It is a weekday morning and you are spellbound, excited, active, and most importantly, feeling like you are an important part of a whole. It is time to go home but you want to linger a bit more in such a wonderful environment that you reluctantly leave, thinking about how long it would be to return, then wake up early the next day, eager to go back to this environment that you are pleased to be a part of. Does this sound familiar? Probably. Can…Continue Reading “IMPORTANCE OF AN EXCELLENT CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT”

The West African Examination Council, WAEC has placed a ban on all private secondary schools teachers from supervising their internal and external examinations. Is this action going to eliminate exam malpractice in Nigerian schools? Exam malpractice can be best described as a corrupt or illegal practice that is done deliberately by students and teachers during examination and it has different forms such as copying from another student’s test, copying from an answer sheet, bringing in cheat notes, plagiarism, colluding to obtain test answers, impersonating another student…Continue Reading “PRIVATE SCHOOLS TEACHERS BANNED BY WAEC FROM SUPERVISING EXAMINATIONS”