Reviews for Edidot College Lagos, Awoyaya A private Secondary School in Awoyaya, Ajah sangotedo, awoyaya, ogidan Eleko Lagos state

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Edidot College Lagos, Awoyaya

Excellence always, where your child will succeed

Main Reviews (by 14 parents)

Edidot College is a fantastic school. We moved into Awoyaya two years ago when my children joined them. They have maintained the standard and I'm happy about this.
Mr Ezeh(5/9/16)
This is one of the best schools my children have attended. Dedicated staff and friendly atmosphere.
Mrs Fakunle(5/16/16)
Edidot College has remained a school to be proud of. The school runs a flat system where every child can feel loved and accepted.
Engr. Arinola(5/16/16)
My oldest daughter attended the summer school programme last year and it helped her perform well at the GCE. Good job
Mrs Fashoranti(6/24/16)
Good school i will say.
Mr. Adeniran(7/4/16)
Edidot College gave me hope that my children will be world leaders. I can see it coming already. Thank you Edidot.
Doctor Fakunle(11/2/16)
After the Annual Business day last month, my son has been dreaming big. Keep it up Edidot.
Barrister Kenneth (11/2/16)
Thank God I discovered Edidot College. My children are doing great there. More grease to your elbow Edidot.
Mrs Gold(11/2/16)
Edidot College is a good school. My boys are proud of their school and I'm happy they are fitting in well.
Mrs Kumbi Adeleye(11/28/16)
The first time i visited Edidot school, i was impressed by the hands on practical experience given to the children, it allows them explore their creativity.
Mrs Grace Okoedo(4/25/17)
One of the things I appreciate about the school is that I can closely monitor my son's academic progress.
Mrs Ajibade(4/28/17)
i believe the staff in Edidot Awoyaya are doing a great work. My son speaks highly of the school anytime we discuss his week. Thank you
Engr Dike(5/5/17)
Not everything is perfect but at least i'm satisfied with the quality of teaching and the fact that my children enjoy the school. i see the way they relate with their classmates and teachers in an healthy manner,no intimidation. i like that
Mrs Oluwole(5/7/17)
My Son had a wonderful time during his 5 years at Edidot College.The staff are truly dedicated and they love the children. God bless Edidot
Mrs Ajayi(8/3/17)

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