The Best Parts Of Being A Parent

Most of the time when we talk about parenting, we always often address the challenging parts; paying for a child tuition fee, providing their expensive toys, and also having to deal with their sets of unannounced tantrums. But this is not what parenting is all about, is it? Children are gifts from God, and no matter how annoying they may behave, having those tiny humans in our life is the greatest milestone of being a parent.

It is true that when most parents are asked ‘what are the drawbacks of your being a dad or mom?’, they are eager to reply – stating how they have little or no time for themselves, how they spend a lot, how they hardly sleep, etc. Why not look at the positive aspect also? 

What are the things that make parenting interesting to you? People have been giving birth to babies for thousands of years, so something must be good when we talk about parenthood. Yes changing diapers, shouting, and sleepless nights might be annoying, but there are many reasons why you enjoy being a parent to your kids.

  • They bring a smile to your face

A colleague of mine that was pregnant just gave birth and what she first told me was ‘I am a mother now’, she no longer cared about those pains of when she was pregnant. The baby is here, that is all she cares about. The smile they bring to our faces makes us forget those early days of pain. 

  • The joy that comes with surprises

Being a parent especially a new one is packed with new experiences. Unlike your office job that is outlined and hardly with any surprises, for you as a parent, having your kid talk for the first time is amazing, seeing them walk also is a thing of joy – all these little surprises bring joy.

  • You no longer care what people think

We all nowadays are so interested in impressing people, both those we know and those we do not know. But once you become a father or mom, you will not care the moment you have your child on your shoulder walking through the mall singing their favorite cartoon song. I can remember when I was young, my dad would back me even while he was preaching on the altar. Being a parent makes you care less about what people think.

  • You start to feel like a child again

So many things are new and exciting to these children – their first school, first toy, going out to the park or cinema. You also start to look out to do these exciting things with your kids – like looking forward to dressing the Christmas tree during the holiday. 

  • You have created your little self

While many people create new technologies, others invent products that make them money. You have succeeded in forming a little you that will carry on your genes and memories for other generations.

  • You discover new things about yourself

Many of you do not know how well to behave in a stressful situation until your kids start to cry in the middle of the supermarket for refusing to buy them ice-cream. You discover you are also a good cheerleader after you might have encouraged your son or daughter to do something they do not want. You see being a parent makes you realize you have more to offer than you think.

  • You have a friend for life

Right from when they are babies, they always want to be with you. Till they enter the school and you help with their homework, and they become parents themselves, they still come over to spend time with you. In summary, you have for yourself friends and playmate that do not see you just like their parents.

We are all grateful for our kids, and for as each day goes by we cherish their existence in our lives. What are you thankful for as a parent? Share your reason.

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