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Nigeria as a nation is divided into six (6) geopolitical zones. These zones were created during the regime of General Sani Abacha and based on the belief of many that these zones were created based on the geographical location, they were instead created with states with the same ethnicity and share the same political history. Among the six zones in the North Central, popularly called the Middle Belt which comprises 7 states; Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, and Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The Nigerian economic, political and educational resources are all shared across the geopolitical zones. No nation will talk about development, without including education, education is a vital part of any country that wishes to develop; be it social, physical, or economical. It starts from birth and does not end until the end of an individual. This is why we have schools established by the government and those that are owned by individuals; also known as private schools. According to the 2015 Nigeria Education Data Survey, 78% voted ‘Better School’ as their reason for enrolling their kids in private schools. 13% chose proximity, while 4% chose the budget. As a guide to parents who are looking for good private schools in any of the 7 states of the North Central, we have put together 20 lists for you. 

2015 Nigeria Education Data Survey for Boarding School



CSA is among the leading providers of outstanding primary and secondary education in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. An international school that was awarded the best performing school in FCT, and also the African Achievers Award UK. Capital science is a well-established and highly successful Secondary Boarding School that started operation in the year 2003. They have no restriction whatsoever on nationality, ethnicity, and religion as they have on campus both Chapel and Mosque. CSA provides richness in academics as they follow the Nigerian British curriculum for primary and up to the secondary level where the students are trained to sit for IGCSE and GCSE examinations. The primary and secondary campuses are located at Kado and Kuje, FCT respectively. 


Imagine being tagged as the safest school in 2018? That title alone should tell you this is no ordinary school. Funtajs’ vision to help students succeed in academics was brought into limelight on 15th of September 1997. Funtaj is a day and boarding school for both gender with both primary and secondary sections. The school operates the British Nigeria curriculum where teachers employ a wide repertoire of teaching and learning strategies, actively engaging students in the learning process. The school has two campuses with both day and boarding facilities and a wide range of extra-curricular activities that create an atmosphere that supports learning. 


“Today’s Preparation Determines Tomorrow’s Achievement”. CPS is an all-inclusive International School that offers a broad and balanced educational experience with the aim that your children fulfill their academic and social potential. Established in September 2018, CPS offers an International Education that implements the National and Cambridge Syllabus. CPS is equipped up to the standard that can be found in the best schools in the world, making it school is an ideal institution for those who want their kids to experience wonderful learning. Recognized by the Cambridge Associated Toastmasters International. Do not miss what CPS has to offer.


After dropping her profession and relocating to help the education system of Nigeria, Mrs. Donna Wallace founded Oxford Manor College. With no money but just dreams, her drive to establish Oxford Manor was prompted by the complaints of many about the poor system of Education in Nigeria. In 2014, Oxford Manor College started and has grown to be among the top schools in Abuja. Recognized by the Cambridge Associated Duke of Edinburgh International Award Foundation Toastmasters International, they aim at bringing up well-balanced young adults that are responsible for themselves and developing them to have a strong work ethic, perseverance, and a sense of self-worth. They have their campuses located at Ministers Hill and Katampe Extension, Abuja.


The first school was established by Mrs. Donna Wallace; also the founder of Oxford Manor College. The success of the school came because of many things; they ran full British curriculum were kids from a tender age start to learn other foreign languages, the school ensured the environment was built so kids can understand and appreciate learning rather than just reading to pass. One amazing thing was their school calendar, the holiday is given only once in a year. While other kids are on break, Tender Years is in session and the pupils enjoyed it, they started seeing learning as fun. Parents started trooping into to enroll their children. The security is outstanding, giving chance to parents to come to pick their kids even after work. You do not have to be worried if they have eaten, the school provides a meal up to 5 times depending on the age of the kid. The two campuses (Wuse 2Ministers Hill) provides a wide array of educational and extra-curricular activities in an environment that allows students to discover their strengths and achieve their maximum potential.


With the belief that a strong language arts curriculum provides explicit instruction in reading, writing, speaking, listening and language skills, Totslands’ program prepares a pupil to comprehend and communicate effectively, in order to understand themselves, others, and their society. At Totsland, each child is seen as a unique being created by God as a gift to man. With this in mind, great importance is placed on the development of the whole child. They have a wide range of facilities and activities that help stimulate one of the best learning and nurturing environment. Among these are the MAD Science, an educational and entertaining science program for children that present concepts in a visual and interactive manner. Their strength lies in the small class sizes, which gives the teachers the ability to cater to every child. Read more about Totsland Schools.


Situated at Mbora District, Lifecamp, FCT is Lela Blossom School, a faith-based school that provides comprehensive and functional educational services in a conducive environment. The schools aim at supporting the development of every child, and setting them up with the right cultural, social, moral skills, and biblical values for the rest of their lives. They have both the primary and secondary section operating a broad-based curriculum that exposes the students and prepares them for full development and improvement in their academic endeavors. If you have a child interested in Taekwondo and MAD science, Lela blossom is the best option for them. 


While many are of the notion that girls should end up in the kitchen, Noble Hall is looking to shape and build girls to be future leaders. The entry-level is between the ages of 11-16, the school has both day and boarding facilities that are geared to developing the leadership skills in them. You might be wondering why it is all-girls school, the belief of the school management is that there should be no limitations on your daughter’s ambitions, professional and personal. Being an all-girls school does not stop them from enjoying, they are exposed to ALL opportunities, whether it be is in arts, sport, science, expeditions, careers insights or other extracurricular activities. The school curriculum also caters to students in need of extra assistance; this program is to support the student and help close the learning gap. Let your girl child enroll in Nobel Hall.


A school that focuses on the use of the Montessori curriculum with the integration of the 21st-century teaching method. Little Einstein was established with the vision to produce many Einsteins in our world. They take pride in the training they give to their teachers so they can deliver the best teaching method in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. The kids are exposed to facilities and extra-curricular activities; art projects, Speed Reading, Mad Science, Swimming and so many more. Your child is exposed to a safe learning environment with constant monitoring of all children through the use a CCTV, biometric access control, and remote monitoring of classrooms from home for parents. With this you are sure that your child is given opportunity to learn from top-notch teachers, an appropriate curriculum that nurtures, challenges, and engages children as lifelong learners. Expose your child to the best learning and nurturing environment by visiting Little Einstein today.


There’s no shortcut to success other than hard work, this was the comment of Dr. Engr Olusegun Okebiorun in 2017 after the school recorded distinction in mathematics for every student in the 2017 WAEC, 85% distinction in civic studies, in biology and all other subjects, they also recorded 33 out of 48 distinctions in the overall result; that is a feat schools will find difficult to match. Kingsville started as a primary school but later upgraded to the secondary section. The school has both day and boarding facilities in a dynamic, favorable and conducive learning environment. The aim of this is to produce intelligent, enlightened and highly socialized scholars, who are fit to pursue higher education and become effective, integrated and productive members of society. Let your kid be part of Kingsville’s story.


With the mission to raise a new generation of world-class leaders, Toddlers Haven was established in 2004. The school is a basic education school that caters for the needs of children between the ages of 4months to 10 years in their Daycare, Preschool and primary classes. With these services and highly experienced teachers, they are able to raise the standard of Pre-primary and primary education they deliver to their students. Some of their facilities and extra-curricular activities involve; school bus service, good & standard laboratory, children with special needs, STEM, French or foreign languages and many more like that. They emerged champions for Macmillan Team Spirit in 2011 and 2012. Toddlers Haven tuition is really affordable with a negotiable sibling discount. Let your reach a greater height at Toddlers Haven


40 years of service in the Nigerian Education sector is not a common achievement every school can boast of, but Chrisland has stood the test of time, being a pacesetter institution for most of the secondary schools in Nigeria. Chrisland School Abuja; Primary and Secondary is part of the Chrisland Schools Limited, striving to develop the potential of each student and staff member optimally through quality education. The school is a 21st-century education institution with well-equipped Laboratories, ICT research centers, a multi-functional hall, sickbay and the first-world ratio of students educator classroom sizes. Learning is done in an E-learning concept class, with interactive smart boards and audio-visual apparatus. The students are also provided with a balanced daily cooked meal and a bus run to support the safe transport of every student.  



A co-educational Day and Boarding private school established as a means to aid the government in its aim to provide quality secondary education in the country. The school was established in 2004 with the vision of providing secondary education that competes with that of international standards. With this vision, they can boast of 70% pass for their students in their final exams. They provide outstanding learning experience to the students in a serene conducive environment; with a small class ratio, fully equipped and functional day and boarding facilities. Their care for students extends to the level where they have teacher-parenting program; whereby a student has a teacher-parent. More benefits await your child at Princess Adeja International College



A school set to build a strong foundation for their children. With day and boarding facilities that create a home away from home conducive learning environment. The students are taught using the American curriculum with a team of qualified teachers, they are provided with the best qualitative education. The primary and secondary sections are situated in the same area with provision for children with special needs. Some of their activities include: French or foreign languages, Inter-House Sports, Special Music Class among other examples. Read more about Julitola. 


Named after the State, Kogi, CIA serves as a school where children can get a good learning foundation for their primary and secondary classes. They were awarded the Best School in Lokoja by NOA as a result of their passion and tradition of providing students with outstanding teaching in academics and character as well. A school that seeks to grow more, they improve their teaching condition by implementing a standard ICT center, sports complex/playground, good & standard library to ensure that the student receives a holistic development in academics and extra-curricular activities. 



When you acknowledge God in all you do, every other thing becomes easy to attain. This is the motto of Adesoye College, and with this in mind, they have been able to achieve a lot. It is a co-educational school that serves students from every work of life, both in the country and outside. The learning environment comprises full-boarding facilities and team of staff that is dedicated to build your child into a highly educated, self-confident and responsible young adult. The students have lots of interests to develop from the wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs they can engage themselves in. The all-round development of the students is also paramount, which is why they instill into the students the spirit of service, self-motivation, and self-discipline in them. Learn more about how Adesoye College can be of help to your child. 


Roemichs International School is an International School where unity, respect, cultural diversity and understanding are promoted and excellence in learning is achieved. Established in 2006 in a safe and happy environment where teachers and students work together to help the students attain their full potential. Students are seen as life-long learners, so the school uses every opportunity to provide the students with access to life-changing information and technologies. This can be seen in the facilities that the school has on the ground, comprising of boarding hostels that accommodate students from every cultural background. They take pride in their entrepreneurship skills, which has won them awards; first place in the 2014 Kwara State Entrepreneurship Competition and Second Place in the 2015 Competition. Roemichs is tagged the topmost International School at delivering Excellence in all things.


TAICO is a private, co-educational boarding school for students between the ages of 11 – 19 years of age, founded in 1997 at a location deliberately picked to stay away from the noise and distractions of life that poses as barriers to the development of young minds. Their belief is that excellence does not come only in academics, but also in every aspect of human life. To ensure that education is made available for every one of their students, and as a means of rewarding them, they award scholarships to prospective students that are joining the school in Year 7 and 10. Applicants from outside the country are also accepted, showing you that there is no restriction or barrier to ethnicity or culture. The school was the only school in Nigeria and West Africa to be chosen in the USA as a Pathfinder School as part of its worldwide Innovative School’s Program. Let your child be part of TAICO success stories. 



Named after a missionary is Kent Academy, is a full-boarding Christian school with both primary and secondary sections. The atmosphere provides a conducive learning environment, surrounded by Mother Nature. Their training is rooted in the Biblical view that every individual is created with certain gifts/potential. It is then the responsibility of the school with a team of competent staff and needed resources (facilities; academic and extra-curricular) to help encourage the students to develop their potential to the fullest. Academic training is focused on giving children a firm foundation in the basics: Bible, Mathematics, Reading, and Writing which are key to other subjects. The curriculum is internationally (North American) based. They partner with parents to ensure this aim of guiding the students is achieved. 


It is a Christ-centered school that was established in 2007. It is situated in a serene environment of Jos. A co-educational boarding school aimed at providing an all-round enriching education in a conducive Christian environment for raising youths. At Adonai Vine School, each child is given a complete and functional education that helps prepare them to assume a leadership role with ease. Every child is trained to attain their full potential and develop an enormous level of professionalism that would help them in their different chosen careers. 


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