Classroom Games- How It Helps Kids Learning

In today’s world, the way classroom activities are being carried out, most studies involves the use of certain technologies. How then do we know how our wards are growing academically?

Like Diane Ackeman said,

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”.

Introduction of classroom games can go a long way in aiding a child’s mental capabilities. When playing games, students become more engaged in their learning, taught content is easily assimilated and class positivity is increased. Here are few ways in which it is of a great advantage to our kids.

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Memory Capacity: Some games require the child doing a lot of memorizing, through this, they are able to memorize certain words and key points needed thereby increasing as well as improving their mental capabilities.

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Alert Attention: Children love games and they tend to pay more attention to what is being done or how the game is being played. This helps in building an alertness in them.


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Hand-Eye Coordination: This develops a child’s ability to control a mouse or keyboard while watching the screen of a system at the same time when the game is on or a manual game being played.

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New Knowledge: Various educational games open the child to new knowledge of things around them, also concerning their future studies.

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Fast Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving Capabilities: Some games require the kids to do some thinking in a fast pace. This in turn helps them grow in a smart way and aids them when it entails them to use their cognitive reasoning to solve certain life issues.

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Less Stress: Games have a way of easing tensions and stress in that they help one relax. Games such as colouring helps the child relax after the day’s activities. This also helps develop the child’s ability to art works.

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Skill Building: Skill building starts from an early age. Games that requires a child making things or developing a skill helps them when they are all grown. Example of such games includes baking, beads making etc.

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Class Cooperation: Playing games can be fun but just making our kids have fun and learning are not the only things one wants to achieve. Class cooperation is being built as a result of this. Children learning in groups brings them together to sharing ideas and working together. This in turn builds them up for the outside world.

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What are the types of games your child is involved in in school? Let’s know in what ways this has helped them. Here are schools with various activities that engage kids to have fun while learning.

To learn more on classroom games and its benefits visit teachhub, teachtaught.

Nigerian Colleges that offer Cambridge A-Levels

                    “Cambridge International A Levels are the ‘gold standard’ qualification”

                             – Mark Vella, Director of Studies, Auckland Grammar School, New Zealand

Cambridge International AS & A Levels offers students the choice of studying in a wide range of universities worldwide.

Students gain places at leading universities worldwide including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Most sixth form colleges encourage this examination because the syllabuses develop a deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills.

Top sixth form colleges in Nigeria use Cambridge International AS & A Level to give learners valuable feedback on their performance, identifying strengths and weaknesses before they complete their full Cambridge International A Levels.

Here are the top sixth form colleges in Nigeria:


Chrisland Pre Degree College

Chrisland Schools, one of the few education institutions that understand the sheer competitive nature of the 21st century. Keeping the state of reality in mind Chrisland Schools gives pupils and students the needed guide towards a fulfilling education.

With a host of schools all on the pinnacle of greatness, Chrisland Schools gives every student the opportunity to not only shine but ascend amongst peers from all parts of the world.

Three decades of consistent and continuous improvement has earned Chrisland Schools the well deserved reputation as Nigeria’s leading private institution, fully equipped with the latest technology in teaching and learning, and able to provide an all-embracing education that is of 21st century standard.


Bridge House College

Bridge House College offers Cambridge A Level, University Foundation Programmes for students, who all experience a solid Academic experience they will need while undergoing further studies.

Highly qualified teachers are constantly present to teach and motivate students to achieve high grades in their examinations to enable them gain admission into the best universities of their choice.

At Bridge House College a balanced teacher-student ratio ensures that all students receive individual help and attention in the right atmosphere.

Bridge House College upholds a high level of both academic and moral discipline with a broad curriculum which helps students find a course that best suits their career aims.

Bridge House College provides a full-time Cambridge A Level Programme which after this two year course there is an option for the student to do the first Year (AS) in Bridge House College, Nigeria, and proceed to the UK to continue and complete the Second Year (A2) at our affiliate College, Brooke House College, UK.


Brownsville College

Brownsville College was established to deliver a first class education and prepare students for the future and till date it upholds this vision and provide students with a whole balanced education.

Brownsville College fully develops the whole child, drawing out unique talents and interests therefore enabling all students develop skills, an ability to think strategically  and make right decisions.

Brownsville College choose a blend of qualified staff that drawn from other international schools as the college is grounded to giving the best to every child.

Brownsville College strongly reflects traditional Nigerian/British culture and values whilst also preparing its students to live and work in a highly complex, challenging and competitive world.

There is a provision for an inclusive collaborative learning environment that enables the students to undertake the aforementioned examinations.

Lagos Cambridge School

With a benchmark of academic successes Lagos Cambridge School can easily be said to be one of the top sixth form colleges in Nigeria.

Lagos Cambridge School is a dynamic and resourceful sixth form college that prepares future leaders for a rapidly changing world, by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective and respect for our cherished core values of hard work, passion and honesty.

Lagos Cambridge School develop citizens who become pillars of society with creative minds, through the promotion of a culture of educational excellence.

Lagos Cambridge School recognises that every child is unique and requires individual needs to achieve his/her full potentials and therefore strive at all time to discover such needs and employ innovative learning techniques to develop a creative learning environment that will ultimately bring out the best in students.

Creating a Child Centered Environment

Our previous post was on Child Centered Learning which is a method that breaks through many boundaries and focuses primarily on the process of learning. To effectively provide a pupil centered learning program the environment must be conducive. How then do you create a child centered environment?

Firstly understand that:

Every Child is Unique

Photo Credit: Treasure Chest Children’s Place

Every teacher should try to understand the group he teaches. Talk to pupils as a group and individually. Find out their interests, the question should be “what makes the child tick?” Listen to them and get acquainted with their train of thought and impart these findings into your teachings.

Learn to understand and speak their language, be their friend.

A Classroom should be a Haven

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The learning environment matters. Create an interactive classroom, make more lessons practical and hands-on. Children hardly forget what they perceive with more than one sense.

Photo Credit: Blooming Greens School

Your classroom should be a welcoming and optimistic environment one that encourages everyone to ask questions and voice opinions relating to matters on ground.

Photo Credit: Capville Schools

Desk and chairs should be arranged in such a manner that lets teacher and pupils interact effortlessly.


Absolute Control

Old fashioned methods of teaching gave the teacher absolute control of what when and how information was passed with the curriculum as a guide. However child centered learning moves the control or rather a substantial part of it to the pupils thereby engaging them more during lessons.


Keep them Reflecting

Use modes like open ended questions to keep students reflecting on lessons previously learnt in class.


Honor Passion

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Show students that effort is almost as important as accomplishments. Celebrate their efforts and encourage them to keep trying.



When evaluating yourself as a teacher just stop and ask “if pupils weren’t required to be in your class would they come?”


Child Centered Learning: Now and the Future

How Important is a Welcoming School Ambience?

What Makes the Ideal Classroom

Child Centered Learning: Now and the Future

A teacher should recognize 12 different personalities in a classroom of 12; all needing different degrees of attention and materials to effectively assimilate the same curriculum.

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No child is the same; every child has a different pace and level of understanding.

The starting point of a child centered lesson is the learner as this method of teaching rotates around the child.

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Children are encouraged to take their learning into their own hands as opposed to previous methods where the teacher had to constantly prompt and direct the learners. The teacher shifts from focus and the stage is taken by the children, their concerns and choices are taken into valued consideration.

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In a child centered environment the teacher listens to the child and seeks to not only understand their language but also speak it to further promote the passing of information from one party to the other.

A child centered lesson brings life to the classroom, it keeps pupils engaged and interested simply because the teacher is talking about their interests in their language.

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They not only understand; they can relate and proffer solutions and opinions. The child realizes that he influences his learning thus encouraging independence and autonomy.

Photo Credit: Le Posh School

The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist.”

 Maria Montessori

The purpose of a child centered classroom is to achieve a state of autonomy and independence where the child learns by himself and enjoys doing so.


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Top Primary Schools in Ikoyi and Victoria Island

Primary and preschool education ensures the broad-based development of children. Your child is taught to think critically; strive to attain high standards, meet the life challenges.

Photo Credit: Crescent Nursery and Primary School

In today’s technological advanced world the primary school also provides technological education pupils will need.

In order to achieve these goals the school must provide orderly and safe environments, where supervised learning can take place.

Photo Credit: Meadow Hall School, Ikoyi

Specially compiled for you is a list of the Top Nursery and Primary Schools in Ikoyi and Victoria Island

Meadow Hall Schools, Ikoyi


Meadow hall schools run an integrated scheme made up of a superbly merged British and Nigerian curricular as well as co curricular activities that provide students with skills they need in today’s world.

Meadow Hall School raises excellent and Godly children as the staff and administration give children all requirements needed to achieve their highest potential in life.

Present for pupils is a beautiful, safe, stimulating and interesting environment for them to grow and develop.

Meadow Hall School provides pupils a total whole education that serves them anywhere in the globe


Crescent Nursery and Primary School, Victoria Island

Crescent Nursery and Primary School provides an integrated and structured educational programme consisting of a constantly revised Nigerian and British curricula rooted in Islamic etiquettes.

This rich blend of literary education and good islamic orientation offers your child a firm educational background as well as character.

Hence Crescent Nursery and Primary School has become a leading educational institution in the 21st century.


Le Poshe School, Ikoyi

Le Poshe School works with parents to train their children, by providing an atmosphere that equips children to grow academically, physically, psychologically and morally.

Le Poshe School ensures that each child finds acceptance, encouragement and motivation to attain their purpose in life.

Le Poshe School uses up-to-date educational technology to expose children to high value learning experiences with schools and teachers from other countries giving children an extensive, wholesome, unique and inclusive learning experience.



Heritage House School, Ikoyi

Heritage House School considers not just the child’s today but also develops the child’s tomorrow.

Heritage House School utilises the proven Montessori method to encourage the child develop his full potential, in a welcoming and safe atmosphere.

Heritage House School maintains high standards in preparing the child for the next level of education.


 The Foreshore School, Ikoyi

The Foreshore School provides learning and care in the most nurturing, creative and emotionally innovative environment within a secure and immaculate facility.

With enriching programs; a thorough british Nigerian Curriculum and essential co curricular activities the highly qualified team of employees to experience encourage the physical, psychological and academic growth of pupils.

The Foreshore School develops more than academics as the end product is a courteous,considerate, confident and active citizen.

This citizen goes on to positively influence everyone and thing he comes across.

Nouveau Schools, Victoria Island

Nouveau Schools utilise technology and ingenious educational methods in educating children from nursery to primary school in Nigeria.

Nouveau School is dedicated to teaching children to excel in all walks of life using highly trained Nigerian and expatriate staff with years of experience in early childhood, nursery and primary school education. 

Nouveau Schools emphasises on the learning environment as seen in the classrooms, play rooms and other recreational facilities which are designed to world-class educational and technological standards.


Diamonds International School, Ikoyi

Diamonds International School seeks to provide the best possible educational foundation for each pupil.

Diamond International School considers the needs and abilities of each individual child as the staff understand that each child is unique.

In Diamond International School every child given the opportunity needed to succeed in today’s world.


Find more schools in all parts of Nigeria on our website


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What Makes the Ideal Classroom

The classroom is the activity hub of the school, a school is merely a construct of stone without the classroom.

Photo Credit: Alpha Covenant Heritage School

The classroom is where the magic happens, where our angels are imparted with most of the knowledge and skill they need to shine.

Photo Credit: Batmod Nursery and Primary School

Certain characteristics are essential in a classroom as it is the wheel that shapes the child. All children should feel accepted, comfortable and safe in their classroom for them to reach their potential past the stars.

Photo credit: SASCON International School


Children love bright attractive colors, the classroom should therefore call to the children and engage them.

The ambience should be one that encourages and accepts them, every child should be free to voice their opinions and ask their questions.

Photo Credit: Capville SCHOOLS



Organisation is an important part of life, humans organise as disorder brings chaos.

Photo Credit: Winfield Montessori School

The desks and chairs should be arranged in a systematic manner leaving enough space for legroom.

Organization reduces distraction.


Pupils should have a connection to their classroom, it shouldn’t be impersonal.

Photo Credit: Pinefield Schools

The teacher can put up projects done by the students in strategic corners of the classroom to give it a personal touch.


A happy child learns best.

When a child is comfortable he is less prone to distractions so he will learn and ultimately understand more than the uncomfortable child.

Blooming Greens School

The lighting of the classroom should be good for reading, the atmosphere should be well ventilated and airy.



The Potter

Photo Credit: Treasure Chest Children’s Place

The teacher is an indispensable part of the classroom. She/He should not only be knowledgeable but ingenious as well. The teacher should be able to understand the pupils, create learning activities students will enjoy  and also able to adapt the curriculum to her classroom.

Photo Credit: Crescent Nursery and Primary School

The teacher has to be one who genuinely cares  about the pupils’ learning and general development.



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Why Schools Use an American Influenced Curriculum

Many schools believe that using just the Nigerian curriculum is limiting as they seek to prepare students for foreign exams and interactions, at the same time they want to keep the values of our beloved country’s educational system.

What a pickle, what do they do?! They create a perfect blend of both curriculums hence you see American Nigerian curriculum, British Nigerian curriculum, Saudi Nigerian curriculum and so.

Blending the local and foreign curriculum is the best way to make children more rounded for the international market.

Let’s talk about the American Nigerian Curriculum. Many Schools mix the Nigerian curriculum with the American to make a better balanced and more productive sequence of courses.

Let’s take a look at some of these schools and learn why they use their choice curriculum.

Ladela Schools

Ladela schools operates an American Nigerian curriculum as it encourages a whole and well balanced education.

Ladela Schools utilise their curriculum to ensure a higher standard unparalleled by others.

Pupils and students succeed at a higher rate within and outside the shores of their country as they have the rare blend of morals, extracurricular activities and academics.


American Christian Home School

At American Christian Home School teaching is child-centred.

No child is left behind as every pupil’s natural born potentials are mined and encouraged.

American Christian Home School blends Christian teachings with an American Nigerian curriculum producing students who grow up to be pillars of society.


Bellevue Elementary School

Utilising the American Nigerian curriculum Bellevue Elementary School provides pupils a compatible and enjoyable of early years experience.

Bellevue Elementary School prepares the child for life in today’s technology fuelled world by teaching with proven educational innovations.

Bellevue Elementary School enriches the lives of pupils, the curriculum used provides a broad and strong academic foundation which is valid outside Nigeria.


The King’s Heritage Private School

The King’s Heritage Private School uses a British American curriculum which is a blend of both british and american curriculums.

Nigerian culture, the bedrock of learning

This method prepares children for examinations and lives in Nigeria, Great Britain, America and other countries.

Readington School

Readington School provides an extensive American Nigerian curriculum, the teaching staff utilise an individualised teaching method that makes sure all pupils are carried along.

 Readington school is dedicated to the cause of producing  independent, self actualized pupils with the use of 21st Century materials.

Array of proud parents

Maximus Academy 

Maximus Academy raises modern leaders for the progress of society.

Maximus Academy is equipped with modern facilities, tools and methods all to ensure that they sustain knowledge they need in the future.


Honorable Mentions

The Nigerian American curriculum encourages an enquiry based, hands-on teaching methods and individualised instruction which ensures knowledge sustenance. Schools below also work with this curriculum, check them out:

Coat of Comfort Learning Centre

Mumtaz International School

Summer School/Camp Activities across Nigeria

Summer holiday is in full swing and most of our lovelies are at summer school/camp having the time of their lives with their school friends. How do you know a summer school session is successful? When a child can say “Mummy i had so much fun!” and yet they consciously or unconsciously picked up new skills and knowledge.

Photo credit: Blooming Greens School

Many schools have perfected the art of presenting academics in the most fun ways because I mean who doesn’t love to have fun during the holidays?

Let’s take a quick peek at what our favorite schools are doing this summer.


Doveland International Schools

Indisputably one of the best in Abuja, Doveland International Schools teach children at their pace making sure that they absorb the essential knowledge they need to be pillars of the society.

This summer Doveland International Schools decided to create a fun safe sanctuary for children where they can be themselves and interact healthily with their peers.

Social interactions were highly encouraged and promoted for the benefit of our future leaders who need to learn skills they will need even outside the academic field.

Pupils are kept so busy with so many amusing and enriching activities in camp.

Children love craft and Doveland International Schools made sure they have enough arts and craft activities from making T Shirts, painting fruits and even making outrageously fun top hats.

T shirt being made

After activities pupils relax with peers in whichever acceptable way they prefer like the cuties below relaxing in the pool.

Cooling down after an activity filled day


Blooming Greens School

Pupils of Blooming Greens School are busy this holiday exploring new worlds with the needed resources provided by the school and their imagination.

Blooming Greens School has always been an advocate of the child, the staff supervise and engage children in knowledge building activities to keep the child’s imagination spanning and growing.

Children were engaged in ventures that build not only their mind but also other aspects of their lives confidence, stamina, decision making,research and many more.

Treasure Chest Children’s Place

Treasure Chest Children’s Place has created a niche in the education community as one of the few schools that seek to do more than give your child a basic literary education.

The school imparts in children knowledge and understanding that helps pupils; function better, grasps faster, stand taller and advance quicker in today’s world.

This summer holiday session Treasure Chest Children’s Place stick thoroughly to the task of making children whole and functional persons in today’s society.

Pupil matching items with beginning sounds

Utilising ingenious methods like baking Treasure Chest Children’s Place teach children to count, identify certain elements and cook.

Every child shines bright at Treasure Chest Children’s Place.

Honourable Mention

New Hall School

Meadow Hall Schools

A renowned trail blazer in the education scene, Meadow Hall schools also dominated the summer camp scene with their football camp with an ex-super eagles star.

Meadow Hall Schools decided to give pupils and students a total break from academics this holiday with  football camp.

Children were encouraged through this globally loved sport to develop their muscles, agility and speed.

Pupils spent time with peers outside of the classroom all of them with a deep love for football which made healthy interactions and bonding easier for them.


Redeemers College, Ilesa

In today’s secular world not all schools provide students with the right blend of whole education and religious backing.

Redeemers College, Ilesa offers students this rare blend of quality education immersed in christian teachings. Students of Redeemers College have been spending their summer holiday playing sports, winning competitions and enjoying needed excursions after a fruitful academic year.


Adorable Toes School

A school after the heart of parents Adorable Toes School is a school that understands both parents and students and takes into consideration the needs of both parties.

This summer holiday, Adorable Toes School takes a more strategic and at the same time fun route towards education.

Adorable Toes School accomplished this by providing students with intellectual board games to expand their horizon and develop their strategic thinking and decision making .


Honorable mentions

Glisten International School

Crescent Nursery and Primary School


Ladela Schools


Dukeland International School


Standard Bearers School



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