Pictues of Awesome Childhood Royal Montessori School in Lekki Scheme 2 , Ajah sangotedo, awoyaya, ogidan Eleko Lagos state

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awesome-childhood-royal-montessori-schoolschools in Lekki Scheme 2  in Ajah/S.tedo/Eleko

Awesome Childhood Royal Montessori School

raising today's child for tomorrow's world
  • Our Lower Elementary community Ages 5-9
  • Our math area develop the love for math in children because we teach them with concrete materials before going abstract. Our kids love mathematics like any other subject.
  • Individual work, the child is in charge of her learning.
  • Our toddlers a year and half to two and half can choose work that interest them and focus on them because they love what they do.
  • This shelf only is for understanding parts of speech in grammar in our lower elementary classroom 5 to 9yrs
  • Collaboration and team work are fostered in the classroom.
  • Our infants 6months to one and half do not come just to eat and sleep. They are active with different activities tailored to their development. Movements is key to child development.

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