Is your child learning from Home Safely?

Home Schooling is not ending anytime soon, the question is how safe is your child while at it?

Did you know that setting up a workspace with all ergonomics considered, will ensure safety, boost comfort, and promote products for your child?

Ergonomics is the science of fitting or arranging a work or study space to meet your needs, increase efficiency, and ensure safety. A non-ergonomic workspace puts children at risk of health problems such as, back pain, muscle weakness, poor posture, and more because it does not provide support to areas of the body that require support while working or learning.

Are you setting up a workspace for your child? Below are some ergonomic tips to consider:

  • Create a dedicated workspace for your child: Create a workspace solely for your child’s learning that is free of distractions and noise.
  • Your child’s desk should not be too high, it should preferably be of child-size. Also, beneath the desk should be free for enough leg space.
  • Use a chair that provides support to the back, legs, and arms, and can be adjusted to suit your child’s height so that the feet are flat on the floor. If you are using an adult size chair, make use of pillows to support the back, and place books or boxes under their feet to avoid them dangling.

  • If your child is using a monitor, ensure that it is an arms-length away and directly in front of the child, with the top of the monitor on eye level to avoid straining of the eyes when looking at the monitor. If the child is using a laptop, ensure to prop it up to an appropriate eye level.
  • Encourage your child to look away frequently from time to time to give the eyes a break from looking at the screen.
  • Place the keyboard below your child’s elbow height. The keyboard and mouse should always be within reach to avoid strains in the shoulder and arms. Also, ensure that the child’s wrists are straight and in-line with the forearm.
  • Consider a space that has natural lighting when setting up your child’s workspace.  If the lighting is not enough, you can provide a work lamp for more light. It should not be too bright or too dark
  • Ensure your child takes breaks in between work to move around and stretch bones.

Remember, the more ergonomically correct your child’s workspace is, the higher the chances of productivity, and more importantly, the safer it is.

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