Creche to College

Transition exerts a lot of  major changes on children, some positive and unfortunately some negative. Children flourish when their educational environment  shows stability and security.

Adorable Babies from Capville Schools

They are able to channel more energy to academics, energy which would have been drained away by tasks such as:

  • trying to fit in
  • navigating round school
  • adjusting to a new sea of faces
  • familiarizing themselves to a new set of rules

Few Schools offer this cocoon of safety from creche to college and here they are:


Albesta Academy develops nations by developing pupils and students into great achievers through holistic education and enduring service to humanity.

Albesta Academy has a broad based, balanced Nigerian and British curricula to offer pupils a well rounded education. Teaching at Albesta Academy is creative, innovative and practical by the availability of hands on equipments and infrastructural facilities of international standard. All along with modern classrooms, ICT, laboratories, library, sporting and recreational facilities.

Graduands of Albesta Academy have the unique opportunity of furthering their education at the prestigious Crawford University.However, this option is not compulsory but optional.


At Capville Schools studies are designed to assist the young mind in discovering hidden talents and inborn potentials.

The pupils and students at Capville Schools are confidence driven and curiosity propelled.  The practical methods of teaching of teachers at Capville Schools inculcate independence in the child as he grows.

A warm welcome awaits every child at school everyday making education something to be anticipated.



Ladela Schools provide Early Years, Primary and Secondary Education in a serene environment.

Parents of pupils and students are given the peace of mind to effectively balance family and work responsibilities.

Ladela Schools provide excellent educational services that centre on the cognitive, affective and psychological development of pupils and students.

Ladela Schools’ Student posing by art made by her.

Over the years Ladela Schools has been able to cultivate a warm and vibrant educational community where everyone feels secure and welcome.




Alpha Covenant Heritage School totally nurture learners to attain a balance with which they can function exceptionally in a global world.

Always present is a genuinely supportive staff who fan the emblems of the pupil’s curiosity in the right environment for their imagination to fly.

The pupils and students of Alpha Covenant Heritage School hence recognise that the world is their oyster whilst exploring and discovering.


Few schools grab the heartstrings of both parents and students alike like Longford International School.

A strong educational leadership works hand in hand with the capable team of dedicated teachers to create a supportive learning environment which caters to all abilities and develops potential.

Longford International School offers inspiring programs for gifted and talented students and provide responsive, personalised support for students needing additional help.

Beautiful Children giving back to the community

The school community cares for each student and celebrates  individual achievements and


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