Gift Page

For every participating school you choose for your ward on

SchoolsCompass Platform,

you win a fantastic gift for the child.

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How to Participate


Select primary or secondary school, then filter the results based on what matters to you - Your budget , State and Town, Living facility etc.

Choose and enroll your ward in any school of your choice.

You have won a school accessory gift for your ward.
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Your school of choice must be a participating school as displayed conspicuously on the school's profile
  2. It is not enough to write the entrance exams, you must have enrolled in the school to qualify
  3. You must contact the school through SchoolsCompass - Either by calling the number on the school’s profile page or by completing the school's enquiry form.

schools in lagos nigeria
schools in lagos nigeria


How do I know if a school I like is a participating one ?

It will be conspicuously displayed on the profile of such school that ‘Your child is eligible for FREE school accessory gift if you enrol him/her in this school’

What if I have more than one child ?

The number of children you enroll is the number of gifts you get

How do I redeem my free gift?

Through the school upon confirmation by the school. A member of staff will contact you after confirmation

Do you charge me or the school for shipping the gift to me?

No. SchoolsCompass also takes care of the logistics

After getting the gift, what if I change my school to another school on your website?

This is not encouraged but if it happens for any reason, you get another gift provided you are not owing the last school you enrolled