Most parents do not consider music search criteria when seeking to enrol their ward in a school. There is a tendency to focus more on the basic and standard studies in schools such as writing, reading, and arithmetic. Little do they know that music is as important as other subjects.

As we all know, music is the art of combining vocal cords or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music is a thing of the soul and mind. It improves the education of our children by helping them make a connection and broadening the degree with which they think and feel and it helps in building children’s intellectual development. Through music, the creativity and perpetual motor skills of the children are increased. The children find it easy to use their imagination or original ideas to create something. Music grooms the personal and social skills and also increase the emotional sensitivity of the children.

Music is an enjoyable subject that helps the skilfulness of memorization of the students and boosts the interest of the child to stay engaged in school. It has been discovered that musically trained participants remembered 17% more verbal information than those without musical training.

Below is a list of top Nigerian schools that have redefined music teaching



Image Source: Doveland Schools

Doveland Schools has provided a beautiful classroom with musical instruments and instructor for music lecture and this shows that those in the administration know the importance of music to the children.


Image Source: Winfield Montessori School

Winfield Montessori School is committed to making music a recreational activity and enjoyable to their children.


Image Source: Glowing Ages Academy

Glowing Ages Academy has music instructors who are patient to impact music knowledge to the children.


Image source: Albesta Academy

Just imagine a school with a music studio, Albesta Academy has created a friendly environment for their children to study music.


Image Source: City of Knowledge Academy

City of knowledge has created music band not just for learning music but also for learning how to play the different instruments.


Image Source: Concordia College

Concordia College is a school that encourages music in their curriculum. Student are taught how to play different instrument


Image Source: Alpha Covenant Heritage School

Alpha Covenant Heritage school has a session for music. The preschool pupils are taught how to be self-reliant and organised in music.


Image Source: Grenville Schools

Grenville has a standard music classroom with musical instruments which are used to train the students.



We don’t think our list is exhaustive and we will be happy to add more schools. To add your school to this list, simply comment with the name of your school in the box below, sign up or log in to your profile on SchoolsCompass and upload the image of your music activities.

Thanks for helping Nigerian parents choose the best schools for their wards.



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