carefully put together list.

Searching for a nursery in Lekki, Ajah, Victoria Island, Victoria Garden City or any other other surrounding environ? You are in luck because this list is just for you!

Ever wondered why these tools are so important? They are specially crafted for children, bright and colorful simply to catch a child’s attention to tell them “Hey over here, play with me!”

White Light Montessori School’s Classroom

With the low shelves the child can easily reach for whichever material they want and play with them, when they lose interest they can also pick another just as easily.

One of many montessori equipments at White Light Montessori School located in Victoria Island

These materials are self-corrective if a child is using and a piece is left over or does not fit, the child easily notices and corrects himself.  Image result for pink tower montessori materialFor instance the pink tower which is made up of blocks of different sizes, these blocks teaches a child about size and while constructing a tower if the child uses the wrong size it does not stand the child perceives his error and without the help of an adult corrects himself.

Finally here’s your list:

Learning Ladder Montessori, Ajah

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

With a name like that and pictures to speak there’s really not much left to say, your child learns in a co-operative environment with only the best montessori materials to be utilized.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing and shorts
Learning Ladder Montessori pupils, aren’t they adorable?

Winfield Montessori School, Ajah

Painting is fun at Winfield Montessori School

Winfield Montessori School seeks to develop tomorrow’s leaders by letting them develop them wholly, utilizing montessori materials has never been done better.

Preschoolers learn faster in a conducive environment

Treasure Chest Montessori, Ajah

Previously featured in this post, as one of the top creches in Ajah. Treasure Chest Montessori offers a wonderful learning and socialising environment for your child.


Arcadia Montessori Nursery, Creche And Playgroup

Arcadia Montessori Nursery, Creche And Playgroup located in Victoria Island provides  a “living room” for children with montessori materials with which your child learns to order, classify and describe impressions in relation, length, width, temperature, mass and colour.

Quality intellectual growth is enhanced thanks to material and staff support provided.

Busyminds School, Lekki

Busyminds school caters for children aged 3 months to 11 years by working with each child individually using montessori equipments and a  British Curriculum in a Nigerian Setting.


Cribs and Crayons Creche/Preschool, Lekki

Bubbles and Numbers

Using the most innovative and fun methods Cribs and Crayons imparts knowledge into pupils. School has never been so intellectual and fun.


Minders’ Day Nursery, Lekki

Minders’ Day Nursery immerses your child in an environment with montessori materials he needs for his comprehensive development.

Who won’t recall N-Noisy Nick

Catherine Anthony Creche And Pre-school, Lekki

At Catherine Anthony Creche And Pre-school your child’s learning is enriched through his inquisitiveness and the staff’s unrelenting focus on the pupils. Classrooms are well equipped with needed montessori tools your child needs to flourish.

Whistles Children Place, Awoyaya

Whistles Children’s Place is strongly committed to providing children with early years curriculum along with Montessori philosophy to enhance learning.

Continuously catering for children between ages 3 months and 5 years with the right materials and support they need.



Tenderville School, Lekki

Tenderville School‘s passionate and professional team use a unique teaching methodology that nurtures individual potential in a structured learning environment with scheduled time for every aspect of the child’s development.

White Light Montessori, Victoria Island

White Light Montessori School is a fully licensed childcare and learning facility in Victoria island, providing a warm and nurturing environment for children.

With programs that have been designed to serve the needs of parents with quality, affordable and flexible childcare services.The center offers a diverse choice of creche, Montessori preschool and after school programs.

Take your time when picking a montessori school for your lovelies. Montessori education lasts 1-11 years on the average and these are formative years that builds and prepares them for future education. Our next series we will be picking another area of Lagos, if you cant wait simply visit our website and find a school.

The Montessori Method: Why you should encourage it

Some say it is the Montessori age, as almost all schools around the world are currently using the Montessori method for pupils. Hold on, before you get all into the wave you have to know the basic history of this method presently helping your child develop. Who brought about it and how? Well as always we have you covered.

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator. She treated many poor and working-class children who attended the free clinics. During that time, she observed that inborn intelligence was present in children of all socio-economic backgrounds.

Image result for montessori

She eventually  became the director of the Orthophrenic School (In the 1900 the Orthophrenic School was a place where teachers were trained in educating mentally disabled children with an attached laboratory classroom).

Maria working with a child in Rome 1907

She began to extensively research early childhood development and education. After working with developmentally disabled children, Maria Montessori  success spurred her desire to test her teaching methods on “normal” children. After subsequent trial and error the montessori theory was established.

Some learning equipments at Oaks & Acorns Montessori Schools.

The montessori ideology is built on the idea that children learn best in an environment that supports their natural desire to acquire skills and knowledge, classrooms are to be filled with readily available and well organized learning materials to be utilized by the children to foster co-operation while building intellect.

Doveland International Schools utilises equipments to foster co-operation in pupils.

This technique encourages teachers to stand back and follow the child’s unique pace, unlike previous methods where information handed down from teachers.

Adorable Toes School’ pupil learning on her own.

Montessori method supports a hands-on and inquiring mode of receiving information that develops the child intellect, curiosity and confidence.

Pupils learning hands-on at The Sage School Abuja.

The Montessori approach urges adults to respect children’s choices, this prepares the children to become independent and confident adults in the near future.

This method of educating approaches learning by emphasizing on active learning, independence, co-operation.

Learning is fun at Yettyland Preparatory School
A pupil at Yettyland Preparatory School using montessori materials to learn.

Children naturally view montessori method of teaching as fun and there’s no better time for a child to learn than when they’re having fun.

Finding a school that practices this teaching technique is really just a click away, click here. Interested in schools in Lekki-Ajah axis? Our next post will cover the top montessori schools in this area so check back with us. Visit our website and have all your choice schools at your fingertips. Adios till next time.

June 12 : Your Child and History

Since today is a well celebrated historic landmark for Nigerian democracy we shall discuss Nigerian history. Today in 1993 a presidential election was ongoing. After 10 years of military rule the wave of democracy was creating a frenzy and everyone strongly believed in their rights.

Image result for nigerian historic moments

A very important one being the right to vote, civilians poured out in one of the most refined manners known to Nigerians simply to choose their leader. The late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola won very clearly, but then the military annulled this election and crisis ensued.

Image result for nigerian military gov 1993

It is a pity but many children today do not know this,a lot of schools are lacking in teaching history. {click here} Sciences, languages and mathematics are all important but many do not realize that  history is just as important.

Why is history important?Image result for cool nigerian coat of arms

History provides children with identity, and they won’t get this anywhere else. Knowledge about their roots gives them pride and confidence. Studying history improves general decision making and judgment, your child is a future leader but she has to understand where she is to lead first.

Image result for historic nigerian photos

While learning history children are shown models of upstanding citizens like Chief MKO Abiola, Oluwafunmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Flora Nwapa, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Queen Amina of Zaria and many more.

History is a subject that focuses on the past, but can also give us an insight into the present and future, history tells us how to deal with circumstances that bear a significant resemblance to those of decades or centuries ago. History helps children understand change, economic and societal development.

Image result for historic nigerian photos

We believe that your child should have an all-round education, history should be part of this. Nigeria is a great country, rich in history and culture your child should know that she hails from this great country, she should stand proud and say “I am Nigerian”.

Image result for nigerian flag child
Find schools that provide total education for your child here

Is your child really safe?

We would all love to constantly supervise our children’s day-to-day activities to ensure they are safe but they need to learn, socialise and grow outside the home.

For your peace of mind and the good of your child choose a school that goes the extra mile regarding safety. Gates and walls are not enough; gates can be opened and walls can be scaled. What then tells you that your child will be safe in your chosen school?

Don’t hold back on your questions. Make sure the administration runs background checks on whoever they hire. Your child would be spending a good chunk of his time with these people, the school should make sure that they are persons of character.

The vale college’s respectable and well- trained teachers.

Humans that a child can emulate because many children look up to their teachers in one way or another. The school should have a staff willing and ready to protect your child from any sort of harassment or discrimination.

Make sure to pick a ‘listening’ school. A school you can communicate with, a school that listens to your fears and observations regarding your child and works with you to solve whatever issue it might be.

The school should be built with the security of pupils and staff in mind. It should include these:

  •       Perimeter fencing and gates
Karis School’s Security team. 24 hours surveillance.
  •      Security guards


  •     Class teachers and front-desk personnel working together with parents should know who picks up and drops off each child.


  • An efficient sign-in\sign-out policy to track people who enter school at all times.


  •     A modern effective fire alarm system


  • CCTV( Closed circuit television) and any other proven security innovation.


  • Blooming Greens Schools’ Finger-print Scanner. Controls access and pick up of students and pupils.


  • In schools where ID badges are provided, all staff should wear said badges at all times

We hope these tips help you in your search for the perfect school for your child. You can use our website, which has a wealth of schools for your search simply click here

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