Top 5 Best Montessori Schools in Surulere, Lagos

We all know Montessori is a method of education that centers on self-study activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. The essence of this type of education is that it lays emphasis on independent learning, though maybe too expensive, it enhances social interaction and promotes a cultivated love for learning. It is suitable for every child because the materials offer opportunities to learn visually, orally, verbally, and through touch.

The best time to begin a Montessori education for your child is from age 6 but early Montessori begins between ages 2 and 3 depending on the child. Some schools only accept children after their third year. Here, we have a selection of the top 5 best Montessori schools with their school fees range, ratings, and reviews for your children in Surulere, Lagos State. Note, that this selection is temporary, as it may be updated at any time.

Santa Maria Montessori School, Surulere, Lagos

Santa Maria Montessori School, Surulere is a school that is dedicated to giving the highest level of quality education to their wards and improving them developmentally in all areas of their growth. Since its establishment in 2007, they have embedded the Montessori curriculum which focuses on building character and developing life skills in their children to make them useful in their immediate environment and society at large.

They are located in Surulere, Lagos.  So far, only 3 parents have endorsed them. Their school fees per term are quite affordable, as it ranges between N150,000-N300,000 with a 5% discount off 2nd sibling and a 2.5% off  3rd sibling. Interesting isn’t it?. To find out more about Santa Maria Montessori School, click here. To view more images, click here.

Home Away School, Surulere, Lagos

Home Away School, Surulere is a Montessori school that was established in 2015. They are located in Surulere, Lagos State. Here, the all-round development of their wards is their topmost concern, in an enabling environment that keeps them at home, till they get home. As at the time of writing, their school was rated 3 out of 5 stars by 2 parents who reviewed them and 1 parent who endorsed them. Their school fees per term are below N50,000 which is very affordable and they also grant a 10% discount on tuition on the 3rd child. To find out more about them, click here. To view their images, click here.


Little Hearts/Beacon Hill International School, Surulere, Lagos

Little Hearts/ Beacon Hill International School, Surulere is a school dedicated to providing a child development program and care in a friendly, safe and conducive learning environment. They are a Montessori school that actively incorporates the best research and practices in their classrooms in order to meet international standards for early childhood literacy development.

They are currently located in Surulere, Lagos, and were established in 1996. They have 1 endorsement so far, Their school fees range from N50,000-N150,000  with a 10% discount on multiple siblings. To find out more, click here. To view more images, click here.

Jason’s Tendercare School, AgudaSurulere, Lagos

Located in Aguda-Surulere, Lagos state, they are a school running a Montessori standard of education seeking to train boys and girls to become leaders of vision, mission, and integrity. They provide a broad balanced education with an emphasis on promoting ideal values, morals, self-discipline, independence; thereby nurturing excellence. They were established in 2017, with school fees that range between N150,000-N300,000 per term and a grant of 5% discount on 3rd children. To find out more, click here. To view more images, click here.

Juniper Creche, Surulere Lagos

Juniper Creche, Surulere is an outstanding school for children between the ages of 3months old to 4years of age. They provide a safe, secure environment that is conducive for learning using authentic Montessori materials and high, effectively trained educators. They ensure that each child meets and surpasses their developmental and academic milestones while enjoying learning.

They are located in Surulere and have been established since 2011. Their school fees range from N150,000-N300,000 per term with a 5% discount on 2nd siblings. To find out more about them, click here. To view more images, click here.

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