How Important is a Welcoming School Ambience?

This period prospective parents would be visiting your school, and trust me little things matter so don’t overlook any stone. The environment is the first thing a prospective parent comes in contact with and as a result this impression creates the background for all future interactions.

Your school’s atmosphere should scream “Welcome!” to parents, children and visitors.


First Impressions Matter

The first connection to your school they come in contact with can change everything. It could be your security team, the front gate or even your school bus. Ensure school grounds are neat and inviting.

Put up Welcome signs around the walkway of new parents, make sure they have no qualms with directions use your welcome signs to serve the dual purpose of direction signs. Keep them warm, welcomed and cherry.

The reverse side of those signs can also be printed with “Good-bye,” “Thanks for coming,” or “See you soon”  and expressions that translate to mean so.


Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that admission officers and secretaries(or whoever the visitors meet) are key players in welcoming visitors and keeping them. Train them and make sure they exhibit the understanding and drive they need to warmly welcome prospective parents this holiday.


Go the Extra Mile for New Parents

Now you’ve got them! They love your school and their child is admitted. Never stop marketing your school.

Politely request their details(email address, twitter and instagram handle, google+) so you can follow up subsequently and keep them updated on happenings in the school.

You can also request they follow the school’s page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platform to stay connected.


 Enthusiasm Outside School Grounds

The enthusiasm shouldn’t stop during the holiday continue even outside school grounds.

Welcoming Parents: an everyday occurrence at Standard Bearers School

You and some teachers can welcome parents and pupils back to school. Greet, Open car doors for them and make meaningful short conversation. Use your actions to tell them you care.


Creche to College

Transition exerts a lot of  major changes on children, some positive and unfortunately some negative. Children flourish when their educational environment  shows stability and security.

Adorable Babies from Capville Schools

They are able to channel more energy to academics, energy which would have been drained away by tasks such as:

  • trying to fit in
  • navigating round school
  • adjusting to a new sea of faces
  • familiarizing themselves to a new set of rules

Few Schools offer this cocoon of safety from creche to college and here they are:


Albesta Academy develops nations by developing pupils and students into great achievers through holistic education and enduring service to humanity.

Albesta Academy has a broad based, balanced Nigerian and British curricula to offer pupils a well rounded education. Teaching at Albesta Academy is creative, innovative and practical by the availability of hands on equipments and infrastructural facilities of international standard. All along with modern classrooms, ICT, laboratories, library, sporting and recreational facilities.

Graduands of Albesta Academy have the unique opportunity of furthering their education at the prestigious Crawford University.However, this option is not compulsory but optional.


At Capville Schools studies are designed to assist the young mind in discovering hidden talents and inborn potentials.

The pupils and students at Capville Schools are confidence driven and curiosity propelled.  The practical methods of teaching of teachers at Capville Schools inculcate independence in the child as he grows.

A warm welcome awaits every child at school everyday making education something to be anticipated.



Ladela Schools provide Early Years, Primary and Secondary Education in a serene environment.

Parents of pupils and students are given the peace of mind to effectively balance family and work responsibilities.

Ladela Schools provide excellent educational services that centre on the cognitive, affective and psychological development of pupils and students.

Ladela Schools’ Student posing by art made by her.

Over the years Ladela Schools has been able to cultivate a warm and vibrant educational community where everyone feels secure and welcome.




Alpha Covenant Heritage School totally nurture learners to attain a balance with which they can function exceptionally in a global world.

Always present is a genuinely supportive staff who fan the emblems of the pupil’s curiosity in the right environment for their imagination to fly.

The pupils and students of Alpha Covenant Heritage School hence recognise that the world is their oyster whilst exploring and discovering.


Few schools grab the heartstrings of both parents and students alike like Longford International School.

A strong educational leadership works hand in hand with the capable team of dedicated teachers to create a supportive learning environment which caters to all abilities and develops potential.

Longford International School offers inspiring programs for gifted and talented students and provide responsive, personalised support for students needing additional help.

Beautiful Children giving back to the community

The school community cares for each student and celebrates  individual achievements and


Visit our website to view more schools like these.


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Convert prospective parents this holiday in 3 simple steps

Turning your eligible online visitors to paying parents is very possible and takes less physical effort than other modes of conversion. At this point you should have interested potential parents on social media and successfully diverted them to your website on many occasions.

Your online image should have gotten them interested enough to take a step which might be inquiring or visiting your school.

The million dollar question: how do you convert a mild enquiry to an admission? We have the answer, simply:


Follow up on all engagements

Every inquiry is precious none ought to be overlooked. Follow up on all enquiries from all avenues (Facebook, Schoolscompass, Twitter, School website and so on) and follow up fast, the binis will say “as e dey hot!”

Most parents stand on a fence, they want your school but need a little push, an encouragement to help them make their decision. Give them the friendly nudge they need, if you observe any hesitation try to know it’s cause and what you can do about it.

It could be distance, academic programs, special needs and so on if it can be solved help them.

Create a sense of urgency

You can do this by giving a mouth-watering discount for a limited period this entices prospective visitors and the limited period gets them emotionally charged up to take the next step.

Make all necessary tasks to be carried out by prospective parents easy and quick.

Maintain contact  in such a way that prospective parents have little need to visit the school repeatedly but they remain well-versed on developments in the school.

Always keep in mind that today’s parents use time judiciously.

Upskill admissions officer

It is your duty to ensure the admissions officer thoroughly understands his/her role in the school, said understanding should encompass more than the basics of the job.

Your admission officer should be one who easily adapts and is ready to take up tasks that crop up while carrying out their duties.

Parents should be able to reach you easily, update your online reachability constantly put up available numbers on all platform that feature your school. Update your Schoolscompass profile regularly to keep your target market informed on changes and developments.


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6 Tips to Help you Choose the Ideal Secondary School

Primary school’s almost done and dusted. You did very well you put them through a good school and now they are ready for the next hurdle, Secondary School. Like choosing a primary school this is not an easy feat but it has to be done and done very well. 

You most likely have schools from our website and referrals from friends to choose from. At this point  you should have made a decision regarding a day or boarding school.  Use these tips to make the right decision.

Curricular Programs

You need to first of all know your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  Every child has an area they excel in find out where your child excels and make sure the school does a good job in it. Schools on our website have a performance sheet which you can check to find out courses students excel better in. You can also check their awards, also on our website, it can give you an insight as to what areas they are known for.


Determine how much you will be spending on the child’s education. Termly fees and additional fees can build up so make sure to choose a school in your range.


Cultural and Moral values are very important and can easily be influenced positively or negatively. The chosen school should uphold cultural and moral values that your child observes at home.



You do know you have to make out time and pay a visit. You’ve seen the amazing pictures of several amenities on our website, now you have to see them in real life. While there talk to teachers they will be spending a good deal of time with your child so you should get to know the kind of people they are.

Speak to students if you can’ generally they will be more candid and easier to assess than their teachers ask them how school life is and judge their answers. Take a good look at surroundings, classrooms, laboratories try to see past the veneer if any. Keep in mind that well used libraries and laboratories are good signs.


It is important to note how advanced a school is, the kind of materials they use with children can in many words tell you how globally adaptable their methods are. Keep in mind that too much of everything is not so good we still want schools that retain core values.

Extracurricular activities

The school’s extracurricular activities should be well balanced providing enough activities to keep your child interested and active.

Remember to ask your child’s thoughts before taking any decision that concerns their education, talk to them about your choices and come to a reasonable decision together.



Top Boarding Schools in South-Western Nigeria, outside Lagos State

Schools with Top Boarding Facilities in Lagos

What to look out for when choosing a Primary School for your child

Top Primary Schools in South-South Nigeria Revealed

Primary Education lays the foremost blocks in education; teaching children to read, write and indirectly how to interact socially with their peers. Cultural and moral values are also heavily influenced and partly moulded during this period of their life.

Here are the top primary schools in South-South Nigeria:


Ceedez Hall School provides qualitative educational experience through a worthy faculty of teachers utilizing the best learning aids in the most ingenious methods.

Ceedeez Hall School’s Child Friendly Creche

Ceedeez Hall School will encourage the development of your child’s latent skills by creating the right environment that lets them express themselves and grow in the process.

Ceedeez Hall School is a child-centered educational facility with the most sophisticated amenities and constantly updated curriculum dedicated to making your child a whole individual.


National and international awards accumulated by Greenoak International School and their unparalleled academic track record has proved that  providing world-class education to children from all parts of the world is extremely possible .

Greenoak International School implements a hybrid curriculum ;the International Primary Curriculum (I.P.C.), Cambridge Primary Curriculum and the Nigerian Primary Curriculum providing a balanced curriculum  to ensure pupils can flow seamlessly in any part of the globe they find themselves.

Greenoak International School seek to craft your child into a leader of tomorrow using his innate potentials as the materials.



Samville Model School is known for academic excellence, supporting teachers who along with the top notch facilities create an inviting ambience for every child.
Samville Model School bring up children who can compete and excel in a competitive world.


Irisfield School believes a sound education should furnish children with not just academic benefits but also an original spirit which when put together they can face any challenge head on. 

Irisfield School delivers education naturally with highly trained educators who  aid your child’s total development in a clean serene environment.

Irisfield School  prepares your child for independence by educating their minds to think for themselves. 



Vine International School is a friendly and supportive school that partners with parents to help every child achieve their potential.

Vine International School’s high quality staff  all work with the notion that your child’s needs comes first resulting in confident and  caring pupils.‘.

Visit our website and find more schools in your area according to your budget.


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Finding the right primary school is not an easy task, these are the things to look out for whgen choosing one <click here>


Schools that have Redefined the term ‘Summer School’

The holidays are knocking, your child is so excited. He wants to stay home, watch tv, eat junk and play video games all day. Unfortunately holiday for him isn’t holiday for you, he enjoys his holiday for a bit and it’s off to summer school/camp whichever it maybe.

You will miss him but it’s really good for him, he socialises, engages in physical activity and most of all gains academic knowledge. But the question is, does your child really gain at summer school?

All children go to summer school with the mindset that it is the holiday, they should be home having immense fun and not doing academic work.

Adding to the issue many schools do not make summer school fun, it is just like school, except everyone is in casuals.  Lessons drone on and on, children endure waiting on the clock. Nobody imparts knowledge; nobody gains knowledge.

It’s a progressive world thankfully and some schools have noticed this drab method of running a summer school and totally redefined it. They had the innovation to create a tactic that imparts knowledge in methods that do not seem academic to children.


Treasure Chest Children’s Place is a purely montessori based school. This summer Treasure Chest Children’s Place will engage your child(18months – 6years) in a wonderful summer session that includes Practical Life, Arts and Craft, Language/Alphabetical games, Numerics, Geography, Swimming and much more from the 24th of July.

Located in a very serene environment in Ajah, Treasure Chest Children’s Place provides all the essence of a fun sanctuary in today’s busy world.

Unlike many schools, this summer Treasure Chest Children’s Place lays emphasis on your child knowing a bit about everything from numerics to basic needful training.

While your child is having the fun of his life and interacting with peers he’d be learning things that would shape him into the person he is destined to be.


In a rapidly progressing era like ours every parent knows that their child should be tech savvy but many schools do not offer the kind of in depth technology knowledge parents want for their kids. Pinefield school generously provided a solution with their summer camp that will run from 17th July till 17th August. At the meagre cost of just 10,000 naira (additional fees may apply) every week your child gets to learn; Robotics, ICT appreciation from a microsoft certified practitioners, Coding and then participate in world robotics olympiad.

Just to keep your child interested there are a variety of other activities including excursions, fashion show, cinema, baking, craft work, basketball and so much more.


Doveland International school has put together the most exciting two weeks live-in camp for children of our abuja residents.

From what is being put in place it will be much better than the first edition which was mind-blowing. this second bootcamp will be exactly what your child needs, a general theme to teach children coding and other STEM courses with a very hands-on approach will be employed.

Doveland International school still ensures that fun is the core of all matters. Your child will be in a flurry of activities Basketball, Food Art, Piano and Violin lessons, Public speaking, LEGO, Games and so much more. This bootcamp will be in two batches the first batch will be from the 24th of July to the 4th of August and the second batch runs from 7th of August to the 18th of August.


Meadowhall schools believe in a time for everything. The previous session covered academic work so why don’t you let your child learn on the field, literally.

From July 18th till July 22nd Meadowhall schools will be organising a football camp for children age 4-17.
Partnering with an ex super eagles star your child will receive insights on football and might just be the next football superstar.
No child turns away from good clean fun on the field, in addition to learning from one of the best he will be having fun and socialising in  a clean safe secure environment. This camp will be taking place at Meadowhall school Lekki.

You can easily contact these schools on our website they will graciously answer your questions and tend to you.

Staying home can also be fun and educative with the right supervision present, there are a lot of healthy activities for them to engage in. Thinking of activities? Not a problem as always we’ve got your back just click here

Things you didn’t know about these clubs and extracurricular activities

I was having a conversation with a friend and we got talking about school activities. Her 8 year old daughter was having an intense interest in taekwondo and she was not very supportive. Her reason? “Nwanne it is unladylike, why is she learning to fight?” Before I start going on about the value these activities give our angels I want to make sure everyone knows that no extracurricular activity is gender based. Ballet is not for just girls, it is gender neutral same with taekwondo, JETS, Foreign languages and all others.

Many of us don’t know the value of these clubs, we just understand the basic ones like debate, press, theatre and so on. I hope after reading this you will understand more and won’t be so skeptical when dues from the club come up.


Just like my friend many parents see these activities as fighting and nothing more. They are actually arts of self defense but despite teaching your children how to protect themselves they teach discipline. The first thing a child learns is respect and obedience, the child learns to do what she is told because of the respect she has for her instructor.

Children involved in any of these clubs learn to confront their fears, they imbibe in them a type of confidence that grows with them through life. Thanks to the complicated moves children improve their concentration and memory while doing some fun exercises. Like all clubs they are social, children make new friends and interact with others in a free, fun and safe environment.


The name alone makes you see the value instantly. JETS club teaches your child science and not just any science the practical kind the kind that sticks with them for life because one or more of their senses observed it firsthand. This club encourages students to participate, compete and excel in STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

So if your child is in this club please support them, even if you feel they might not end up in the science field let them explore.


Ballet is such a wonderful sight, watching children dance with such coordination and grace makes every parent proud. Ballet offers musical exposure it introduces them to a lot of dance combinations, better music and the world of performance art all this enhances your child’s sensory awareness and confidence. In addition to coordination and grace, ballet helps your child get flexible and gives them a good background in the event of them going into performance arts.


Strategy games like these mentioned improves the concentration and academic performance of your child, regular practice also improves self-confidence which is extremely essential your child’s growth.
Playing these games right from childhood enhances the learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability of the child.
They learn to analyze and strategize which goes a long way in life.
Children that begin playing chess from an early age exhibit extraordinary memory skills,and learn the importance of being disciplined in life.


The capitalist system is reigning strong in today’s world market and most probably tomorrow’s. Your child learning to make their stand with more than his formal education is every parent’s dreams. An entrepreneur can survive in any condition and anywhere in the world because they are more innovative than the rest. They control the labor force.

Don’t forget to help out with calculations and ideas when needed

These set of people are not born, they are made. Schools use this club to teach students the essentials they need to survive in the global market physically and digitally. Children learn to begin businesses and maintain them, they research the products or services they will offer and look carefully into the costs needed to set up their small business. This  club develops the child’s ability to work in a team and make strategic decisions efficiently.


A club for our young philanthropists, give club is all about giving back to the community. The club instructors help the children develop genuine ways they can give back to the community. It helps children develop the spirit of giving and at the same time they learn the value of time, money and effort. Children are exposed to the outside world where they learn how to manage social interactions.

English is not enough anymore, your child should be good at at least one foreign language, here’s why

Visit our website to find schools that offer these activities, click here

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