Pictures of New Belmont Hall Nursery Primary School in GRA, Ikeja, Ikeja Maryland state

new-belmont-hall-nursery-primary-schoolschools in GRA, Ikeja in Ikeja/Maryland

New Belmont Hall Nursery Primary School

Connecting with the spirit of excellence
  • Live! Play! Learn!
  • Spacious, safe playground
  • Comfortable, print-rich classrooms that inspire learning
  • Our boxing-themed physical fitness class
  • Live! Play! Learn!
  • Babies are given tender-loving care by our certified care-givers.
  • Conducive atmosphere for learning
  • Our students love coming to school, and are inspired to learn!
  • Tender-loving care
  • Individualized instruction to meet each child's need(s)
  • We make learning fun!
  • Our budding musicians!
  • Blended-learning, for a globally competitive education

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