Greenfields Pinnacle School, Abuja is a private Primary / Creche Schools in Abuja

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Greenfields Pinnacle School, Abuja

Diligent Hands
Why Greenfields Pinnacle School, Abuja?
I'd say, 1. the teachers in the school are sincerely committed to the children in their care 2. The environment stimulates learning and creativity. I've never seen my children bloom and look forward to school like they have in Greenfields 3. I'll say they identify gaps in kids across various tiers of development and partner with parents to actually do something about it. 4. (Jara)...
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Public Speaking builds confidence. Our Head Girl giving her Speech.
Greenfielders are prolific Writers. This is Vol. II, Vol.III is underway. Won't you rather have your Child become a writer?
Shoe making is part of the entrepreneural skills that Greenfielders acquire. Pleasurable work that fits their feet.
Food processing that brings satisfaction. Greenfielders know garri comes from cassava because they followed through with the process from peeling to frying.



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  • Greenfields Pinnacle School is a school that genuinely understands how children learn. They understand that children learn by questioning
  • creating and applying the knowledge garnered. My children have recorded tremendous growth in our 3 years of being with Greenfields Pinnacle School. The pupils not only learn academically in a content rich manner but they learn to use their hands. They are taught to be creative and to solve problems. My 9- year old daughter joined Greenfields in Primary 1. Shortly after
  • she started a business called Olivia's Jewelries after learning bead making at school. She had her first exhibition at School which was a huge success. During the lock down she did not keep idle. She wasn't in school but believed with diligent hands she can create and so she started learning to knit. She got videos and learnt to knit. My 7- year old daughter didn't keep idle either. She got videos and she learnt how to bake. Today
  • she bakes cakes
  • cookies and doughnuts. While doing well creatively
  • they also excel academically. The creativity and growth mindset instilled in the children is second to none. Greenfields Pinnacle School prepares her pupils for life. As a parent
  • this is one decision I am proud I made. When I count my blessings
  • Greenfields Pinnacle School is one of them. Amb. Odemi Oy Soluade Esq. (Mental Altitude Specialist) Speaker
  • Author
  • Writer. Founder
  • Mind your Mind Nigeria.
  • School Bus Service
  • The outstanding thing about the school is that their teaching methods are not generalized
  • they actually tailored for each child. They take time to observe the learning method for each kid and they customize it for them. That's super cool. Secondly
  • the go with the idea that every child is a star and has a potential stored on the inside
  • and they go about drawing out that untapped reservoir of talent in each child
  • setting them on a great pathway for life. Thirdly
  • their teachers are sent from above
  • with each of them clothed with an oversized garment of patience. Chai. They have devised many ways to communicate with the kids and get them to be their best. They are a great team. In fact the team is amazing. I could go on and on but time will fail me. The learning environment
  • the top notch excellent Spirit that has been endowed in the Proprietress
  • the workshops and seminars
  • field trips
  • excursions etc. that are regularly organized to ensure a well rounded individual. Team Greenfields
  • up you. You guys are the real deal. Onyinye-Chikelu Oballum Dress and Pattern Maker
  • French or foreign languages
  • Inter-House Sports
  • Special Music Class
  • Quiz/Debate/Spelling Bee
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Prize/Award giving day
  • Etiquette (Teaching)
  • Local excursions/field trips
  • Class Party
  • Shoe Making
  • Beading
  • Sewing
  • Food Processing
  • Leadership.
  • Art and Craft
  • Entrepreneur
  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Foreign Languages
  • MAD Science
N151 000 - N300 000
Not Stated
  • Primary
  • Toddler
  • Nursery
  • Creche/Daycare
  • Spelling Bee Competition
  • First Position
A73 Unity Drive, Shelter View Estate, Lokogoma
A73, Unity Drive, Shelter View Estate Opposite Copa Cabana Homes Off Canary Street, Apo-Lokogoma Road, Abuja
Ask me about admissions
  • Ajonye Stephen Ameh
  • Admission Officer
  • +2349076781199

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