6 Ways to Attract Talented Teachers to Your School

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Apart from the buildings, the three major components that make up the school are the Students, Teachers, and School administration. The latter works towards ensuring students are enrolled in the school, and that the best teachers are recruited. Generally, the best schools that you hear of are experienced in how to attract and recruit talented teachers. They have some outlined practices that they follow when recruiting teachers to their school.

If you are not sure of where to start in your school, we’ll explain to you 6 different ways by which you can attract talented teachers to your school.

Here are 6 ways to help your school stand out:

1.   AttractTeachers by Promoting your Location

If your school is based in an area that offers a great climate and attractive lifestyle, then it’s worth mentioning these when you advertise for the teaching position. You could even list out other advantages of working for the school like proximity to the city center, places of interest, telecommunication services, ease of travel, excellent transportation services, reliable healthcare system, comfortable accommodation, established networks, and more.

2.   Establish Your School’s Reputation

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For schools that already have a good reputation in a particular area or state, it is very easy for you to attract talented teachers. One way to affirm this is by being actively involved in schools’ organizations like Annual School Needs Expo (ASEN), the Association of Private Educators in Nigeria (APEN), and more like that.

3.   Promote Professional and Personal Development Opportunities

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Apart from the pay, teachers move abroad to work because of the training opportunities they are opened to, which most of the time are not provided by the schools here in Nigeria. Young teachers, in particular, will be interested in professional and personal development opportunities. With this in mind, you could address this need by offering easy access to training and qualifications to teachers.

In addition, you can also include holidays and breaks in their employment contract so they can also focus on their personal development and well-being. This offer will help them rejuvenate their mental health so they can always deliver.

4.   Work on your Social Media Presence

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Millennial teachers that grew up using social media are increasing, and they’ll like to work in an environment where they have colleagues that reasons like them and can share their knowledge.  What you can do is to create an effective social media strategy that places you on various platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can also create a networking group on LinkedIn for all your past and current teachers.

Likewise, the school will benefit from being recognized and will end up being a prospective candidate open day by attracting teachers to the school. Your established social media platforms will also allow prospective clients and parents to connect and engage easily.

5.   Recruit via Your Website

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School websites are usually designed to offer information to parents for their children to join. However, they can also be used to recruit staff. One way to recruit through your website is to create a dedicated careers page. Such a page will help highlight what it’s like to work at your school. You could also provide testimonial videos of the school environment and community.

Try to optimize your website so that it is easy to navigate for your prospective teachers. The style, tone, design, and content can help create a good impression and make your school live up to its reputation.

6.   Offer Employee Benefits for Teachers

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Employee benefit goes beyond just paying their salary at the end of every month. We pointed out in one of our previous articles, teachers are human beings and they are entitled to added benefits that help them to function better at work. These benefits might include Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Leave Bonus, Annual Leave, Retirement benefit, and so on.

It is a well-known fact that the kind of students that graduate from a school is a reflection of the kind of teachers that are employed in such a learning environment. If you then want your school to get a good reputation, it is high time you start investing in the quality of teachers that you employ.

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