Take a look back at your early school years; what did you really know about life, money, business and the world? – Absolutely nothing! A child’s school years are defining moments in their life, it is at this stage that they develop their personalities and make important decisions that set the tone for the rest of their lives. With this much pressure and not enough life experience to learn from, it is important that they are guided and supported in all critical decision-making areas of…Continue Reading “SCHOOL COUNSELING: Why It Is Important For Your School And It’s Growth?”

When you speak in a language that is familiar to your prospects, you are instantly compensated with their attentions. Just before you continue: This article is a continuation of last week’s blog where we introduced the concept of parent persona and how to create one for your school. It may be helpful to read it before this one if you miss it last week.  Photo credit: belleafricana When I was young, I used to excitedly follow my mum into the local markets to do some…Continue Reading “How does Parent Persona help your school?”

All successful marketing starts with buyer personas – Author Anonymous Yeah, you’ve got that smashing billboard yelling to motorists and pedestrians about great things about your school and telling them why they should consider your school. You also have all sorts of beautifully designed (by a designer who is probably not a parent or not the type you expect in your school) flyers garnished with your marketing messages (also put together by a copywriter who is as guilty as your graphic designer). No matter how…Continue Reading “How important is Parent Persona to your school’s marketing strategy?”

The Nigerian private school sector is highly saturated and as such, it is becoming increasingly difficult for school owners to grow student enrollment consistently. Parent, guardians and decision makers are becoming more sophisticated and selective as they look to settle down with an institution which caters to the immediate educational needs of their wards and most importantly sets them on the right path to a successful career and future. While there are many uncontrollable factors that affect the growth of enrollment rates, here are some…Continue Reading “5 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES TO BOOST ENROLLMENT RATES IN YOUR SCHOOL”