Pictures of The Lush Academy in Benin City, Benin-City state

the-lush-academyschools in Benin City in Benin-City

The Lush Academy

...every child,a genius!
  • a lush experience is a wao! experience
  • culture is a strong part of who we are
  • Preschool is fun at The Lush Academy
  • Concerntration,Pattern recognition,decision making,algebraic and geometric thinking are few of the benefits our learners are privileged to have as chess players
  • ours is much more than a school,it's a vision
  • with the game of chess,our learners cognitive skills are built.
  • litmus paper test on fleek. stem activity
  • Play Area
  • School Office
  • Casual Day
  • PreSchool Compound
  • Primary School Classroom
  • The Lush Pre-School
  • PreSchool Compound

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