What to look out for when choosing a Primary School for your child

Finding the right school is not an easy task, it can be time and energy draining but totally worth it. As always we are here to help you in your search for the perfect fit for your child. Many parents are swayed by finery, others are packed full of unnecessary information they forget what to look out for. Here is a guide on what to inquire about before selecting a school.


These you should have for reference. They can be gotten quickly and easily online, preferably from here

  • School name.
  • Location.
  • Phone number.
  • Background of school Director/ Proprietress or Headmistress.
  • School fees.


  • Find out about the school’s curriculum.
  • Demand to get an overview of school’s track record.
  • Inquire at and outside the school for students’ performance before and after graduation.
  • Know the amount of homework given to a child everyday.
  • Make sure there are well utilized laboratories and library.
  • Available for pupils should be an Arts and Music Studio.


Photo credit: Glisten International Academy

  • Is the environment clean and healthy?
  • What precautions are taken to ensure safety of your child?
  • Student-Teacher ratio : make sure your child would get the attention he needs from his teachers.
  • Ask about their policy regarding discipline.
  • Make sure the playground is child friendly and spacious.
  • What After-school activities, clubs and sports are offered?
  • Lunch policy: ensure your child’s nutrition is in good hands. Also notify the school if your child has allergies.


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Your child needs:

  • teachers trained to recognize and work well with the special needs of children.
  • teachers knowledgeable and qualified to teach their subject.
  • supportive, positive and dedicated personnel who realize that they are dealing with children.
  • a teaching method that supports his personality and potential .


  • The support and resources your child needs should be present.
  • Your child should like the school.
  • Listen to reasons why he likes or does not like the school.
  • Respect your child’s reasons if valid, try to reason with them if you feel his reasons are not fairly based.


  • Make sure the location, pick up and drop off hours are convenient for you.
  • You should be able to keep track of your child’s progress with ease.
  • The school should be ready  keep you informed on all happenings in school.
  • There should be regular Parent-Teacher conferences for strong communication.

You can go through our list of primary schools here. Using the guide we have given, our filters and compare feature try to find the best for your child.

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