Most parents shy away from sending their children to boarding schools because they are afraid of bullying, bad meals, diseases and many more. The boarding system in Nigeria has so evolved that these fears are simply fallacious. These atrocious stereotypes have no standing in private boarding schools today. Below are the top boarding schools where your children can grow with wonderful facilities at their beck and call:

Chrisland Pre-degree College

Preparing your child for the University has never come in a better form. Chrisland pre-degree college provides a home away from home with only the best for the students. With facilities and highly qualified teachers at the beck and call of students at anytime of the day there is no question that Chrisland pre-degree college leaves a blazing trail to be followed.

Meadow Hall College

Meadow Hall Schools provide their students with stronger academic and social skills which prepare them for not only university but also the world after. Always available for students are top-notch facilities which very few schools can boast about. Meadow hall schools sustain a clean comfortable hostel facility entirely favorable to children from all walks of life.

Bridge House Schools

Bridge House College do more than the average school, they enhance your child’s chances of placement in top universities within and outside Nigeria. Social skills are an important aspect of your child’s life and Bridge House College realize this. Your child gains peers for life in a pleasant learning environment with prime resources needed to benefit him for life anywhere in the world.

Attwool School

Attwool School is a co-educational secondary school that runs a broad-based international curriculum. The school is fully equipped with amenities to nurture children to meet the challenges of today’s world head on. Boarding facilities that create a comfortable and vibrant environment for students with adequate recreational activities that develop the mind and body.

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