Reviews for Awesome Kids Academy Abuja A private Primary / Creche School in GWARINPA, Gwarinpa Abuja (FCT)

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Awesome Kids Academy Abuja


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My son started from Creche in Awesome Kids Academy at 3months old. They have amazing staff that are very good with kids. I am particularly excited about this school because my son is 2yrs old is doing well. People keep asking me about his school. They are sound academically. I recommend this school
Academic Perf.
Extra Cur. Activities
Quality of Service
Mrs Ramat Adeiza(6/5/18)
Awesome Kids Academy has proven that the are one if the best schools in Abuja. I have three children in the school whom are doing great as a result of the diligent teachers who pay particular attention to each child's need. They are indeed awesome
Academic Perf.
Extra Cur. Activities
Quality of Service
Mr Sunny Emefiele(6/12/18)

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