Raising Children in This Age of Disruption

The future that our children will inherit from us will be different from the world we are in right now. For example, a university degree that once was a ticket for a well-paid job will no longer be sufficient in securing a better future for a child. That does not mean education has lost its value, it only indicates that the future of a child also depends on how he/she can accept new knowledge and gain new skills. Future leaders that are willing to continue learning (beyond the four walls of a classroom) and not put deaf ears to innovations will thrive in the coming future.

In a future where more than 20% of the jobs you see will no longer be available – PwC, how then do you prepare these children for a life where there will be multiple careers and unavoidable job changes?

Nikki Bush a popular human potential and parenting expert based in South Africa said in her book ‘Future-proofing your child for the 2020s and beyond‘ that the future is for those that have a wide range of personal capabilities rather than just those with academic knowledge. The capabilities she made mention are;

1.   Developing self-knowledge

We often time as parents refuse to allow our kids to develop their talent, strength, and capabilities, we’d rather tell them what they should do – even for fun. The future is one that the jobs are not even stable – things change, and the knowledge these little ones were able to develop will lead them on their path to success. Nikki suggests that we allow kids to develop their talent, this will be valuable to them during and after their school years.

2.   Creativity and innovation

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Knowledge is very easy to get in this age that we are in, all thanks to the internet. The ability for one to be able to think outside the box and find better solutions to problems will be one of the most valued skills in the new world we are heading to. Bush admonishes that we allow kids to solve problems their way and not by interrupting their creativity.

3.   Promoting personal resilience

Life has never been lived in a straight line, the twists and turns attached to life will become more than it has ever been. Children will need to become more resilient and strong enough to cope with the quick change at place of work and manage risks while trying to earn a living. According to Nikki Bush, kids develop resilience when parents allow them to make their own decisions and experience its full consequences.

For example, if as a parent you see that your child chose to play rather than study for an exam, do not enroll him/her in any ‘special center.’ he must live with the consequences of doing badly in an examination and retaking such exam. If that child spends another year trying to right the wrong, he will appreciate the fact that hard work and effort makes a successful person.

The future is not guaranteed for anyone. But it is good that there are steps that we can follow as parents to ensure that we develop our children so they can be able to make proper use of the opportunities provided to them in the future.

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