SchoolsCompass is borne out of the necessity for parents to genuinely get detailed information about schools before making a decision.

We are a group of parents that are passionate about quality education for children of school age. Research has shown that when a child is ripe for education, parents usually face difficulties choosing the right school for the child. Some settle for a school mainly because of its appealing appearance, but informed parents settle for a school that is right for the child.

Enroll & win 2019 is organized by SchoolCompass and supported by Zeco UK and Schoolable, Nigeria. The Promo is to run from 29th of July – 19th of September 2019. Fabulous gifts such as school bags, water bottles, umbrellas, pens await your child if you enroll in ANY school of your choice on our platform. The grand prize which is 2019/2020 first term tuition fee for 3 lucky winners, and another lucky winner will have a free one-off supply of school uniform from ZECO, UK.

How to Enter

  1. Visit
  2. Search for any Primary or Secondary school of your choice in Nigeria.
  3. Enroll your child.
  4. Once the school confirms your enrollment, your child wins.

Terms and Condition

  1. Parents are not obliged to choose a particular school, we only provide options. You are free to choose any school from the options of schools provided .
  2. Staff and Families of school owners that enroll in their school are not eligible.
  3. Parent (s) with more than 1 Kid can win only ONE grand prize for a kid and fabulous gift items for other kids.
  4. Winners of the grand prizes will be determined through a raffle draw to be streamed live.
  5. Prizes will be given through the office of the school owner/head.
  6. Winners of our grand prizes can only win any of the grand prizes after 3 years.
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