5 Tricks On How To Make Your Kids Listen

Why can’t you just listen? Parents say this a lot, and not to anyone else apart from their children. In fact, if you put parents in a room and ask them what the major challenge they have with their kids, they will complain about the same thing, “My children don’t listen to me.”

So how then do you get your kids to listen? It is very simple!

1.   Be an example of active listening

How many of you can say you do listen to our kids? Let us face the truth, many of you do not listen either. We can hear what they are saying, but our eyes and mind are on our phones or laptops expecting that call or text. Active listening goes beyond just using your ears, you put your heart into it as well. active listening is more than just listening to the words they speak, but hearing and understanding some hidden messages and responding to the.

2.   Stop talking

Can you count the number of instructions you give to your kids daily? And how many of these do they actually carry out? You see, there is little these kids can even assimilate on a daily basis. So why not make those they listen to count?

3.   Allow them to learn

You reduce how you talk or instruct them and watch as situations unfold. How does this happen? After you might have instructed them to do something and they refuse, you let them bear whatever consequences might come with their disobedience. If your daughter refuses to put her cookie snack away no matter how many times you tell her, let her come back to meet a spoilt cookie tomorrow. If his toys remain unpacked after telling your son, pack them, and put them away for a while.  

4.   Don’t scream, whisper instead

Your voice tends to rise the more frustrated you get – which means you end up yelling at your kids. When kids refuse to do what they are asked, they themselves know they would definitely be yelled at. But if you lower your voice to whisper instead, you might be surprised at the outcome. When you speak at a lower voice, they are forced to come closer to you, or don’t you want them close to you? This trick is known to work on everyone, including your spouse.

5.   Show them love

Sometimes, kids refuse to listen so as to prove a point to us, they are like “why must I always be the one?” Some even do that just to get our attention. Even though it might feel like you should spank them, why not hug them instead. The smallest sign of love will go a long way to calm a raging mind.

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