Foreign Languages; a prerequisite in Schools.


Most persons who studied in a Nigerian School a decade back have no foreign language skills, when asked they usually reply “I studied French in school but I cannot speak it”. Most went by foreign languages classes enough to learn “Je m’appelle Henry” and other simple statements; they grew to regret this waste of ample opportunity.


Why should we be bothered about foreign languages?

Notwithstanding global acceptance and cultural appreciation, learning a foreign language gives the child a leg up in many areas of their lives. Despite boosting a child’s reading abilities and increasing academic performance, learning a foreign language also improves interpersonal skills which help build profitable relationships globally.

Learning foreign languages should be elementary.

Previous generations have been stung by the language barrier which makes today’s parents want more courses on languages, local and International. They expect French,¬†Spanish, German and even Mandarin to be taught to children as young as two years old. Foreign languages have become an important criteria for Parents in selecting a school for their ward.

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