Every child has a talent, and it is your duty as the parent to help them build and develop such talent. We have so many talented names that are to reckon with in the world today. They all started out as young minds like your kids, picking interest in a particular field, and in the end becoming successful at what they do. Look at Michael Jordan, his talent was not initially appreciated as he was not allowed into his high school basketball team. However, as of today, he is the greatest NBA player alive. Walt Disney was sent away from his job due to his lack of ‘creativity’, who does not know Mickey Mouse or Aladdin today? So many brilliant minds like that have stepped foot on this earth, they developed an interest in something and in the long run become great at what they do. The question here for you is, how were they able to succeed? The answer is simple, they were all talented. 

Parents most times just focus on the academic of their child alone; do not get us wrong, academic excellence is essential to the development of your child. You do not because of this overlook the importance of creativity and fun in their upbringing. We already shed light on how to discover your child’s talent. So when the discovery has been made, what is next? The best way to raise a child with talent is by first respecting the fact that they are unique. This attitude starts at home, with the parents. The respect you give unto them boosts their confidence to want to do more and perform better. Here are 5 practical ideas to develop your child’s talent;

1. Expose them to a wide range of interests. Interests like music, art, sports, science, mathematics. Etc. by doing this, you build them towards developing a love for something. Learning for them becomes fun rather than a task. 

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2. Spend time with them: kids are always inquisitive; they always want to know more about something. Ignoring them can get them annoyed, but spending quality time to talk with them shows that you support and respect them. 

3. Provide them with all-round education. The school you enroll your kid in is very important to their success in life, and not only in their academics but in the development of their talents. A school that will provide your child with great learning that extends beyond the classroom. This will expose the child to various activities, and also help the child groom his/her current interest. Schools also have extra-curricular activity; the school should have the activity that your child has an interest in as well.

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4. Take them out to programs related to the interest and talents they have. Is your child’s interest in sports, take them to watch matches. Is it in music? Take them to concerts. Is it science? Take them to science exhibitions and shows. These offer them real-life experiences. 

5. Let it be about your child. All these tips should be followed with the interest of your child in mind. Whatever your child’s interest is in should not be forced on them. Let them develop the interest by their own free will. With this, they are able to enjoy it without regretting it. 

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Ensure that your child has a fun-filled learning experience; let them read for fun and have time to relax. 

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