June 12 : Your Child and History

Since today is a well celebrated historic landmark for Nigerian democracy we shall discuss Nigerian history. Today in 1993 a presidential election was ongoing. After 10 years of military rule the wave of democracy was creating a frenzy and everyone strongly believed in their rights.

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A very important one being the right to vote, civilians poured out in one of the most refined manners known to Nigerians simply to choose their leader. The late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola won very clearly, but then the military annulled this election and crisis ensued.

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It is a pity but many children today do not know this,a lot of schools are lacking in teaching history. {click here} Sciences, languages and mathematics are all important but many do not realize that  history is just as important.

Why is history important?Image result for cool nigerian coat of arms

History provides children with identity, and they won’t get this anywhere else. Knowledge about their roots gives them pride and confidence. Studying history improves general decision making and judgment, your child is a future leader but she has to understand where she is to lead first.

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While learning history children are shown models of upstanding citizens like Chief MKO Abiola, Oluwafunmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Flora Nwapa, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Queen Amina of Zaria and many more.

History is a subject that focuses on the past, but can also give us an insight into the present and future, history tells us how to deal with circumstances that bear a significant resemblance to those of decades or centuries ago. History helps children understand change, economic and societal development.

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We believe that your child should have an all-round education, history should be part of this. Nigeria is a great country, rich in history and culture your child should know that she hails from this great country, she should stand proud and say “I am Nigerian”.

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Find schools that provide total education for your child here

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Is your child really safe?

We would all love to constantly supervise our children’s day-to-day activities to ensure they are safe but they need to learn, socialise and grow outside the home.

For your peace of mind and the good of your child choose a school that goes the extra mile regarding safety. Gates and walls are not enough; gates can be opened and walls can be scaled. What then tells you that your child will be safe in your chosen school?

Don’t hold back on your questions. Make sure the administration runs background checks on whoever they hire. Your child would be spending a good chunk of his time with these people, the school should make sure that they are persons of character.

The vale college’s respectable and well- trained teachers.

Humans that a child can emulate because many children look up to their teachers in one way or another. The school should have a staff willing and ready to protect your child from any sort of harassment or discrimination.

Make sure to pick a ‘listening’ school. A school you can communicate with, a school that listens to your fears and observations regarding your child and works with you to solve whatever issue it might be.

The school should be built with the security of pupils and staff in mind. It should include these:

  •       Perimeter fencing and gates
Karis School’s Security team. 24 hours surveillance.
  •      Security guards


  •     Class teachers and front-desk personnel working together with parents should know who picks up and drops off each child.


  • An efficient sign-in\sign-out policy to track people who enter school at all times.


  •     A modern effective fire alarm system


  • CCTV( Closed circuit television) and any other proven security innovation.


  • Blooming Greens Schools’ Finger-print Scanner. Controls access and pick up of students and pupils.


  • In schools where ID badges are provided, all staff should wear said badges at all times

We hope these tips help you in your search for the perfect school for your child. You can use our website, which has a wealth of schools for your search simply click here

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Top preschools in Abuja (Central Business District) for your kids

With all the crazy stories seen on the web about preschools, Parents usually have mixed feelings about sending their little ones to school. On one hand you want your child to learn and grow, on the other you will be sending her off to an alien place without your constant supervision. For the utmost good of both of you you need to make sure you find the perfect preschool for your little angel.

But, finding the best option is not an easy feat. And in Abuja Central Business District, the ultra-competitive atmosphere and the sheer abundance of preschools can overwhelm most parents. Don’t be disheartened because as always we have your back. We took the liberty of compiling a list of top preschools in Abuja Central. Those in other parts of Abuja don’t have to worry as this will be a continued series featuring all parts of the FCT.

Doveland International School

Doveland International School, Wuse 2 provides for children right from the cradle. This institution partners with parents to transform naturally gifted infants to enthusiastic exploring leaders.

With the strong notion that every child is a star Doveland International School continues to produce God fearing, exuberant and disciplined learners who have a headway in life.

Through an  individualized system of teaching every child develops their intellectual skills as well as confidence and cultural values in a clean, child-friendly and spacious environment.  


Eagle Heights Early Learning Academy

Eagle Heights Early Learning Academy, Maitama offers quality early childhood programs for children ages 3months to 5 years.

Provided is a positive and caring environment which aids in the development of a child’s social, emotional, mental and physical growth. Eagle Heights Early Learning Academy offers a secure, serene and safe atmosphere with a lot of activities that enhance their learning abilities. The children discover that learning can also be experienced through fun activities.

Children are  encouraged to explore, research and discover their environment and beyond.

The Sage School

The Sage School located in Maitama is a friendly, safe and secure environment for children.  Academics in The Sage School is guided by a very interactive curriculum – the Scholastic Early Childhood Curriculum, taking objectives from the UK Early Years Foundation Stage infused with Nigerian flavor.

Available at The Sage School specially for your child are colorful and well equipped indoor and outdoor space.

Classrooms in The Sage School are designed to foster individual attention for each child.

Teachers are vastly qualified, experienced and well trained and with a perfect teacher-pupil ratio every child receives the attention he needs.

Your child will be nurtured to be globally relevant and yet very much in tune with his native culture.


 Winniekidz International School

Winniekidz International School, Wuse 2 provides an amenity filled but serene environment for your child. Your child is the topmost priority for the staff and administration at Winniekidz International School.

Highly qualified teachers partner with parents to provide individual learning environment for individual personalities because they realize that all children are not the same.

Your child will receive utmost support and attention from staff at this school and proceed to do better in other areas of his life and further education.


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Top Primary Schools in Lekki

Parents want a primary education that ensures the broad-based development of their children and prepares them further for their future school career. These parents realize that their child needs support developing their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities. They know that only a school with; child-friendly structures, qualified and supportive teachers, determined school leaders and wide spectrum of activities can attain this feat. As always we have your best interest in mind, here are the top primary schools in lekki:

 MeadowHall Schools

With a unique blend of both the British & Nigerian curricula MeadowHall School, lekki is an institution committed to raising excellent and Godly children that will attain their highest potential in life.

Utilizing world class amenities emphasis is laid on the importance of instilling cognitive and non-cognitive learning.

Standard Bearers School

Standard Bearers School is a private, non-denominational primary school with a founding vision to lay a foundation of academic excellence in a loving and warm environment where every child feels safe and loved.

This vision was eventually realized and continues to be the center of Standard Bearers School after almost two decades of academic excellence and upstanding morality.

Standard Bearers School teaches and encourages each child to harness and express their gifts, intellectually, physically and spiritually in order to become godly and responsible citizens that impact their generation positively.

New Hall International School

New Hall International School prides themselves in offering children wholesome and thorough education that includes all areas of a child’s total development.

With a balanced curriculum and extracurricular activities New Hall International School makes learning fun for all ages.

Sureville Montessori school

Sureville Montessori school is built on ideals that emphasize child centered learning. The school’s focus is to emphasize the development of skills that would help pupils unleash their full potentials.

Sureville Montessori School operates the Montessori system of teaching in order to strengthen and concretize learning for pupils.

Since Montessori education is child centered, Sureville Montessori School lays emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development. These policies produce enthusiastic and active learners.

Pupils are immersed in a rigorous liberal academic curriculum with an uncompromising emphasis on the development of thinking skills. At Sureville Montessori School, focus remains on the total education of the child.

Pinefield Schools

Pinefield Schools provides each child with amenities that enhance inherent ability to its full potential, instilling global survival skills, good manners, open mindedness and the fear of God.

A community of passionate teachers nurture future leaders and innovators in a peaceful and spacious environment.


 Rosemore House International School

Rosemore House International School produces pupils with exceptional educational excellence,the school develops children from ages 1-11 in every sphere of life.

An enriched Nigerian and British curriculum together with a teacher-pupil ratio and child-friendly school environment promotes high performance, growth, and creativity in pupils.

The Pottersland School

The Pottersland School  creates early childhood learning experiences that prepare children for further education and build a solid foundation and passion for life- long learning.

The Pottersland School is purpose built with modern facilities and a clean spacious environment.

The Pottersland School provide more than literary education, character building, physical and social development are also recognized as core areas and also reinforced.

Delphi International School

Delphi International School employs the latest innovative educational methods that encourage learning in pupils.

Highly knowledgeable teachers adopt proven creative methods of teaching to inculcate literary and non literary education in pupils.

In Delphi International School no child is left behind in learning, with available top range facilities and highly imaginative activities pupils are kept thrilled and interested.

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Efficient ways to keep up staff morale

Staff retention and teaching success are the core reasons why increasing and maintaining staff morale is important. We can agree that maintaining already trained staff is cheaper than recruiting new staff. How then do you go about this in your school you ask, well that’s what we are here for


Celebrate more Teachers

Schools Compass had a chat with an esteemed school owner, she claimed that appreciating a teacher every year (Teacher of the year award) helps increase competitiveness amongst teachers. Instead of competition, cooperation should be promoted for the good of the students. People thrive better in a welcoming environment not one pent up with hostility. Children succeed when everyone joins in, especially their teachers as it increases their self-worth. Try to add more awards that celebrate the effort and ingenuity of teachers. The more evenly appreciation is shared amongst teachers the better they will work because a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

Keep them in the Loop

Utilize social media for more productivity

Talks can be boring and authoritative thus limiting comments and inputs on said matter. It can also be time wasting. If some meetings are carried out on certain social media platforms you will find out that the time saved will be greatly appreciated by your staff and can also be put into more productive areas in your school.

Texts: Mobile texting can be quite expensive so why not a texting platform that uses internet connection like Whatsapp. This app is widely used and quite efficient. Groups can be created for virtual meetings thereby saving time and passing more information.

Emails: Constantly accessible, easy to forward and refer to at anytime.

Twitter: This is an interactive application that can put across messages to both parents and teachers at a time. There is a limited number of 140 characters which ensures that your messages are straight to point.

Don’t hold back feedback

Don’t hold back on feedback and comments. Tell your staff how you feel about their work in confidence, commend them when due and correct them when needed. If a teacher is facing certain challenges out of her control it is your duty to try to rectify said challenges as much as you can. Help your staff help you for the ultimate benefit of your students.

Uneasy lies the head…

The job of a school administrator is not to make everyone happy. It is rather to create an environment where staff works most effectively with the most desired outcomes for students. Eliminating inappropriate and time wasting processes.  You are a leader, your job is not an easy one but without you the whole system falls apart. Give discounts when necessary, bonuses when affordable and so on. Keep up their worth professionally with seminars and the likes; let them gain more than just salaries from your establishment. Keep in mind that whatever feather they add to their cap is also added to yours, you’re only as strong as your army and in this context your staff is your army.

A school with excellent staff produces better students. Do you have a wonderful team you want showcased to the world? Simply sign up here and get to parents for free.

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Schools with Top Boarding Facilities in Lagos

Most parents shy away from sending their children to boarding schools because they are afraid of bullying, bad meals, diseases and many more. The boarding system in Nigeria has so evolved that these fears are simply fallacious. These atrocious stereotypes have no standing in private boarding schools today. Below are the top boarding schools where your children can grow with wonderful facilities at their beck and call:

Chrisland Pre-degree College

Preparing your child for the University has never come in a better form. Chrisland pre-degree college provides a home away from home with only the best for the students. With facilities and highly qualified teachers at the beck and call of students at anytime of the day there is no question that Chrisland pre-degree college leaves a blazing trail to be followed.

Meadow Hall College

Meadow Hall Schools provide their students with stronger academic and social skills which prepare them for not only university but also the world after. Always available for students are top-notch facilities which very few schools can boast about. Meadow hall schools sustain a clean comfortable hostel facility entirely favorable to children from all walks of life.

Bridge House Schools

Bridge House College do more than the average school, they enhance your child’s chances of placement in top universities within and outside Nigeria. Social skills are an important aspect of your child’s life and Bridge House College realize this. Your child gains peers for life in a pleasant learning environment with prime resources needed to benefit him for life anywhere in the world.

Attwool School

Attwool School is a co-educational secondary school that runs a broad-based international curriculum. The school is fully equipped with amenities to nurture children to meet the challenges of today’s world head on. Boarding facilities that create a comfortable and vibrant environment for students with adequate recreational activities that develop the mind and body.

To find more schools like these just click here. Also available for your use are our price range and location filters. If you want your school listed on our blog kindly update your profiles and let us know your achievements.  Not on our platform? Sign up here 

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Schools that offer foreign exposure

Foreign field trips are important moments in learning. Children learn best when their curiosity is piqued and a field trip is an unparalleled social experience that provides the opportunity for students to encounter and explore new things in their authentic setting. Despite learning, field trips make them realize that there is a great big world waiting for them to conquer.

Nigerian schools have long since realized the importance of foreign field trips  for their students but  not all of them have the facilities to make it happen. These listed schools possess the facilities and have successfully carried out and are still carrying out foreign field trips for their students.

New Hall International School Lekki

New Hall International School perceived that children learn better when their curiosity is piqued and what better way to arouse curiosity than new people, language and surrounding. Taking their students to Ghana improved their observation skills generally. Trips are consistently organised by administration for students to help them adjust better in a world where civic literacy is an essential attribute.

Caleb British International School

Virtue of an organised and efficient running students of Caleb British International School visited Switzerland. A trip like this, so far from home, incomparably boosts independence in students. Visits to places within and outside Nigeria are regularly organised by Caleb British International School, you can find out more here

Skiing in Switzerland has never looked so fun

Topmost International School

All the way from Ipaja, Lagos Topmost International School flew their students to china because they know the importance of global awareness in today’s world. This global appreciation is an ongoing feature in Topmost International School you can find out about it all here

Happy faces enjoying China’s rich culture

Pinefield Schools Lekki

Visiting a place as old and as rich in history as Jerusalem was a feat attained by Pinefield Schools Lekki. Students observing other cultures and history makes them appreciate their own culture more. Pinefield Schools Lekki make sure students learn as much about other cultures within and outside the country as possible, you can view them here

Students proudly appreciating the holy land

There are many more schools here that offer foreign field trips to students. If your school was not listed, kindly contact us here.


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Top primary schools that provide quality education at affordable rates in western Nigeria.

You don’t have to pay through your nose for standard education for your child, high quality education can be affordable. Many schools today charge tuition of above a hundred thousand naira and not everyone can afford this.We at Schools Compass have decided to put together a ranking of top schools that develop your child beyond your belief and at very affordable rates.


Dukeland International School maintains a conducive environment that enhances your child’s budding intellect, physique and personality. Dukeland International School, located in Idimu Lagos, also provides facilities and activities that many schools that charge more can not boast of having. On-ground are well-trained teachers who ensure that your child gets all the assistance and encouragement he needs.

At Dukeland International School every child matters, with a well balanced teacher student ratio your child is given appropriate attention . DIS takes pride in transforming children into well adjusted personnel with confidence that speaks for them from miles away. Their motto ‘Together we can’ exhibits their readiness to partner with parents for the benefit of their children. To learn more about Dukeland International School kindly click here

At Dukeland every child is a star


Batmod Nursery and Primary School, located in Ijoko Ogun State, uses Montessori approaches  to learning  with practical classroom activities. Providing for children with special needs, Batmod nursery and primary school has proved to be a place where children from all walks of life come together in a well facilitated learning environment where their individual potentials are valued and built to maximize opportunities.

Highly trained teachers emphasize on literary education as well as the importance of moral and cultural values, making pupils more valuable in any given society.

Batmod nursery and primary school moulds your child from the cradle with the values “MEDRIL” Morality, Excellence, Doggedness, Respect, Integrity and Love.

Find out more about this school here


Overview of S.M Fasinro Memorial School

S.M FASINRO MEMORIAL SCHOOL located in Ilaje, Ajah is interested in not only your child’s today but tomorrow as well. With standard facilities the child is developed not only for his benefit but for the benefit of the nation as a whole. Since 2010 S.M FASINRO MEMORIAL SCHOOL has been breeding great achievers through wholesome education which cuts through mental, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual growth in a stimulating environment where children receive exciting learning experiences that benefits them. With a very affordable rate this school offers so much to your child at little cost to you, find out more about this school exclusively here

We have many more exclusive schools in your area with affordable tuition fees , simply visit here and use our budget per term and location filters to find them all. This will be a continued series, secondary schools with affordable rates will be featured next as well as more schools in more regions in Nigeria. Kindly keep up with our blog to get these updates or visit our website, click here.

With so many primary schools to choose from you will need a little help click here and view our guide to choosing the best.


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What to look out for when choosing a Primary School for your child

Finding the right school is not an easy task, it can be time and energy draining but totally worth it. As always we are here to help you in your search for the perfect fit for your child. Many parents are swayed by finery, others are packed full of unnecessary information they forget what to look out for. Here is a guide on what to inquire about before selecting a school.


These you should have for reference. They can be gotten quickly and easily online, preferably from here

  • School name.
  • Location.
  • Phone number.
  • Background of school Director/ Proprietress or Headmistress.
  • School fees.


  • Find out about the school’s curriculum.
  • Demand to get an overview of school’s track record.
  • Inquire at and outside the school for students’ performance before and after graduation.
  • Know the amount of homework given to a child everyday.
  • Make sure there are well utilized laboratories and library.
  • Available for pupils should be an Arts and Music Studio.


Photo credit: Glisten International Academy
  • Is the environment clean and healthy?
  • What precautions are taken to ensure safety of your child?
  • Student-Teacher ratio : make sure your child would get the attention he needs from his teachers.
  • Ask about their policy regarding discipline.
  • Make sure the playground is child friendly and spacious.
  • What After-school activities, clubs and sports are offered?
  • Lunch policy: ensure your child’s nutrition is in good hands. Also notify the school if your child has allergies.


Photo Credit: Blooming Greens School

Your child needs:

  • teachers trained to recognize and work well with the special needs of children.
  • teachers knowledgeable and qualified to teach their subject.
  • supportive, positive and dedicated personnel who realize that they are dealing with children.
  • a teaching method that supports his personality and potential .


  • The support and resources your child needs should be present.
  • Your child should like the school.
  • Listen to reasons why he likes or does not like the school.
  • Respect your child’s reasons if valid, try to reason with them if you feel his reasons are not fairly based.


  • Make sure the location, pick up and drop off hours are convenient for you.
  • You should be able to keep track of your child’s progress with ease.
  • The school should be ready  keep you informed on all happenings in school.
  • There should be regular Parent-Teacher conferences for strong communication.

You can go through our list of primary schools here. Using the guide we have given, our filters and compare feature try to find the best for your child.

Our platform provides you the advantage of doing all your research online. With just your phone or PC you can message your choice school and obtain a reply from them on our website. Each school’s profile contains their activities, facilities, awards and events with pictures to support their claims. You can compare schools, obtain directions to schools and write reviews on known schools. All this can be done for FREE just click here. For schools looking to sign up click here

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Your child can learn while having fun. Try these tips this holiday

Most parents believe that the school provides all a child needs.This belief leaves many aspects of the child’s life unattended to and in the course of this certain needs are bypassed and tagged unimportant. After school and during holidays the child is neglected and lonely having little or no friends outside school. Boredom comes knocking and most parents are comfortable plopping their children down in front of the television or game console.

Too much television is not healthy, the child knows little of the outside world and his social skills continue to deplete. A child is structured with what he sees and experiences, feelings as well as intellect are developed inline with the environment. The brain should not be dulled, help your child keep it in constant motion with fun activities and healthy challenges like these:

Learning a new skill: there are many skills children can learn from bead making to woodwork. Let your child pick whichever fascinates them the most and watch them have fun and learn. They can sell their products after they’ve made them, this helps them learn about money and value.

Learning a new language: the benefits of your child learning a new language was duly highlighted in our previous post. Learning a new language can be fun and challenging at the same time this keeps them occupied and developing.

Joining educational clubs: During the holidays you can sign your child up with an educational club like a book club, JET club or MAD science club. They get to make new friends outside school. In addition to learning they also develop social skills which they will need as they get older.

Travel: Nothing widens your horizon like travelling. Your Child does not have to visit another country, a family trip to a new town, city or state can be quite as amazing. Learning a different custom and trying out new food can be wonderful brain catalysts and an efficient boredom killer. Also boosts family love creates special family memories and tightens family bond.

Go for educational concerts and fairs: fairs and concerts can be quite fun. Your child gets to meet like minds in a healthy environment. They also get to try new things and gain worthwhile experiences. Educational fairs help them with career choices. They enjoy stage performances, storytelling sessions and interactive games. Qualified persons also give talks which children are encouraged to participate in. These activities helps boost your child’s social development further.

Museums and zoos also provide healthy clean fun environments where your child learns whilst having immense fun.

Children learn best while they’re having fun, these fun activities will give your child a wealth of knowledge and keep them busy all through the holidays.

We hope this article has been quite helpful, some schools provide these activities during the course of the session. If you’re interested in finding these schools click here and our search button and filters will guide you.

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