7 Things to consider as parents during holidays.

Holidays are some sort of free days for leisure and recreation as we all know. It is true that the brain needs break from school stress at some point but at the same time needs to stay alive always so to avoid forgetfulness and state of dormancy. It will be required of you as a concerned parent to look out for ways to help make your child be better, here are a few tips suggested below as the holiday is around the corner:

1. Make Sure They Eat Healthy

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Give your kids proper balance diet, for those who eat less, provide them with supplements and multivitamins, more so enough fruits and vegetables is required, encourage them to drink water often and also a glass of milk, as research by international dairy journal shows that milk does not only help the bones but boast mental performance, low fat milk won’t be bad too.

2. Give Them A Break And Ensure Not To Exceed It

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As soon as the break approaches, put in efforts to make sure that your children have restful time, engage them with activities that would help them relax their nerves such as swimming, going to the movies, playing with their mates (helps them do a lot of catch ups) and so on.

In each day ensure there are some playful and restful moments to make balance, try not to prolong the break as too much of everything is not good.

3. Make The Home Conducive For Learning

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They are psychological effects that surround the brain and the environment, how is your home? A neat and well-kept home will go a long way in assisting your child’s development. You may need study table and chair for your kids, if possible a study room, what are the type of decorations placed in their rooms, does it speak volume in respect of learning? For the little ones, how does their bedspread design look like, will it teach the children? The kids need toys while teenagers need games that would help stimulate their thinking ability such as board games (ludo, chess,draft e.t.c), and any other productive game.



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Apply an active method whereby a child is constantly asked questions that he/she could either answer or be propelled to do a research on, it could be general questions or based on what the child had learnt in class having studied the scheme of work for his/her previous term. This method would help that child’s brain to be kept alive knowing fully well that questions may be popped up at anytime, you will be surprised on how that child would come back to you with questions for clarity or may have to contradict your opinion with reasonable facts, this would prove to you that growth has been made in his/her thinking ability. It could be in form of practicals, for example while cooking in the kitchen you can ask that the child measures 1/2 cup of an ingredient into a bowl or other questions like, if 3 cups of rice would feed the six of us, how many cups of rice would feed us when we are ten?, What is the capital of Lagos state? Where is the statue of liberty located (this is a research question as it may not be taught in schools but because you want your child to be vast in knowledge) and so on.


5. Enroll Your Kids Into Holiday/Summer Classes


Your kids would have to be kept busy with some holiday classes where they can learn new skills from either their tutors or classmates, a place where they can have proper recreation that would keep their minds in a happy state. New knowledge gained can enhance their next learning stage. Here, they can learn even more artistic skills like sewing, hair making, drawing etc, and scientific skills like electrical circuit construction and other interesting stuff like learning new languages, baking and so on.


6. Take Note Of The Television Channels And Books Your Kids Are Engaged With

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This will depend on the age of your child, persuade child to watch stations that will help boast his/her speaking ability like fluency in English, channels that would teach etiquette, news, documentaries like that of wild lives, history, sports and intellectual movies only for their age, music sometimes to light up their moods.Teach also the act of reading, buy books that may cover stories, inspirational, vocabulary and even documentaries.Be careful with your kids engagements to avoid them being exposed to the wrong and unnecessary things.


7. Family Outings

This is one essential thing you can do for your kids, they always want to be reminded that they are loved and accepted.Try as much as possible to take them out with you to places they can relate with, like shoprite ( you can show them how to use the Point Of Sale, POS machine), the village ( where they can understand their origin and history) amusement park, mountain climbing, skating (if the family engages in travelling abroad for vacations), zoo, cinemas and the list goes on, you may also use any cost effective means to teach your child, like showing them vegetation or rivers while travelling and teaching them what you know about it, showing them a railway, taking them to a farm if you want them to have an idea on agriculture (farmland, fish pond, poultry, pigsty and others), teaching them landmark methods by reading up almost every sign post they see on the way or taking note of a particular building, bridge etc, showing them statues and the stories behind them to mention a few.

These and many more are the tips you can apply on your kids for positive results and enhancement.

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