5 Steps For Successful Essay Writing

Being a student today is not easy. The amount of information in the modern world is enormous, and the volume of data to revise is growing according to this amount. Students face plenty of difficulties, and most of them are numerous writing assignments and a lack of time to embrace them all.

That is why it is natural that from time to time, students apply for the help of a writing service when the deadline is close. It is a perfect way to get a guaranteed result without stress. But note that it is crucial to choose a reliable service at reasonable prices.

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What is an essay?

There are different types of academic papers. An essay is one of the most popular writing tasks in high school and college. Usually, an essay is a short written composition that explains an author’s thoughts on the current subject. To create an essay appropriately, a student has to be aware of some particular qualities of essays, such as:

  • Appropriate length. An essay normally must not be longer than 2-4 pages. However, sometimes it can be more.
  • Mainly free composition. Of course, you should follow an appropriate essay structure, but there are no strict rules for its composition.
  • Concrete subject, and the writer’s own opinion statement. Any essay must contain the author’s thoughts and ideas on a particular topic.

To make an essay successful, you must follow some vital rules that will help your writing shine. Here are the main ones:

1.   Define the essay type: There are different essay types, and each of them requires to write in an appropriate style.

  • An argumentative essay must emphasize the arguments and prove the author’s opinion.
  • An expository essay explains a subject in detail but does not have to convince readership to follow an author’s thoughts.
  • A narrative essay attempts to tell a story about a personal experience.
  • A descriptive essay focuses on a particular part of a story and explains it in detail.
  • There is also an admission essay type that is usually written to enter a specific college or university.

2.   Understand the topic: The main idea of an essay is to show and explain your vision on a particular situation or a subject; first, you need to get familiar with a topic. If you are prescribed to write about something undiscovered for you, take time for research.

Use as many sources as you can find: books, blogs, vlogs, interviews, podcasts, and journals. Try to become an expert in the niche you have to write about. While you will be reading about a subject, your opinion will be automatically formed.

3.   Follow an appropriate structure: Start your essay with a plan. Outlining is vital for any text as it helps you save time and not lose the logic path. When it comes to an essay, it has some essential sections: introduction, the main body, and conclusion.

  • An introduction is aimed to state a topic briefly, not explaining it. This section consists of the subject description and explains the problematics.
  • The main body is usually written in freestyle and aims to convince the readership of the author’s opinion.
  • The conclusion underlines the narrative and does not contain any new information.

4.   Provide twists or surprises: Agood essay is full of interesting thoughts, but a brilliant essay surprises readers with unexpected twists. Your readers will not forget your text if you use surprising arguments, catchy quotes, and phrases. The main thing to be careful with is being ethical, and do not use offensive language. Remember that the twist must not offend the feelings of readers. This is vital when writing on sensitive topics such as religion, politics, gender roles, and others.

5.   Proofread several times: Any text needs to be carefully edited. The best way to make proofreading effective is to use online editing tools. These tools will help you to check grammar, punctuation, and style.

Another good tip for editing is to ask your friend or roommate to help you out. If you live alone, you can read your essay out loud and record your voice. It could be surprising, but you might want to revise it when listening to your writing performance from a different perspective.


It’s never too late to improve your skill at writing essays. Start with applying these five vital tips, and you will be happy with the result. Feel free to get help from professional writers if you are facing difficulties.

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