The West African Examination Council, WAEC has placed a ban on all private secondary schools teachers from supervising their internal and external examinations. Is this action going to eliminate exam malpractice in Nigerian schools?
Exam malpractice can be best described as a corrupt or illegal practice that is done deliberately by students and teachers during examination and it has different forms such as copying from another student’s test, copying from an answer sheet, bringing in cheat notes, plagiarism, colluding to obtain test answers, impersonating another student during a test and refusing to stop taking the test when the test is over. These actions are common during WASSCE exam which led to the banning of private schools teachers in Nigeria from supervising during WAEC examination. 

Furthermore, this information was made known to the general public by the head of public affairs of WAEC Nigeria, Demianus Ojijeogu that recently the said supervisors from private schools do aid exams malpractice because they have nothing to lose. They have no pension nor gratuity from their employers, so most of them mainly look for money during national examinations.  It is believed that the familiarity between the students and schools teachers increases the chances of exam malpractice during WASSCE while some teachers tax the students in order to make extra earns but the banning of private schools teacher from supervising WAEC exam and the using of more WAEC supervisors during exam does not guarantee the elimination of exam malpractice but it can curb it to an extent because Humans in nature are corrupt.

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