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How to Stand out and Prepare Your Students for 21st-Century Life!

Teachers, as well as students, are confronted with a myriad of difficulties in the teaching-learning process from time constraints to heterogenous student’s needs fueled by the individual differences of the learners, the impact of out-of-classroom events and activities and several others. These challenges make it increasingly difficult for teachers to develop and execute the best learning strategy that adequately prepares their students for the 21st-century life

Agata Wilam, the founder of WhyBlueSky is helping teachers deliver instructions better through Activity Based Learning (See our post on other learning strategies). WhyBlueSky’s program includes the tasks that enable the teachers to fully experience what learning by doing is. It also includes an appreciation of skills which ensures that students develop competencies and skills that are essential for a successful life and satisfying employment. 

The teacher training program was built on the successes of The Children’s University which was an afterschool program based on exploring children’s curiosity. As at the time of publishing this post, The Children’s University had over 600,000 children, parents and teachers engaged. WhyBlueSky co-creates the Polish education system- the fifth one in Europe and eleventh in the world, according to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  


What exactly does the WhyBlueSky programme consist of?

  • -online courses for teachers: 9 topics on 21st-century skills, practical tasks, detailed instructions, videos and much more: self-learning for the teachers,
  • -lesson plans: detailed step-by-step description of the lesson, all the instructional materials included,
  • -resource boxes: materials that make learning by doing easier and more fun.


How it Works

The teachers use WhyBlueSky courses via the app- “Mobile Academy for Teachers” either individually or as a team: After which they go to their classrooms to practice what they have learned with the students. During the whole program, they can use the materials from the resource boxes.

WhyBlueSky Now in Nigeria

WhyBlueSky has recently set up an office in Lagos with a qualified team of people, to operate directly in Nigeria and for the Nigerian. Educators, who understand the needs and requirements of living in the 21st century, and are ready to invest in your school’s development can request a visit by the WhyBlueSky team between 29th November and 9th December.
A visit from WhyBlueSky avails you the opportunity to get familiar with- either a presentation for the management team in order to present the WhyBlueSky tools or a presentation for the management and, in addition, a workshop for teachers conducted by the WhyBlueSky team. You will have a chance to check how the training program works in practice!

To schedule the meeting please contact  via WhatsApp: +48533575294 or e-mail: ola@whybluesky.net

To get more details please visit WhyBlueSky website  

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