The Montessori Method: Why you should encourage it

Some say it is the Montessori age, as almost all schools around the world are currently using the Montessori method for pupils. Hold on, before you get all into the wave you have to know the basic history of this method presently helping your child develop. Who brought about it and how? Well as always we have you covered.

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator. She treated many poor and working-class children who attended the free clinics. During that time, she observed that inborn intelligence was present in children of all socio-economic backgrounds.

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She eventually  became the director of the Orthophrenic School (In the 1900 the Orthophrenic School was a place where teachers were trained in educating mentally disabled children with an attached laboratory classroom).

Maria working with a child in Rome 1907

She began to extensively research early childhood development and education. After working with developmentally disabled children, Maria Montessori  success spurred her desire to test her teaching methods on “normal” children. After subsequent trial and error the montessori theory was established.

Some learning equipments at Oaks & Acorns Montessori Schools.

The montessori ideology is built on the idea that children learn best in an environment that supports their natural desire to acquire skills and knowledge, classrooms are to be filled with readily available and well organized learning materials to be utilized by the children to foster co-operation while building intellect.

Doveland International Schools utilises equipments to foster co-operation in pupils.

This technique encourages teachers to stand back and follow the child’s unique pace, unlike previous methods where information handed down from teachers.

Adorable Toes School’ pupil learning on her own.

Montessori method supports a hands-on and inquiring mode of receiving information that develops the child intellect, curiosity and confidence.

Pupils learning hands-on at The Sage School Abuja.

The Montessori approach urges adults to respect children’s choices, this prepares the children to become independent and confident adults in the near future.

This method of educating approaches learning by emphasizing on active learning, independence, co-operation.

Learning is fun at Yettyland Preparatory School

A pupil at Yettyland Preparatory School using montessori materials to learn.

Children naturally view montessori method of teaching as fun and there’s no better time for a child to learn than when they’re having fun.

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