Pictues of Adorable Toes School in Ogidan, Ajah sangotedo, awoyaya, ogidan Eleko state

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Adorable Toes School

Nuturing a bright future
  • Lawyers and Judges
  • Medical school aspirants
  • The Adorable family
  • Circle Time
  • Pupil learning to count with Number Cards and Counters
  • Primary pupils in an Art Class
  • The Orchestra
  • Song Presentation by Start-Rite Pupils
  • Meet the Preschool graduands
  • Newscasters at the graduation party
  • Cultural presentation
  • Welcome to 2016/2017 Graduation party
  • Happy parents and guests at the graduation party
  • ongoing summer school 2017
  • Educating and fun summer school
  • Primary 5 pupils in Edo State costumes
  • Primary 3 pupils in Benue State costumes
  • Primary 1 pupils representing Kano State to mark the year 2017 United Nations day
  • Nursery 2 pupils representing Ondo State to mark the year 2017 United Nations day
  • Start-rite class pupils representing Akwa-Ibom State on United Nations day, 24th Oct. 2017
  • Nursery 1 pupils representing Ogun State to mark the year 2017 United Nations day
  • Adorable Toes compound

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