Christmas Holiday Ideas to Try with Your Kids

Jingle bell! Jingle bell!! Jingle all the way… This is the song that most children will be singing soon as the festive holiday is just around the corner. You might be wondering, how do I go about Christmas? With your kids in mind, you possibly are considering what to get them, where to take them to, and how to make the holiday fun-filled for them. You might even be financially buoyant enough to book that flight, setting up a visit with the kids to Disneyland. Nonetheless, you do not need to break the bank before you can have for yourself and the kids a memorable Christmas holiday. One major thing to have in mind when celebrating the holiday is ‘family’. 

Every kid knows the story behind the Christmas holiday. Jesus Christ was given birth to in a manger, and every 25th of December has been set aside to celebrate this day. The holiday as we all know it is the season of giving and receiving, God gave us his son and in return on the night of his birth, he was given the gifts; Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. This reason alone is why we have the custom of giving and receiving presents during the festive holiday. While you teach your kids the holiday lesson about giving, you should encourage them to prepare homemade gifts that they can give to their neighbors and friends. Do you want to have a memorable Christmas without spending too much? Here are some money-saving tips you can employ;

  • Create a Christmas budget and stick to it.

  • Create a list of IMPORTANT things you need to buy.

  • To avoid spending funds you did not budget for, buy what you need early.

  • Consider reducing the number of gifts you intend to get for your kids. 

  • Try to buy things on sale. If ordering online, use a single site for all your shopping, as most online stores award discounts/free shipping for large orders.

  • Have a home-cooked meal rather than eating out with the family. 

  • Bond with your kids by engaging in making home made cards, and christmas paintings. 

While you focus on saving this festive period, you do not want to let the kids have a boring Christmas holiday. So how do you then engage them?

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1. What is a Christmas holiday without the Christmas tree? Let them pick a tree and assist you in decorating it. 

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2. Let them decorate the house, preferably their rooms. This allows them to show their creativity. 

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3. Take them out to visit Santa Claus in the mall. While at that, you can also take them to the cinema to watch a Xmas movie. If you can create a cinema experience at home, do it. You save money by doing this.

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4. Engage your kids in making snacks at home like pancakes, cookies, and smoothie. You are gradually building in them responsibility.  

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5. Another way to keep your children engaged and entertained is by playing some Xmas games. Games like Xmas trivia and Tic-Tac-Toe.

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6. The festive period is a time to show love, especially to the less privileged. Let your kids pick out their old toys and gift them out to those in need. It allows room for the new ones. Their homemade gifts and snacks can also be given to the less privileged. 

7. Bonding time with the kids could involve engaging in preparing homemade christmas cards and paintings.

The holiday is meant for our enjoyment, ensure you make it a fun-filled and memorable one for the kids. 

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