Pictues of Forte Yard Montessori School in ikeja, Ikeja Maryland state

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forte-yard-montessori-schoolschools in ikeja in Ikeja/Maryland

Forte Yard Montessori School

Discover, Nurture, Advance
  • The school building in a serene environment.
  • Forte yard school play ground
  • Playground
  • The school Swimming pool
  • Reading is fun session
  • Child’s independent work
  • Independent work
  • PRE-SCHOOL CLASSES(Full Montessori curriculum)
  • Children are receptive to acquiring language. Phonic sounds ????makes reading easier
  • Creativity ????
  • Pink tower.Dimension????
  • Independent work.Colour tablets
  • Continent Globe
  • Fabric watching.Tactite sense developing! Independence emerging ????
  • Independent / team work
  • The Sun game.Building Vocabulary and exploring the world
  • Play Time
  • Weight activity. Building Vocabulary

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