Raising Your Children Like Millennial Parent(s)

No matter the generation we are part of, we just want our children to enjoy the best and we will put in every work to make sure this happens. However, the world is changing – it is different from what we know it to be some 50 years ago. But before we go into the detail of the topic, we need to understand who millennial parents are – millennials are those that were born between the mid-80s and late-90s.

So why do you want to raise your children like a millennial parent? Millennial parents face challenges, but they have resources, and are open to opportunities that their parents never experienced. This has led to a huge difference in how millennials see parenting.

1.   Starting families later

You might have probably heard many young couples saying ‘we are not rushing to give birth‘, apart from that, many of them are not even stressed about getting married very early, compared to when their parents got married. You might be wondering why is that so? Many of them put their families on hold to pursue their careers, with expenses increasing, one would want to be financially buoyant before even thinking of raising kids.

2.   More informed

Looking at the amount of information they are opened to, thanks the internet, millennial parents are always seeking for parenting tips. They are opened to know about how certain tips might have worked for some, and why it didn’t work for others.

3.   Communication is key

Millennial parents seek out more ways to be present in their kids’ life. Not only that, they also allow their kids partake in the decision-making process of the family. Rather than forcing the children to do things, they provide them with choices. Having a real conversation with their little ones helps keep the situation real.

4.   Fathers are getting more involved

Unlike the old fathers that allow the mothers to do the whole parenting while they ‘look for what to feed the family with‘. Now fathers are learning to be part of their children’s life. They are trying their best to be the best father figure for their kids. Fathers now go to the market, they back their babies, go to PTA meetings, attend recitals, and even change diapers. I am sure you have seen the video of the father dancing ballet with the daughter on stage. That is what millennial fathers do.

5.   They do not call themselves just dad and mom

There is this saying that “millennial parents can do it all“. They ensure their children come first, and this does not stop them from pursuing their passions as well.

6.   Health-conscious

Millennial parents are more health-conscious than the previous generation of parents. They ensure this part of them is fused into their lifestyle and parenting style.

7.   Saving for later

Once they start giving birth, that is extra expense. It also means they need to save more, not just for themselves alone, but also for their children. They also teach their kids about money and how to save.  

As you can see that the parenting world we are in now is quite different from what it used to be. Millennial parents might not be doing it the same way their parents did it. This is because new challenges are rising, and these challenges require a new approach. They are doing what it takes to meet those challenges.

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