3 Ways to Retain Families in your School

A school is a business, and most rules that apply to other kinds of businesses apply to a school as well. No one likes losing customers, it is like that verse in the Bible that says Heaven rejoices when a lost soul is won – a school is always happy when they can get a student to enroll, no matter how big they are. In our last article, we explained three reasons why parents leave their current schools. In todays’ article, we will be telling you three (3) ways that you can retain families from leaving your school.

Let us start!

1.   Customer Service

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Any school that cultivates a positive and productive learning environment will most likely retain students and their staff. This same principle is what applies to regular businesses. Enrolled families that are glad about how you treat them, their students, and with the quality of education you provide to their children will most likely re-enroll and even become ambassadors for your school by sharing the good news to those around you on your behalf.

Treat them how you would want to be treated when enjoying a spa session. Appreciate them, not only when they are enrolling for the first time, but as often as you can. Keep them updated and give them access to their student’s activities.

2.   Marketing

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If you are an avid reader of our blog, you will know that marketing is something we are always on about. Do not say because a parent has already enrolled in your school, you stop marketing to them. Take Jumia for example, no matter how many times you ordered from them, they will always send emails on some of their recent deals to you – they do this because they do not want you to leave.

You can include in your newsletter highlights of enrollment packages for families that are enrolled in your school.

3.   Make Retention Someone’s Job

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There are many reasons why parents would choose to leave your school. But having a proper understanding of this can help you address the issue. This is why schools are advised to employ someone that whose main job is to retain parents. This person can answer questions from families, by doing this you are showing care and seriousness in solving their problems.

Do all you can to ensure that parents are taken care of. Include them in schools activities and make them have that sense of belonging. School should be a community where parents of your students are welcome.

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