Celebrating Christmas in a Pandemic

The country went on hiatus for more than 5 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were closed, offices were shut down, and social gatherings were banned. Just as it seemed like things were starting to get back in shape, we were informed that a new wave might arise. If this should happen, it means the festive holiday will be celebrated in a state of lockdown.

The holiday season often includes spending time with extended family; having breakfast and dinner, and also going out to visit friends and other places of interest. With 2020 being a year like no other, the holiday will be a normal one. But where some people are seeing it as a bad thing, we want to let you know that there are still opportunities. This holiday will be unlike anyone we have experienced, but there is still room for celebration even in a pandemic situation.

After all the pandemic losses; lockdown of schools, ban on social gatherings, no visitation of friends and playmates, no visit to the cinema or mall, parents are also concerned that the festive holiday will be canceled due to COVID-19. Kids are worried that Santa Claus or should I say Father Christmas might catch COVID-19, or his elves quarantined (that was just on a lighter note).

The government has been on the issue of kids and aged people being those with higher tendencies of getting coronavirus. As the cases are increasing, the guidelines are a must for us to follow in an uncertain period like this. We suggest that families should have open conversations with their kids about the loss of holiday plans and traditions. It will be hard for the kids as they won’t be seeing their favorite grandparents and relatives during the holiday. New festive rituals can then be concluded during the conversation.

You do not need to cancel the holiday. If you are feeling the holiday spirit and you wish to make this special, even with the whole pandemic thing, here’s how.

1.   Engage the old tradition you can safely

We find it easy to focus on what we cannot do. But many of the aspects of the holiday can still be experienced. Decorations can be done; Xmas trees can be decorated & gifts wrapped. That grandma chicken recipe can still be prepared, grandma does not need to be there physically – (a great way to let her presence be felt by the kids, right?)

You can send cards and goodies to family members. You can also drive around the town while you look at everyone else’s festive decorations. Your positivity and energy matters if you truly want to enjoy this holiday.

2.   Prepare all the treats

Expect to do a lot of cooking, baking, and frying. Because kids might not be opportune to go out, you have to bring that mall experience home to them. Get some homemade popcorn, make them their favorite cookies, get ice-cream, and get some Xmas movies to get the festive mood on. You can check out kid-friendly cooking tutorials on YouTube.

3.   Do the virtual thing

One thing I find fascinating about this period is how fast it is becoming normal to having virtual gatherings. During the lockdown, classes and most businesses moved their activities online. When you miss someone, all you have to do is call on WhatsApp or any other available platform.

During the holiday, you can host virtual carol via zoom, seeing everyone you can’t see physically should be one great aspect of the pandemic we are grateful for.

Technology can help bring families together and even connect you with people you do not usually see during the holidays.

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