Practical Ways To Inculcate Work Ethics In Our Kids

Charity they say begins at home. Most parents would agree with me that they began helping at home at a tender age; from doing home chores to going to the farm. These chores have helped shape us into becoming the hardworking people we are today. There is a statement I have heard from some parents, “my kids will not suffer the way I did.” I am always dumbfounded by this assertion because claiming chores are a form of torture is quite extreme. I understand that as parents we always wish the best for our children, but not at the expense of proper training.

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Despite popular new age beliefs, let us commence inculcating good work ethics from a tender age, this is so that when they grow up they become hardworking. The bible said it “Train your child in the right way that he should go, so when he is grown, he will not depart from it.” This simply means when we lead our children down the right path, they will not depart from it. You can now see why good work ethics should be cultivated in our children from an early age? How then do you do that?

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1. Let’s lead by example. There is no lie in the assertion that kids see we parents as their role models. If we want our children to pick up the habit of doing chores, let them see us do it. Children oftentimes pick up interests in activities they see their parents doing. So when your children see you sweeping and washing dishes, the time will come when they want to do the same.

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2.  Gradually as they start to show interest in wanting to help. They might not be good at it, but it is good to let them help while they are showing interest. If your child tells you ‘mom let me pass you the cloth while you fold‘, let them do it. If we shun them when they show interest in doing something, it will not be easy trying to try to convince them later to do it. Rather let them assist while you supervise what they are doing. As time goes on, they will become good at it and won’t require supervision. 

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3. Find age-appropriate chores. As the child gets older, get them chores they can also do at home. Make it known to them that it is their job to either tidy up their room every morning or sweep before eating. make it practical enough for them. You start to build a sense of responsibility in them whereby they know it is their job to ensure the house is clean. 

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4.  Consistency is key. since the task is something that needs to be done daily, reach that to them. You can also set rules; ‘you must finish cleaning your room, or else there is no breakfast for you’ or ‘wash your plate once you are done eating or you will not be allowed to watch Television’ These guidelines will let them understand the importance of what they have been assigned to do.  

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5.  Praise them. Our children love it when we tell them nice things. They are always happy to make us proud. It is not every time that we point out mistakes and makes corrections, even when there are corrections to be made, let them feel appreciated. We can do this by treating them to ice-cream, candy, biscuits, taking them out for shopping, adding extra television time, etc. On that same note, you can come up with extra jobs at home that can earn them money. Chores cannot be paid for, but them working extra chores for pay will teach them the value of money. 

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6.  Chore time is one of the best times we can bond with our kids. While you work with them, you share stories of how hard work has helped many around you. Ask them what they will like to become. Children are known to always live in this fantasy world where once they see someone doing something they fancy, they would also like to do such. There are times when we ask them what they’ll like to become, and they tell you ‘i want to a doctor like dad, or be a banker like mum’ Do not be surprised when you ask again and they change it to something else – laughs – children are like that. When we spend more time with them, we can share with them the importance of hard work in whatever field they might have chosen. 

7.  While we bond with them, other lessons that are attached to hard work should be shared with them. Explain to them that hard work improves other good character traits in them. It boosts their confidence; whereby they can get whatever they set their mind on. Determination of not giving up no matter what they may be facing, and self-motivation to always want to become better. 

Kids have a sharp mind, they grow into habit they learn at a young age; which is why we should train our kids to pick up good habits. Teaching them good work ethics should start from our homes when we train them this way, they grow up to become responsible adults. Children are great imitators. So let us give them something great to imitate. 

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