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It takes proper managerial skill to make a rich man wealthy.  Management is a skill that either makes or mars your business. Good managerial skills involve carefulness, handling ability and monitoring intensely.

A school that has great vision and does not think of shutting down anytime soon would do anything positive to build to an extent they wouldn’t have to be introduced anytime.

Sometimes I give you all gist or fiction stories, but this time let’s face facts, we play and get serious when we should.

Are you experiencing a decline/increase in the number of students you admit per year? Do you keep records from previous events and compare with the current one? When last did you innovate ideas in your school? How do you spend your revenue?

If your answers are satisfactory within yourself and your conscience, then you don’t need this. Kindly ride with me if you still believe that no knowledge is wasted as I give a breakdown of my thoughts, but then I hope you understand the purpose of SchoolsCompass and how well your interest is key to us?

You should practice bookkeeping if you haven’t started at all where all records are being kept especially financial records, this is a proof that your target for a session/ year is either met or should be met. What does your record say to you? Does your record say keep it up or buckle up? You may need to consider this factor as a major cause of hitting targets and obligations. Bookkeeping also in managing your revenue and how you spend it. It is either you cut down cost if you notice you are being extravagant, or you stop spending for a while.

Try to reinvest in other ventures that would grow your finances, school business and maintain stability at least 30% of your revenue. Here is the list of areas you need to re-invest in:

Inbound Marketing Strategists:

Image Caption: Inbound Marketing

You need a continuous flow of students on regular basis and inbound marketing which is the most efficient, trackable, cost-effective marketing strategy compared to traditional marketing such as radio, television, newspapers, handbills, etc is the safest way to invest as millennial parents will relate to that better based on the fact that the internet is the surest medium for them to access information and we at SchoolsCompass are ready to offer you this all year round as we help you reach your target audience and position your school, increase your visibility and market your unique appeal to prospective parents.

Ensure you play your cards well by managing the flow and not allowing such opportunities to slip off your hands.



Facility Maintenance:

Remember the saying dress how you want to be addressed. Do you remember the other saying that looking good is good business? Re-dress your school interiors and outlook and attract that which you’re worth, I almost mentioned God bless you, but I did anyway because I’m passionate about making things right so is my organization.


What your students learn and their level of understanding reflects what your teachers installed in them as in garbage in garbage out. Occasionally, take/send them on training that would help them unlearn the wrong things and learn what is right to remain on the know always.

Be Innovative:

Image Credit: Innovative Asia

Review both previous records of students and compare with the current, study trend of students you admit if they are a particular spec of people, then you can know how to manage them while admitting more using little tricks that may cost you. Do what someone has not done an example is if other schools are learning French, Spanish and Chinese, hire a Hindi teacher or even a Nigerian local language teacher that would teach the language of the town where your school is located.

In all management would make you wealthy.

Please, allows check us out for updates as we guide you while you decide, SchoolsCompass is a better mediator than your worries, choose wisely.

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