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The largest organic collection of schools in nigeria.

If Parents, Students, and School Owners are NOT your target, this is not for you!

Who are we?

  1. Developer of School Compass application.
  2. Owner of School Compass through our parent company, MYTCodes LImited.

What do we do?

  1. We provide robust online platform where Nigeria parents and prospective students home and in diaspora look up for schools (both Primary and Secondary/College) of thier choices and make informed decisions.
  2. We provide robust online platform where all Nigeria school owners tell parents of propective students what they have to offer their wards and why they should trust them with thier precious children for good and quality education as well as acceptable moral standards.

Who uses our site?

  1. All Nigeria Parents home and abroad.
  2. Owners of Nigeria Schools.
  3. Nigeria Students.
  4. Friends of Nigeria schools abroad.
  5. Old students of Nigeria Schools.
  6. Foreign University looking to admit Nigeria Students.

Why advertise with us?

  1. Well established and trusted brand.
  2. User Friendly, save, and detailed website.
  3. Global reach.
  4. Large growing audience of over 400,000 unique visits per month.
  5. Geo targeting capability on country, city and town scale.
  6. Strong association with Nigeria school owners.
  7. Able to provide transparent, measurable campaign reports.
  8. Large database of Nigeria parents.
  9. Large database of Nigeria School owners.
  10. Stable website - owned, maintained, and supported by local Software Firm.

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