How Important Is Your Child’s Safety to You?

Safety makes a lot of sense!

It is a few weeks to Child Safety Week, and this year’s theme is Safety Makes Sense and it runs from 1st to 7th June.

Are you wondering what Child Safety Week is all about?

Child Safety Week is a time to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents, and how they can be prevented. It focuses on the prevention of avoidable accidents that could lead to death, serious injury, or disability of children.

This year, the focus will be on educating families, on what truly matters when it comes to children’s life’s and their safety, in the midst of boundless advice on raising children found on the Internet, which is accessible to parents, who as a result of this, might be under pressure to be “perfect”.

Child Safety Week sticks to what matters by making families understand the real risks to their children, and how these accidents can be prevented. Here some pictures from previous SAFEtagious events:

How can you be a part of Child Safety Week?

Here are 3 ways you can partake and protect your children especially during the lockdown.

1. Research and implement child protection strategies such as safety education for children, safety games and quizzes and even getting children to research and present their findings to you!

During the lockdown, abuse is rampant and can be happening under your roof without you knowing. Empowering the children with the right knowledge is a great way to protect them and get them to fight for their right to be safe.

2. Ask your child’s school what their plans are for protecting your children when they return to school either before the pandemic ends or after.

 Many schools are relatively unsafe and now is a good time for the school administration to start working towards safety compliance and introducing ways to prevent accidents, injuries, and even abuse.  

3. Attend a Child Safety Event or Program

There will be lots of programs during the child safety week. All geared towards informing, educating, and empowering.

Safe Schools Global, the leading provider of school safety services and training in Nigeria, hosts SAFEtagious during Child Safety Week. It is the biggest and most anticipated child and school safety event in Nigeria. SAFEtagious aims to bring families and schools together to learn, bond, and discuss all things safety that affects schools and children.

Every year, we have an awesome line up of professionals and global leaders in the safety, parenting, and education industry as speakers, who give quality advice and knowledge from their experiences in their field.

You can learn more about the event and how you can be a part at

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