Pictures of Greenfields Pinnacle School, Abuja in Abuja, Apo state

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Greenfields Pinnacle School, Abuja

Diligent Hands
  • Public Speaking builds confidence. Our Head Girl giving her Speech.
  • Greenfielders are prolific Writers. This is Vol. II, Vol.III is underway. Won't you rather have your Child become a writer?
  • Shoe making is part of the entrepreneural skills that Greenfielders acquire. Pleasurable work that fits their feet.
  • Food processing that brings satisfaction. Greenfielders know garri comes from cassava because they followed through with the process from peeling to frying.
  • Wow! The frying of Ijebu garri. Agriculture is the in thing now. Early orientation matters. Packaging designs and labels, expect Greenfields Cassava Products on the shelves soon. These guys are not joking.
  • Rubrics for the brain!
  • Every Child needs the music miracle to sharpen their brain
  • First Position Spelling Bee Competition. Tiffany, keep it up, Girl

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