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pampers-private-school,-alakaschools in Surulere in Yaba/Surulere/Ebutemeta

Pampers Private School, Alaka

...Truly the best
  • The pre-learning activities of our just concluded Summer Camp School
  • Dance class during summer school
  • Summer school praise and worship section....
  • The impromptu speech activity
  • Different art work by students at the summer school
  • Chisom Dike winner for the Democracy in Nigeria (JAN competi2016ton)
  • graduation ceremony (2015/16)
  • A fashion parade of excellence at our 2015/16 graduation
  • Learning taking place in groups
  • Our serene learning environment at Alaka, Surulere
  • swimming club
  • Mad science club
  • chess club
  • The Ballet club during their practice session
  • Toyota dream car champion, a manager of toyota, family and the art teahers
  • A cross section of our pupils at the assembly on resumption day (19/09/2016)
  • A pupil rendering a worship song on resumption day at the assembly ground
  • cross section of pupils resumption day (19/09/2016)

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