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Almond School

...exceeding expectations.

Main Reviews (by 10 parents)

The school has done a great job by making the end of year ceremony much fun. keep it up.
Onyeka Eze (7/24/15)
What a colourful event. Keep it up GR8 Schools.
Funmi Adegoke(7/24/15)
GR8 Schools has truly exceeded my expectations in every way and I cannot regret the decision to bring my children here. I sincerely commend the entire staff members.
A Satisfied Parent(7/27/15)
My Friends children attend this school and from what i am seeing here its like i should relocate to Ajah..what a beautiful event.
Ella Samuel(7/28/15)
Awesome, family-oriented, focused!
The right balance is very difficult to achieve. GR8 Schools has GOT IT!!!
GR8 Schools is truly exceeding expectations and raising the bar.
Great indeed! I'm so much loving this colorful family day event
Great indeed! I'm so much loving this colorful family day event
I can't stop loving Gr8 School. Almond is the best!
Ms. Olayemi Olasunkanmi(11/20/17)

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