How Schools in Nigeria Celebrate Christmas Carol

A Christmas carol in school has always been a way whereby the story of Christmas is being told through songs and dramas. As the festive period is drawing closer, it signifies the end of a term while students are in one way or the other getting ready for the carol. The school in its way tries to teach the students the importance of why Christ must be remembered and celebrated. Christmas carols should be an event where the birth and lesson involved in the birth of Christ should be celebrated; this is the lesson of giving and receiving. This whole idea has been reformed to include parties and series of events like drama, choreography, rendition of hymns and specials by students. All these events we believe were introduced to make the students more involved in the celebration of Christ’s birth. The moral of the Christmas carol is to instill in the students the lesson involved in the birth of Jesus Christ. While they learn this, there are lots of foods and drinks to feast on which sounds like the best way to end the term and year. We have shown below how some of the schools on our platform celebrated their carol service. 

Landmark College, Ikorodu

Image Credit: Landmark College

A cultural carol with members of staff and parents in attendance coupled with instruments and songs of celebration was how Landmark College chose to celebrate their carol. The teachers were not left out as they also had a rendition of Christmas hymns. 

Starling School Lekki

Image Credit: Starling School Lekki

Choreography, rendition of poems, carol hymns, the lighting of candles, cutting of a cake, and presentation of gifts were the highlights of the carol in Starling school. Just like the star of Christ was seen by the wise men, so also was STARling school shining with respect to the celebration of Christ. 

Greater Tomorrow International College, Ondo

What is a Christmas carol without the presence of the iconic Father Christmas? GTIC recognizes the importance of celebrating a memorable Christmas by inviting kiddies mascot and giving of gifts to kids by Father Christmas. The main event of the day was not left out; the rendition of carol hymns.

Gleaming Stars School, Akowonjo

Image Credit: Gleaming Stars

White and red are among the official colors for Christmas, which is why Gleaming star kiddies are dressed in their uniform to render Christmas hymns and sings in celebration of their carol service. 

Surefoot International School, Calabar

Image Credit: Surefoot International School

Christmas took a different tune at Surefoot School in Calabar with the presentation of a drama dated back to the Egyptian era.

MICTEC International School, Ogodu

Image Credit: MICTEC

Christmas carol at MICTEC featured a rendition of hymns, costume presentation, and drama presentation of Christ’s birth. The program was anchored by the pupils of the school.

Rosebud College, Ibadan

Image Credit: Rosebud College

Carol in Rosebud was not any different as students and teachers all dressed up with their costumes and attires marched out to partake in the drama, rendition of songs to ensure that the carol service was a memorable one. 

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