Finding the best stories for primary school children is essential for all parents who wish for their children to begin developing reading habits. The earlier the better! In the first place, it is important to note that children ought to start reading at their own beat, without it being forced upon them. Reading time ought to be pleasant, about discovery and never an obligation. Driving a child to read may create the correct inverse outcome to which we are looking for. Reading is loaded with joys and an approach to find new things. This is what we want them to understand.

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Stories composed for primary school children will help them to grow their creative ability, picking up their attention with animals, wizards, princesses… the sort of components that go into children’s fantasies. Likewise, young children are in an imperative learning stage, so storybooks are an incredible method to strengthen their insight of the alphabet, words and different materials.



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Which are the most appropriate stories for primary school children?

The best stories for primary school children are the ones that associate components from inside their creative energy, to the things around them, in reality, and in their present everyday lives, for example, school, friends, pets, pets and so on. The language utilized ought to be simple and easy to understand. No confused words or complex paragraphs, they should contain differed scenes, short description and however much activity as possible. Children lose interest rapidly!

It is likewise perfect that stories for primary school children answer questions concerning themselves and subtly guide them towards what is good and bad. Children’s stories are a superb method to prepare young people for the many events and choices that will come into their lives.

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Examples of ideal stories for young children

Parents looking for stories for their children have numerous choices accessible to them. For instance:

1. The incomparable works of art. 

similar ones that they read as children.

2. Children’s stories: Likewise works of art however with ethics and stories that keep on applying.

3. Recent stories to bring awareness: Short stories in regards to bullying, respect, tolerance and so forth.

4. Locally adjusted legends: There are numerous stories for children that have been adjusted from memorable legends to enable them to understand their way of life.

5. Interactive stories: Technology has additionally made it into children’s stories! On the internet, it is possible to discover numerous stories with coordinated sound and visual impacts that the younger ones will love.


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Choosing one type or another depends on the parents, of course, but it is recommended to use a wide variety. This way, we can help prevent the child from becoming bored and we will give them the chance to find out about many different types of situations. This is why the best stories for primary school children are the ones that awaken their creative ability, that opens them up to new universes, and above all, have the broadest variety available to them!

Here are a couple of particular examples of children’s stories, perfect children around primary school age:
– The brave tin soldier by Hans Christian Andersen: A record-breaking great book children can learn values from, a story that both their parents and grandparents knew before them.

– Aladdin by Greg Couch: Another work of art, however, enables kids to find out about another culture, in a fantastic surrounding. Furthermore, if that wasn’t sufficient, it will help them to remember one of their favorite movies!

– The tortoise and the hare by Aesop: A story that never gets old. It is a story to enable children to find out about the significance of effort and perseverance, and furthermore about competing in a healthy and honest way.

– Samankwe and the Highway Robbers by Cyprian Ekwensi: Set in present-day eastern Nigeria this adventure story is centered around the prevalent problems of robbery and crime.

– Without a Silver Spoon by Arowolo Femi: It tells the story of Ure Chokwe’s determination to go to school in spite of his poor background.

–  Flying Tortoise By Anezi Okoro: Okoro takes on the classic folktales of Igbo culture in this novel. For the first time, Tortoise leaves his home on earth to explore outer space, taking on environmental problems and the timeless themes of mankind and society.

–  How the Leopard got its claws by Chinua Achebe and John Iroaganachi: Recounts how the leopard got his claws and teeth and why he rules the forest with terror.

–  The First Corn by Mabel Segun: This is an exciting story of how a man got his first seed of corn. The vocabulary is graded and the story is rendered in simple and conversational English.

–  Sugar Girl by Kola Onadipe: A Juvenile fiction literature book of how Raila got missing from home under mysterious and unfortunate circumstances. Thereafter, she goes through ordeals, one after the other: First in the hands of a wicked witch and then a hunter. Will she survive these ordeals and return home…and under what circumstances?
When you set out to discover stories for your kids, you will discover hundreds and hundreds to choose from. The most critical thing is that your children appreciate them, paying little mind to the sort you picked. And furthermore, don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting more enjoyment from reading than they get from listening.



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