Top 5 Best Montessori Schools in Ibadan

We all know that the essence of a Montessori education for a child is that it lays emphasis on independent learning, enhances social interaction, and promotes a cultivated love for learning.

Montessori learning is suitable for all children between the ages of 3months and 6years because the materials provided for learning enable a child to learn all around. Although it depends on the school, some admit pupils from their 3rd year. Here, we have selected  6 of the best Montessori schools with their school fees range, for your child(ren) in Ibadan, Oyo State. Note, that this selection is temporary, as it may be updated at any time.

Rubies and Pearl International School, Bodija, Ibadan

Rubies and Pearl International School, Bodija is a Montessori school where each child is modeled to be an analytical thinker, a confident speaker, and be creatively fast before the age of 5. Established in 2016, children have been taught to act gracefully, write legibly, become creative in thinking and smart academically before the age of 10. At Rubies and Pearl International School, Bodija, they model children to be potential leaders and global citizens.

Tied to their belts are 3 awards in a spelling bee, writing, and mathematics which is why they are rated 4.3 by 1 parent who endorsed them and 1 parent who also reviewed them. Their tuition fee according to information as at the time of writing, was not specifically stated but a range was given, N50,000-N150,000 per term with a 5% discount on families with 2children or more. To find out more about the school, click here. To view more images, click here.

Manifold Grace Academy, Akobo, Ibadan

With a mission to raise and nurture world-class leaders that will be relevant in all fields of human endeavor, Manifold Grace Academy, Akobo has adopted the Montessori method of education where every moment counts. They are located at Olaoluwa Crescent Behind Winners Quarters Off Nickdel Way Alegongo, Akobo, Ibadan. Their tuition ranges between N50,000-N150,000. So far, they have been reviewed by only 1 parent. To find out more about the school, click here. To view more images, click here.

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Top Rank Intellectual School, Akobo, Ibadan

At Top Rank Intellectual Academy, Akobo, their vision is to be a nurturing ground where children discover their full potential and live a purposeful life to the glory of God. They were established in 2013. They are committed to providing a: safe and serene environment with CCTV cameras, well equipped and beautiful classrooms, with highly skilled staff, adopting a modern Montessori Method of learning to enhance great pupils that can represent them globally and intellectually.

They are located at Block 137, Plot 4-6 Okebadan Estate, Akobo. Ibadan. Oyo State. Nigeria. They have 1 parent endorsement. Their tuition fee ranges between N50,000-N150,000 with a 5% discount for families with more than 2 children. To find out more about the school, click here. To view more images, click here.


B’alpha Montessori, Orogun, Ibadan

B’alpha Montessori, Orogun is a Private Primary school established in 2012 and is located at Orogun bus stop, UI express road, Ibadan. Their method of education is Montessori. They have an excellent environment built to enhance academic and moral lessons in their pupils. Another uniqueness is their tuition fee which is very affordable and below N50,000. To find out more about the school, click here. To view more images, click here.

Victomerc Montessori School, Olubadan, Ibadan

Victomerc Montessori school, Olubadan was established in April 2018. They are located at No 5, Road C, Olubadan Estate, Gbgagi second gate, Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria. They operate the British Nigeria curriculum with the adoption of the Montessori method of teaching. They give the best quality education in the most conducive learning environment at an affordable rate. Their tuition fee is below N50,000 with a 10% discount on tuition. To find out more about them, click here. To view their images, click here.

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