Many schools believe that using just the Nigerian curriculum is limiting as they seek to prepare students for foreign exams and interactions, at the same time they want to keep the values of our beloved country’s educational system.

What a pickle, what do they do?! They create a perfect blend of both curriculums hence you see American Nigerian curriculum, British Nigerian curriculum, Saudi Nigerian curriculum and so.

Blending the local and foreign curriculum is the best way to make children more rounded for the international market.

Let’s talk about the American Nigerian Curriculum. Many Schools mix the Nigerian curriculum with the American to make a better balanced and more productive sequence of courses.

Let’s take a look at some of these schools and learn why they use their choice curriculum.

Ladela Schools

Ladela schools operates an American Nigerian curriculum as it encourages a whole and well balanced education.

Ladela Schools utilise their curriculum to ensure a higher standard unparalleled by others.

Pupils and students succeed at a higher rate within and outside the shores of their country as they have the rare blend of morals, extracurricular activities and academics.


American Christian Home School

At American Christian Home School teaching is child-centred.

No child is left behind as every pupil’s natural born potentials are mined and encouraged.

American Christian Home School blends Christian teachings with an American Nigerian curriculum producing students who grow up to be pillars of society.


Bellevue Elementary School

Utilising the American Nigerian curriculum Bellevue Elementary School provides pupils a compatible and enjoyable of early years experience.

Bellevue Elementary School prepares the child for life in today’s technology fuelled world by teaching with proven educational innovations.

Bellevue Elementary School enriches the lives of pupils, the curriculum used provides a broad and strong academic foundation which is valid outside Nigeria.


The King’s Heritage Private School

The King’s Heritage Private School uses a British American curriculum which is a blend of both british and american curriculums.

Nigerian culture, the bedrock of learning

This method prepares children for examinations and lives in Nigeria, Great Britain, America and other countries.

Readington School

Readington School provides an extensive American Nigerian curriculum, the teaching staff utilise an individualised teaching method that makes sure all pupils are carried along.

 Readington school is dedicated to the cause of producing  independent, self actualized pupils with the use of 21st Century materials.

Array of proud parents

Maximus Academy 

Maximus Academy raises modern leaders for the progress of society.

Maximus Academy is equipped with modern facilities, tools and methods all to ensure that they sustain knowledge they need in the future.


Honorable Mentions

The Nigerian American curriculum encourages an enquiry based, hands-on teaching methods and individualised instruction which ensures knowledge sustenance. Schools below also work with this curriculum, check them out:

Coat of Comfort Learning Centre

Mumtaz International School

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